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1st January 2014, 05:17
Watching the fireworks last night on the Idjit box, and the commentators were sitting in chairs with one eye, one eyed koalas in trees, etc.

Said to my family that was supremely strange, and mother told me that it was cover of the newspaper 31/12...


Sure enough, the bridge had a great all seeing eye (occasionally a vertical slit)...no videos on Youtube as yet, unless someone has something to link to/post.

At one stage it looked like either UFOs getting shot at, or them shooting at something larger.

1st January 2014, 06:02

1st January 2014, 06:17
Hi there Shannow... am wondering if this kind of imagery (used in the Sydney 'Shine' campaign for 2014) that you are concerned about isn't also ringing other bells of familiarity for you, p'raps somewhere subliminally?

As an Australian you have quite likely seen this kind of art work on a plethora of Tee's worn on our streets/beaches, etc... for this is the iconic work of artist/musician Reg Mombassa, band member of "Mental as Anything' and art designer for "Mambo" surf wear since 1986. His iconography has always represented quirky surrealistic stars/eyes amongst characterizations of Australian flora, forna and architecture... long before his success with 'Mambo'.

Reg' was the artist selected to create the artistic concepts for Sydneys NYE celebrations... he came up with the 'Shine' theme and imagry of the eye on Sydneys Harbour bridge, etc..

This reminder may or may not revise your suspiscions regards any nefarious intent upon our population by the Illuminati... but I thought it'd be worth a word-in.


Take a sticky-beak at the 'Mambo' website above for verification:

hope this is useful


1st January 2014, 10:40
The moon looks odd/sinister too, and look at the mouse/rat's eyes - they look a bit like grey alien eyes...this is sooo strange!

Edited to add - the trees look like they have reptilian hands/feet, and look at the electricity pylon 'man' in the back ground...I'm sure there's more - but this is really horrible!

1st January 2014, 12:13
'Art for Arts sake'

is my caution here

i.e.. to say Art is artifice for sure
used by such as the Nazi's for propaganda purposes granted

but with due respect, my belief is that you are barking up the wrong (innocent) Surrealist artists tree on this one..

1st January 2014, 13:00
Surreal, ala Salvator Dali .. perverse art . If it was an art . There was one time in my life as a teenager when I thought Dali was a genius ( sure, many people think that ) .
Few years later , I would never look at his paintings anymore or anyones else's in that respect , not with admiration for those ideas .

On the other hand ..I understand how these artists want to provoke a response from society , they sat up alarms , they want to be disturbing, poke to your subconscious mind , alert you .
''There's an eye on every tree . Even the koalas maybe watching'' . Provocative , surreal, disturbing . Don't keep it in your room is my advice ..


1st January 2014, 13:41
An individual artists intent re interpretations and appreciation of what they create, ultimately remains inextricably in 'the eye' of the beholder...

The Surrealist movement that bourgeoned from the discoveries and theories of Freud... was never intended to pander to conventional art constructs.
Like it or nae... its manifesto was an anarchistic agenda to remind us that we have an inner life that may not be translatable to the conscious mind... an aspect of mankind untethered by socialization.
Never intended as a crowd pleaser or as a tool for mass hypnosis for that matter... more about creative inquiry into the unexplored territory of Pandoras Box... personal and collective.

Unearthing the daemons of neurosis requires the search light of the inner eye... I wager that the icon of 'the all seeing eye' is portrayed in this context of symbolization by many artists..