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Professor Waldo Vieira was born in Monte Carmelo on April 12, 1932 . Throughout life he accumulated on his resume professions of lexicographer , dentist and doctor , also establishing itself as a major Brazilian medium. By completing nine years he devoted to structure your first library .
Already at 14 he reports at least 50 psychic events and realize the value of spiritual unfolding , also called projection. Then devotes to research this topic and , at age 17 , prepares and organizes various deductions significant references.

To complete their degrees in Dentistry and Medicine , in the mining town of Uberaba , where lies this time, he works tirelessly , and at the same time creates various articles and articles related to Spiritualism . In this same period , Waldo knows Chico Xavier , the most important Brazilian medium, and this partnership result several works , especially the saga of the spirit André Luiz psychographic , produced from 1950 to 1960 .

From 1959 to 1966 he booked a wide area of ​​your home to set up his private library , and while it excels in the practice of charity. In 1966 he abandoned the spiritual militancy and becomes autonomous scholar , settling in the city of Rio de Janeiro , remaining there until 1978 . A year later , he published Projections of Consciousness - Diary of Experiences Outside the Human Body.

In Rio lands he calls the world's attention to their research experiences in the field of out-of - body and projectiology , from the point of view that these experiences are essential to the construction of mindfulness . In 1981 the teacher becomes a co-founder of the Center for Continuous Consciousness , institution that specializes in investigating these phenomena and the altered conditions of consciousness.

Waldo has a broad curriculum : held its graduate in the field of Plastic and Cosmetic in Tokyo , the Japanese capital ; wrote several treatises , twenty books and numerous articles on Projectiology and conscientiology ; integrates the Society for Psychical Research , London Foundation , and the American Society for Psychical Research , New York , co - founded the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology ( IIPC ) , the Centre for Advanced Studies of Conscientiology ( CHSC ) , the International Academy of Consciousness ( IAC ) , the International Association for Development of consciousness ( ARACÊ ) , the International Organization conscientiotherapy (OIC ) and the International Association of Existential Inversion ( ASSINVÉXIS ) .

His treatise Panorama of Experiences Outside the Human Body, published in 1986 , occupies the shelves of major libraries worldwide and offers over 1907 universal bibliographic references projectiology enshrined as science from the dissemination of this work. Another study, 700 Conscientiology Experiments , released in 1994 , consolidates conscientiology as a scientific discipline .

In 1996 , Waldo embodying important donation to the Center for Advanced Studies in Conscientiology ( CHSC ) , its own library , which contains the widest global overview of projectiology . At the beginning of the new millennium the teacher moves to Iguazu Falls , devoting himself thereafter to a great enterprise , the development of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology - his first volume is published in 2006 .

In 2001 it is included by the International Biographical Centre , Cambridge , England , in the role of intellectuals in the XXI Century . His younger treaty, launched in 2006 , is titled Homo Sapiens Pacificus , and is considered one of the best textbooks on Cosmoethics or Cosmic Ethics .

In this interview (consisting of 7 parts), Projectiology & Conscientiology: Waldo Vieira talking about the astral travel (OBE) and the study of consciousness

With English subtitles.