View Full Version : Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center in Ecuador

Christine Breese
24th December 2013, 07:12

Thanks Bill for letting me know someone asked how the Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center in Ecuador is doing and what is the latest news. (http://www.gaiasagrada.com)

We got the hot tubs and sauna done and weíre open! We have quite a wonderful group of people here already, and lots more coming to check it out for possibly living here or just being on retreat.

We are doing a 12 day shamanic retreat every month, providing a safe and peaceful environment for people to experience the ancient traditions of Ecuadorian shamans, properly trained and skilled in their work. We only work with the best!

We are also facilitating people who donít want to do the retreats and just want cheap living in the Ecuador countryside, about $150/mo for dorm or $250/mo for private room. We have a build it forward program too for people who want to live in their own home. We would build a small house they can live in and have security of having their rent paid forward in an era when money is a little iffy! What better deal than to secure a place to live for a few years during the coming collapse?

We planted five acres of quinoa, working on a couple acres of chia and will have some more acres for the community farm with all kinds of veggies you could imagine! We have already had a lot of wonderful campfire conversations, parties, and drum circles. Itís been quite fun!

Everyone is really easy going and happy here, and we feel great that we have created a wonderful place where people can live in peace and retreat from a world gone mad, watching everything from a safe vantage point. We arenít making money, just expenses. Itís about gathering like minded people in a safe place where we can weather the coming changes in a peaceful way!

Itís turning out to be something quite wonderful! Thanks for supporting us Bill! We really appreciate YOU!