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1st January 2014, 23:08
This is a message from Kate of Gaya , It came to me through Skype. It is time to take our power back:


Attention ALL Police Agents
1, There are only 2 Jurisdictions, one of the "dead by consent/threatened CROWN/CRONE dead mother” and one of, by, for the living where the dead corporate fiction is the CROWN CORPORATION/CORPSE, and the living is I, the WITNESS to your pre-crimes/crimes via your INTENT,
2, Your obedient and willful consent to wear a corporate uniform is prima facie evidence of your INTENT to commit crimes via omission/commission, knowingly/unknowingly where your ignorance is not and never will be a defense in any living court where you WILL be privately prosecuted in your LIVING status by all who WITNESS your actions that you are known by,
3, Any/all times you ask, with INTENT, to procure a LEGAL NAME you are, in fact, committing pre-meditated murder with intent to kill a living being by means of a dead LEGAL NAME to gain a false jurisdiction where these frauds/crimes are already well known to millions and where these actions are a crime against humanity and your spiritual suicide,
4, Your master, the dead CROWN corporation (owners thereof) that you are in spiritual contract with via your obedient willful intent to consent via sworn oaths renders you dead by consent and without voice in any/all courts of the living where you CAN and WILL be prosecuted for your crimes in a living court of record,
5, The Birth Certificate is proof and prima facie evidence of the CROWN owners/your master's INTENT to defraud and commit crimes against humanity that you, by your sworn oath are fully party and liable to, for, of YOUR actions by, of, for commission/omission, knowingly/unknowingly inasmuch as you now have evidence to the contrary of your "beliefs" and are the last "holder in due course" and under living contract with me, the living witness whereas you have given your seal on this document via DNA covenant,
You have now a choice to make and one that will define your very existence regardless of your programmed beliefs, opinions, training, indoctrinations etc, since your birth;
You can choose to be the slave of another where any/all who are your superiors are your masters;
You can claim to be free where we know otherwise and you are bound by this contract you are now holding where your choice has made you the holder in due course without return, it is now yours and you are fully liable henceforth for any/all actions taken to harm others via your now non-ignorant actions;
As a living WITNESS without LEGAL NAME/S you are without jurisdiction, without claim, without authority where your crimes are fully visible and your “dead by consent” LEGAL OFFICE titles/names etc, verifies your consent to be such a thing, without voice and your “licences” (from “licentiousness” which means “one who is a sexually and morally depraved criminal”) confirm your nature;
You stand now in the jurisdiction of the COMMON LAW as a PEACE OFFICER and all/any actions of harm, threats, coercions, deceptions, fraud attempts etc, et al renders you a BELIGERANT; See Law of Nations/Nuremberg Principles/Apostolic Letter/s inasmuch as you falsely claim to be Law Enforcement where you are ACTING as a POLICY/POLIC-E STATUTE PIRATE working for a PRIVATE CORPORATION and are hereby WITNESSED as such where forfeiture of your property is common law under Law of Marque in satisfaction of any/all wronged by your actions forthwith; You are duly noticed;
Have a nice day!

3rd October 2014, 12:05
I reply to my own post. This is what I discovered in January. Now I know that this is a very powerful tool to wake up our fellow humans who are wearing the clown suit called uni form. We are all different, and we are all one. Why these monkeys are still able to start any war with anybody they like ?

3rd October 2014, 23:35
Because the beings in charge are not human.