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sushil soni
12th November 2013, 07:21
Humans have taken leaps in the past that have catapulted them from one level to another. But this leap was never an evolutionary process because evolution never happens. Dead Civilizations that are beginning to show themselves now are a case in point.

The discovery that humans could make fire, just like nature did, was a giant leap. Here was the power of nature in human hands, which he could utilize for both good and evil purposes. Humans all over the earth were making fires simultaneously.

Language also came in a single leap that allowed humans to express complex meanings through combination of sounds. Humans all over the world were communicating simultaneously.

Invention of wheel gave humans another powerful tool with which they could explore the earth. They were all travelling and communicating simultaneously.

Another leap happened when pyramids were erected all over the world. They all happened together.

Civilizations happened all over the earth in another leap. They occurred simultaneously. We have failed to establish which ones came first since the dating system itself is flawed and may have been devised to show superiority of one race over another. Even today, we are stumbling upon old civilizations.

These civilizations may have perished simultaneously.

Industrial Revolution did not occur at one spot but the whole world participated in it. Historians say that without India, Industrial Revolution may not have even taken place. So, here too, in this leap, all humans were involved.

Both the World Wars started in Europe and the whole world was involved. These unfortunate wars led to the formation of nations as we know them now.

What we see here is interconnectedness, an invisible string that binds us all. Since 2003, we humans had been waiting for 2012 to happen. And it did happen, though not as alarmingly as some of us portrayed. That 2012 is still going on and is not over yet.

All these have happened because of our Collective Will. Our minds are intensely connected – from making of fire to the World Wars, our Collective Mind, perhaps, all willed these leaps.

It seems we are poised for another Leap.

12th November 2013, 18:12

12th November 2013, 18:16
Thank you for this. Yes we are poised. When humans first began to see in color,,, everything changed. When humans began to dream,, everything changed. Yes we are on the threshold.

Ready for anything.

12th November 2013, 19:48
Hello Sushil Soni,

Every so often, I self-check, “If I only had one month, one week, one day, one hour... what would I do differently?” So far, my answer is the same, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Though, I am aware that it is time for what is just out of reach. Like the milkweed pod, I allow it to alight. Grasp, it darts out of reach. Patience is the journey to its discovery. In the meantime, I watch and welcome the synchronicities.

Are Humans Poised For Another Leap? I’d say yes. Leaps, big and small, are on-going. Haven’t had a whopper for awhile. I have a feeling the hidden, stored-up potential will burst into kinetic fireworks. [The good kind.]


Paula :wave: