View Full Version : The danger of the word LAW

8th October 2010, 17:56
I do indeed dislike the word Law, as that is a human word used to define the scope of the 'crime'.. and the direction and scope of punishment for those who move contrary to the given group's social and cultural mores.

Please try to refrain from all use of the word law. Please try to find an alternative method of expression of the given concept.

The word Law, is inherently derogatory in it's psychological and physical interactions with and within mankind, IMO.

For example, science and physics has theories. Engineers are given them as laws, so they will not consider anything about them -except their use in engineering attempts and building/design of physical structures or similar.

The expression of the human term Law, is to create an immutable unquestioning background in something that was originally and is inherently that of a question.. and is created by a questioning mind that does not feel it has the answers, and that the shape of the answer is always evolving and changing. Theory is the understanding of the moment which can always change. Evolution.

Theory or concept inherently allows for, nay, expects the growth of mankind and their understandings.

The introduction of the word law into science and physics was the sneakiest crime committed to the advancement of mankind through science...that has happened in the past 400 years. Purposeful finality and stagnation. the idea that the proffered concept is the end of all evolution. this has been proven false through every single moment in science and human evolution. The only thing that is truly stable ---is change. That is the actual history of science and humanity. Constant change. Constant evolution.

The concept of Law, directly involves judgment..and:

Judgment is a fools game, it anchors one so they cannot move or evolve forward, onward or upward..and anchors one in the self lies of their own past. It disallows all further evolution.

This the inherent danger hiding within the use of the word law.

See it for what it is.

Start looking at the words 'concept' or 'theory', or 'idea'. However, the problem is that they do not hold the strengths of the word law, as an impression...to the human mind that is always looking for the feeling of safety in the comfort of black and white answers.

Too bad for humans, isn't it?

Trapped in their own mental constructs.