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6th October 2010, 05:50
time has changed. what was once relevant isn't necessarily anymore.

used to be predictions were interesting in their own way. when will the ETs show up. which mayan prophecies to believe. when will the good guys win. when will the bad guys win. when will **** hit the fan. what about benjamin fulford? he's so convincing. what about wilcock? ditto... lotsa nice looking dudes with nicely edited video. convincing! fema camps. tptb mining your facebook info and arresting you as a result!!! what is the real bona fide cure for cancer. or forever what ails us... which website only wants our $ which website owner lives in a small dark room on a thin mattress.mms makes me puke but it saves your life???? holy mother of god. is there anywhere we can find the answers???


last year at this time h1n1 was all the rage. and what the heck did all that worry amount to? nothing my friends. not a thing. onc scare tactic after another. even here, sadly, at avalon. lotsa bad predictions. very few easy solutions.

if thinking is your thing, try researching the idea that for centuries it's been understood by a very few elite, that there is only so much "material wealth" for a few. maybe they gathered together. maybe they held meetings. maybe they came up with hand signals to identify each other. could be they sanctified rituals to prove loyalties. could be they married each other, elected each other, promoted each other..

but whatever the case the few have ruled the many. are you sick of it yet?

if you are sick of it one idea might be to quit relying on specific solutions. find yourself in your heart. that's the only truth.

there is no one here at avalon, there is no one here anywhere who can tell you when ETs will land. jeez louize. there is no one here with any secret contacts or information. there is no one here smarter than you. there is no one here who can tell you anything about your heart you don't already know. there's no one here who can operate video cameras and conduct interviews that download information you don't already know. in your heart. you already know.

hang out at av for the love and energy. community. hanging out at av for specific dates of specific Et terrorist solar bad energy mars terrorist vatican absolutes...? um not so much

c'mon. we're better than this?

6th October 2010, 06:33
It's human psychology at play in the fields of communication. The internal communication is the most complete as it is started and completed within. The moment you add an external point, it is completed on a level that is less connected to the individual internal discussion..and therefore less complete. The moment you go from two to a group, then it becomes even less complete. Every time a layer of externalization is added..the less true internal information the given person has to go on and the more the emotions complete the chain of logic.

This is due to how the base psychology of learning and growing is enacted within the individual. We reach into the unknown with the most base layers, the emotions, which can shape the logic function. The internal order of operations is that that the autonomous system (fight or flight) must be satisfied first, in all instances of individual human consideration...before logic and calm can be brought to bear on the given situation. The point then becomes as the group size increases, the more emotional the basis of logic that is enacted and performed.

This is why scare mongering tactics (or distraction tactics) never fail to work on large groups.

This explanation is by necessity short, as we don't have time to write books on forums.

The irony is --that incompleteness alone is part of the near circular argument that the human condition creates and maintains ---due to the emotional and near unconscious aspect of the needed or desired 'group motions/actions'.

If you watch the series 'the century of the self' (in the books and video section of the forum) it is interesting to note that this very topic, as an incidental point, is covered and this exact thread topic, in important ways..becomes the punchline of the entire 4 hour series..in the last 10 minutes-as the series' single concluding point.

This is why all your advanced souls and teachers..always tell you the truth on that..and it is that the answers you seek, will always lie within. The self must be corrected. First and foremost.

6th October 2010, 07:25
If we look at animal world, we'll see lots of examples of puffing up, and wearing bright colours and the like lo make yourselves looking more dangerous or more respectable than you really are. Fear is used to that extent. Inofmercials about weapons and tactics used by the states against terrorists work that too. We're big, we're powerful do not attempt to f*ck with us.

One thing we need to really really understand is that all the power system has is what we gave it. Whoever is pulling strings behind the scenes is after this power. Sure we're dealing with clever and determined species "out there" but they are not omnipotent - all the power they wield is just because we gave it to them by agreeing to their power schemes, unwittingly.

This is where our power lies - within our ability to withdraw our energy from their power schemes and use it, finally, to benefit us and those we care about.

Sure it's hard at this point- because sooo many people are "mindjobbed" into believing parasite system is their friend and ally. Marvellous con, if you ask me, and shows just how clever opposition is. Still you can patiently de-program people. It will not happen tomorrow, but it is doable.

By forging communications between individuals first, using various skills and knowledge we all have, you can build "underground society", built on personal/individual freedom and personal communication. It must go in parallel with current system, able to provide alternative for every instance current system claims to be "necessary" for. We simply could do better - by defining world in our terms, not in terms forced on us. We might even need new language to do that, as current ones by design embody "piramidal control" .

But we can make that change- within us and by us, but not by believing system shills that promise change within the system.

Mark my words: no change within the system is possible, that is part of control mechanism.
We will be threaten, injured and our lives (and our families) made miserable. But this will happen whatever we act or not. That is how system works, it needs sacrifices 24/7. It's only matter of time when it will turn to devour another group it deems "hostile". It is by design. Understand that really good.

Also mark that - in my country there is one armed "state servant" per 170 "citizens", and they need to eat and feed their families too. This is how big control system really is, that is why they need fear and misery - to distract you from power you have, and they do not have force, short of wholesale genocide, to stop you. They want you docile and gullible, rallying against secondary issues, but never touching core of their power- our belief that we need them.

Also mark this- they can only manipulate masses, they cannot do that to multitude of sovereign individuals. Wherever there is hierarchy - they will take it over and use it against you.

Now, knowing all that - real question is, how we see an alternative to what is now. Just being against do not cut it.

6th October 2010, 07:48
simple , pull the weeds out, watch the garden flourish

6th October 2010, 09:42
as gautama the buddha said

see what is
see what is not
follow the true way

all things arise and pass away
but the awakened awake forever

death overtakes the man who ,
giddy and distracted by the world,
cares only for his flock and his children.
death fetches him away as a flood carries off a sleeping village

so i feel that living in the now is the only thing one can do......to experience life fully
and yes i feel that predictions are irrelevent too, that is not living in the now, they are distractions on the path to enlightenment.

6th October 2010, 11:53
One thing we need to really really understand is that all the power system has is what we gave it.

Wonderful quote, just wanted to bring it forth a bit.

There's much to say on this large, seemingly omnipresent topic; but what matters most isn't happening "out there," so to speak, but rather from within.

6th October 2010, 13:30
The future has always been an idea, not a thing. Predicting an idea is just an idea.

7th October 2010, 03:54
Awesome post Josie. You said what I was thinking. A quote I always liked that I think applies here is, "if I know anything it is that I know nothing."

7th October 2010, 04:01
Wonderful quote, just wanted to bring it forth a bit.

There's much to say on this large, seemingly omnipresent topic; but what matters most isn't happening "out there," so to speak, but rather from within.

Agreed. All power systems are designed to consolidate human energy and distribute it. When people realize they don't need a system to control and regulate their own energy, the system will have nothing to do but fall.


7th October 2010, 04:02
flexibility and ability to adapt to what we're presented with useful

7th October 2010, 13:08
You have a good post, and a good point. But also, I think it's good to get educated on possibilities, and discuss with others. Not all of us feel we know all we need to, to find our "own" truth. Me for one, not being sure of anything at the moment. And with a lot of info out there, and of course disinfo, it seems difficult to find what the "truth" is.

I'm maybe more confused than ever before. But not to discuss or get info, would not make me more clear of where I'm at either. I know what comes, comes, but at least I would be mentally prepaired for it. But whatever comes, I'm not in fear of it.