View Full Version : Can M-16s defeat F-16s?

30th December 2013, 04:38
Anyone who thinks that a protracted civil war is a possibility in this country owes it to themselves to read this essay (http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/12/28/can-m-16s-defeat-f-16s-in-the-coming-civil-war/). Soberly presented information with a kernel of hope.

30th December 2013, 05:36
I don't see a kernal of hope at all. They have weather under their control as well as over 30,000 drones. They will sit in a bunker and take out any groups that they feel are a threat and will not take on the people until they know they have it won. Why do you think they have been practicing over seas for the last 12 years? There is nothing you can do now but bow down to them thanks to all the people that would not listen to those of us who have been saying this is coming for twenty years now. One person came and said he was sorry for calling me paraniod 18 years ago. Most of the American public will turn anyone in who speaks out against those in charge and the NSA spying already has us all marked. America will fall so fast it will spin heads. Sorry but thats the way it is set up to happen. This has been being planned for over 100 years and the technology advances have been a big plus in their favor.

Now they have the legal right to vaccinate you and you have nothing to say about it. If you refuse you go to a prison camp. What a perfect way to kick it all off. It's very sad indeed.

30th December 2013, 21:07
I don't agree with Precog that: "they've won already" - there could be "black swan events" like John Titor presumably said - e.g. these bunkers will be nuked. Also, the drones, computers and the Internet could be fried by a solar event. However, it would be unwise for awake people to do nothing and hope for these black swans.

31st December 2013, 03:29
Here's how I see it....we are already in the early stages of a civil war. No shooting yet, but the government has declared war on you and me already. All three branches of government are in the hands of a criminal gang who believe they have the right and the might to shape the world any way they want. I think it's almost inevitable that we will come to a time when there is shooting. The hope lies in the fact that it will by necessity be a guerrilla war, and those are nearly impossible for an imperial military power to win. We tried in Vietnam and lost. Both the Russians and we have tried against Afghanistan, and nobody has ever conquered that country. A determined guerrilla force is nearly impossible to beat.

I also see hope in the excessive complexities of modern war equipment. It looks unbeatable, but an EMP could disable it all, instantly. A severe solar blast could render much of it useless. It's complex. It can be sabotaged. There are people out there who know how - quite a few of them have been fired recently by the Obama regime.

Of course, I hope America will come to its senses. I hope that it never comes to violence. Right now, the vast majority of Americans are fast asleep and deep in denial, much like the Germans were while the Nazis worked their way into every corner of their government and then unleashed their brand of madness. When the power goes out, when Americans are being led to the camps, when there's no food on the shelves and nobody bothered to plant a garden, it's going to be like a bitch-slap. People are gonna come up out of their La-Z-Boys and roar. It won't be pretty, but it we'll at least be alive again. For a while.

3rd January 2014, 05:11
...already in the early stages of a civil war. No shooting yet, but...

When I thought about this statement, I realized I was wrong. Just about every week, unarmed and unthreatening people are killed by militarized police. And it seems like every month or two some crazy person carries a gun into some crowded place and commits mahem. The two don't seem to be directly connected, but then again...

4th January 2014, 11:05
A friend who was in the army told me a story about a training drill/operation/thingy a few years ago.

A huge ordeal involving battalions and such, with digitally computerized replica weapons and equipment so basically everyone could 'kill' eachother at will and the brass could oversee and whatnot. Tanks, helicopters, the whole nine.

So this buddy mine is standing around with a handful of other guys (they're medics, way behind the 'lines') waiting for the signal that the event is over. He's got like 6 'rounds' (virtual) in his rifle and decides he wants to shoot something before all is said and done. The only thing within range? A plane.

So he fired them off, and just before the last shot they sighted the red light go off on the plane (indicating a hit). After everything was over, they got their information about the exercise and my buddy checked out his 'scores'.

He was credited with shooting the pilot in the head, and for disabling the opposition's plane (recon). Specifically, it was a collar bone shot; Technically not fatal but disabling enough that the pilot couldn't reasonably have saved himself.

So to answer the question, and this comes corroborated by state-of-the-art virtual military simulation equipment,

Quite possible,... it can definitely take out the guy flying the plane.

That still leaves drones though,....