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1st January 2014, 16:32
Folks concerned about the growing police state in the US will be interested in this article (http://reason.com/archives/2013/12/28/americas-internal-checkpoints) on internal checkpoints.

Technology, Bressi argues, is the key to successfully standing up for your rights. It shows the world how the authority vested with police officers and federal agents is being systematically abused.

After being tased and beaten, Pastor Steven Anderson was charged with two misdemeanors: "obstructing the highway" and "resisting an order directing, regulating, or controlling a motor vehicle." Following a court battle, Anderson was cleared of all charges in August 2010. Shortly before then, Anderson filed a civil lawsuit against the two agents who tased him.

For now, America still awaits a champion who can win a major victory against internal checkpoints at the Supreme Court. But the minor everyday victories on YouTube are slowly helping to restore our constitutional rights.

The ability to record smartphone video is emerging as an important civil rights tool. I'd seriously consider installing permanent cams in my vehicle if I spent much time on the road.

1st January 2014, 17:40
Considering internal checkpoints, I'd think the way to deal with them, is to hear about them, and then gather a few thousand willing people and overwhelm them. To make a total mess out of their potential to be functional.

Their whole premise is to have you be controllable and willing to be singled out and be 'dealt with in a single example among many'. (one bit of food taken down in the herd)

It is literally the predator/prey and herd-mind complex being activated and utilized in the core of the minds of the people being subjected to this technique. You are being specifically and directly engaged on the deepest parts of the animal body that you observe the world from.

Understand this....... and go forth in a way that makes a mess out of their methods.

Something like gathering a few thousand people in cars, and.... encircle, cut off, and isolate the checkpoint.


1st January 2014, 18:09
they treat us guilty and then we must prove we are NOT guilty ...it's all backwards ... I can't imagine the mindset of policemen, stopping citizens for no reason , they consider everyone a criminal , and if you buck against them you must be hiding something , you can't just fight for being a free person in a free country ...then the cops create charges , when all along they caused the whole thing by random searches and checkpoints ... madness , I hope one of their wives or mothers or sisters or kin get stopped at one of those Nazi checkpoints and get tased , see just how dangerous this mindset is ...

1st January 2014, 21:20
I've been following Pastor Anderson for a long time. You couldn't get a more clean-cut up-standing citizen and this is how he is treated!


He's made some good interviews - just search him on Alex Jones, etc.