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6th October 2010, 06:14
Up at the top right of Yahoo there is a section called Trending Now. The very 1st thing at the top is UFO Sightings2. Rumur Willis....Lion Attack......Stock Prices.

So on so forth.
Can anyone confirm this really quick. I certainly don't use Yahoo, but I do search google for shtuff like that, the rest......not so much. Just a weird observation, not really important i suppose.

6th October 2010, 06:34
Yep, it's there!

If you click on it, it takes you to a Yahoo Search which is pre-configured for UFO Sightings.

It's probably at the top of their Trending Now list because everyone is checking it out.


6th October 2010, 08:50
1.UFO Sightings
2.Lion Attack
3.Keira Knightley
4.Rumer Willis
5.Dana Delany
6.Lisa Rinna
7.School Nutrition
8.Conan O'Brien
9.Debt Consolidati…
10.Lil Wayne

6th October 2010, 09:04
Hi Decibellisitcs,

It seems that there was another airport closing in China because of UFOs. In a related article Nick Pope a British UFO archive keeper summed it up in an interesting yet simple way. He said, "If extraterrestrials were visiting the earth and interacting with humans, then I suppose that what they’re doing would be something similar to what we do,” Pope said. “After all when we study wildlife in the environment, we hide ourselves, we try not to interact with it. Sometimes we tranquilize animals, experiment on them. Sometimes we put a tag on them. So … maybe they’re just studying us."


That's food for thought.

Best regards,


6th October 2010, 15:03
Steve, sad how most of the top ten are pop culture stories.