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Bright Garlick
3rd December 2013, 04:51
I am a Buddhist but also embrace many other traditions including Neo Advaita, Taoism and shamanism. But I was raised a good Catholic boy and with Christmas.

I can't stand Christmas and the materialism that goes with it and the fake niceness.

We could be like this everyday to one another.

But I am very fond of Christmas Carols and because I have a teenager who still who loves Christmas (thanks to his mum !), I try to get into the spirit a little. I normally limit myself to Christmas cheer in the last 12 days but this year I have compromised with the first off December. Ba humbug !

Last night my son memorised Good King Wenceslaus in one go, while I am struggling with one verse. We sang it on teh way to the bus stop this morning. It has always been a carol I liked.

Here's a couple of my favourites. What are yours and how do you feel about Christmas caroling ?

By the way, we are caroling in the heat of early summer and against 90 decibels of a Cicada wall of sound ! I'll have to write a Cicada Carol !

Red Eyes on Christmas

There once was a pretty Red Eye
Who sat high in a tall gum tree
He sang all day and sang all night
Till he could sing no more for thee.

By dawn his tummy was tired and his wings were limp
But he had heard that Christmas was coming
And he didn't want to give up on old Saint Nick.

Some say he sang for a mate
But I say he was singing for Santa.
Down this way, down this way, come Prancer and Dancer and all the rest.
I with my two red eyes !








3rd December 2013, 05:43
I like your happy carol BG. There are some lovely Australian carols which were once very popular but are hardly heard any more. There's one about Christmas Bush and another about Christmas bells--- plus many more, interestingly written in the 19th and early 29th C, but we seem to fixate now on snow and sleigh bells!

My favourite awful christmas song (note not a carol) is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Mostly I dislike the way it sums up the modern christmas!

I must confess here that I am not a believer in god, but I do like a few days of the year when we remember the birth of a very good man and consider his ideas of peace and love throughout the entire world. Wouldn't that be nice!

3rd December 2013, 09:02
I love "In the Bleak Midwinter"... the mournful,haunting tune always encapsulates my ambivalent feelings about the "festive season" :o


5th December 2013, 02:42
Peace on Earth indeed... David and Bing:


Not a carol but makes me feel Christmasy every year...


22nd December 2013, 00:30
reflecting on tomorrows carols