View Full Version : Science/Technology Is Advancing In Exponential Rates...

22nd December 2013, 11:32
as I reading this Scientists engineer first 'cyborg' tissue - which uses living human cells and organic polymers (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2195586/Half-man-half-machine-Scientists-engineer-cyborg-tissue--uses-living-human-cells-organic-polymers.html) don't know whether happy or scared of the future where technology ahead of such a mile away of our Spiritual. If our Spritual advance at same distance then everything could turn into good things instead for war.

one thing keep popup in my head is why we have such a massive jump toward next level of science and technology, pretty much science-fiction like Star Trek have become science fact and as i think about it this whole thing we talked on non-mainstream about from Holographic Universe to Star Trek technology like replicator(3d printer) or Teleportation in form of disclosure....i do think when they mention "Discovery" is a term for disclosure.

we having this huge jump in science and technology all at once is damn wierd and we can use it as evidence. people like us on non-mainstream already knew these technology exist which doesn't suprise us at all and we can expected that. Get ready next big jump guys within next decade.

in 90's one of science program they talked about we could able to re-grow our teeth...i wonder what happen to that project now? it seems quite and it might be supress...