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6th January 2014, 18:08
This is the title of a book to be published mid February.
The author is Dr Richard Saul, who is a Neurologist and Paediatrician based in Chicago.

Blurb from the publisher:

In this groundbreaking and controversial book, behavioral neurologist Dr. Richard Saul draws on five decades of experience treating thousands of patients labeled with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder—one of the fastest growing and widely diagnosed conditions today—to argue that ADHD is actually a cluster of symptoms stemming from over 20 other conditions and disorders.

According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 6.4 million children between the ages of four and seventeen have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. While many skeptics believe that ADHD is a fabrication of drug companies and the medical establishment, the symptoms of attention-deficit and hyperactivity are all too real for millions of individuals who often cannot function without treatment. If ADHD does not exist, then what is causing these debilitating symptoms?

Over the course of half a century, physician Richard Saul has worked with thousands of patients demonstrating symptoms of ADHD. Based on his experience, he offers a shocking conclusion: ADHD is not a condition on its own, but rather a symptom complex caused by over twenty separate conditions—from poor eyesight and giftedness to bipolar disorder and depression—each requiring its own specific treatment. Drawing on in-depth scientific research and real-life stories from his numerous patients, ADHD Does not Exist synthesizes Dr. Saul's findings, and offers and clear advice for everyone seeking answers.

We are witnessing a global epidemic of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Millions are suffering from attention issues, while millions more are reliant on stimulant medication to perform at school and at work. Despite decades of advancements in neuroscience, the definition of ADHD has remained essentially unchanged since its introduction in 1980, and its prevalence in the population has skyrocketed.

6th January 2014, 18:30
A lot of the behaviors that are routinely drugged with Ritalin, Cylert and other drugs in our schools are easily prevented through the diet. An awful lot of what they call ADHD is sensitivity to the many untested chemicals in processed foods.

6th January 2014, 18:32
It is disease mongering and simply malnutrition. Well, it is more than malnutrition. It is the ingestion of compounds that hinder natural body processes. Diets of no sugar or foods that act like sugar produce healthy children, free of the disease labels.

And as has been said on this forum many times, especially in the Health Section, it's mainly about gut bacteria. Beneficial gut bacteria colonies are essential. They are critically important. The "over twenty separate conditions—from poor eyesight and giftedness to bipolar disorder and depression—each requiring its own specific treatment" can be remedied by abstaining from sugary foods and populating the gut with trillions of good bugs.

6th January 2014, 18:54
Too much fluoride, msg, aspartame et al in diets. Plus vaccines that weaken the immune system. :-(

6th January 2014, 19:14
In his book, Richard Saul has present cases from over the past 50 years working as a neurologist that he says were wrongly diagnosed as ADHD - one case he explains was down to drinking too much caffeine!

There were also many underlying diseases that had appear to have been missed in the hurry to diagnose ADHD, such as Tourette's, OCD, fragile X syndrome, autism, foetal alcohol syndrome, learning disabilities or such familiar conditions as substance abuse, poor hearing or even giftedness.

6th January 2014, 20:00
Remember Tang?

Doctor's told my parents stop giving us Tang. Guess what....no more ADHD...back then they called it hyperactivity. No tang, fresh air and exercise.....

....crap. I'm an old fart. :\

6th January 2014, 21:01

I had to Google "Tang", being of European stock :o and yes, that kind of stuff is the worst!

I used to teach, and once had a kid in my class called Jay who was fine in the mornings and utterly uncontrollable in the afternoons :der:. I couldn't work this out until...I was informed from a reliable source (one of the other kids in the class!) that there was a group of boys who took it in turns to bring fizzy drinks in for Jay to have at lunchtime. It was their way of ensuring an entertaining afternoon in the classroom...

7th January 2014, 07:32
It does exist as a syndrome. It has dozens of other names and displays and prescriptions as well.

It's the inability to circulate enough chi when the dam is bursting,
in a society that can only think in 'rules'. Limits. Bindings.
Anyone who is real has it. Some are more obvious.

The solution is to change our own perception of it. It could take a while to get everyone on board with that,
but for you the cure is immediate.