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25th December 2013, 19:54
mind fodder I was compelled to post...

The enfolding dream as viewed from the waking state


A – the waking state – I am in a body and this body is in a world

B – the dream state - I am awareness that I am in a world that appears to have less rules than my waking state world.

C – perhaps deep sleep? – is this the realm where the building blocks of my psyche reside? The archetypes? The Archons? The angels and demons? The Djinn?

D – this is the deepest me – my deepest identity before identity fades

E – awareness

Within E is potential

Prior to potential is...

Eternal formlessness – true “me”

When I reverse the order, I see all this as within.

From this point of view, I am fully responsible for my entire experience.

My experience is “God, manifest.”

I, as the manifest dreamer, likes to believe this is true for each of us.

25th December 2013, 23:04
JustOneMan wrote:

When I reverse the order, I see all this as within.

Thank you so much for this simple and profound sentence to all you wrote. Powerful. Succinct. Embraceable. TY. :-)

25th December 2013, 23:20
This diagram reminds me of one that I use to explain the way I see US. Each individual being a point on an outer circle that reaches down to the deepest point within....the same center point where we all unite...like spokes on a wheel.
Example here: http://mysticalchemyarts.com/the-changing-energies.php

27th December 2013, 05:14
thats very close to what the belts of creation look like ...http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/File:Schematic_representation_of_Creation.jpeg