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15th January 2014, 17:10
Hi folks, im looking at trying to get myself a health check or the likes by alternate ways other than going to my local doctors. Ive never had my aura checked or anything like that and I would like to see if it or other means can help me with my medical issues. Being new to this site and side of things a point in the right direction and or any thoughts on how to go about it would be welcome. Thanks.

Earth Angel
15th January 2014, 17:15
Welcome to Avalon! an excellent question. I myself haven't been to a doctor in years!! At the moment I am getting over a cold which seems to have brought back the asthma I haven't had in over 10 years. Looking online for alternative remedies (so as not to have to go back on those nasty inhalers).....but the constant coughing is weakening my resolve.
I am sure you will get lots of information from this amazing group on how to proceed.
Wishing you the best

15th January 2014, 17:34
Thank you for the warm welcome Earth Angel! I think the fact you have gone so long without a visit to your G.P is testament to finding these alternative means im looking for. I hope your coughing passes and are back to yourself asap. I am happy to have been accepted into the Avelon comunity and am sure you are right and will get all the information I require. Thanks again.

15th January 2014, 17:39
Hello there my friend, and welcome to the forum!

I think what you're looking for is a naturopath. A quick internet search of local practicioners should yield the results you need.

Good Luck!

15th January 2014, 17:57
Thank you Mike for the info and another warm welcome. I will definitely be looking into naturopath and hope to find one in my area. Do you and anyone else reading this use places like this? What should I expect when going in regards to how they operate? Is every one different or kinda similar? Any other information is appreciated.


15th January 2014, 18:11
im not into too much alternative paths but my family comes from a line of doctors but also an understanding of eastern medicine. in that regards i can give you some opinions about what has worked for me so far.

1) first rule of being healthy i think should be to eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible. it is also healthy to eat as few processed foods as possible. it is almost impossible to eat only vegetables and fruits so you should try your best. here is a good book

2) second rule would be to not over eat and go on regular fasts. there is huge amounts of evidence that have started to come out that the more often you eat the faster you get sick and older.

from a personal stand here is my experience following these guides. i used to get sick all the time. im 24 Male and i always had a fairly weak immune system. ever since i started following the advice i give you i have only gotten the flu once and it was only apparent on the first day. besides i have lost about 10 pounds. at first its hard to just eat fruits and vegetables but it becomes easier as time goes by.

good luck

15th January 2014, 18:25
My doctor is Dr. Staninger, she has a radio show 1cellonelight on blog talk on crystal skulls, new age stuff.. etc. This woman saved my life. She can do blood testing to find the REAL cause of illnesses. For instance, b/c she is a PHD scientist and an environmental toxicologist she can do REAL tests that medical doctors are not allowed to do. For instance, she tested me for all chemicals, nanotechnology, viruses and pathogens in my body. Most doctors do a basic blood test..that can't really test what is in the body that cause illness..the medical industry doesn't allow for that kind of real testing. That is why most will tell you they do not know what causes cancer. Well, that's because they have not been taught the truth. All cancer and illnesses are chemicals and pathogens in the body.
Dr. Staninger did blood tests and other things and found out i had chemtrail poisonings such as nanotechnology, and military grade man-made bio weaponized mono (which a doctor could not tell me). She also found dangerously high levels of ammonia which is caused by the breaking down of chemtrail poisons. And other things that were military created. Because she worked for the gov. and now is a whistleblower she is more savvy then most doctors or PHD scientists.
She also has an at home foot pad that you wear overnight and then send back to her. From that she can send it to the lab and have an advanced microscope read the frequencies on the pad and can determine what exactly is in your body that is making you sick. For instance she has found nanotechnology, viruses, chemicals and can even tell what prescriptions you have taken in your past. It is that good. I think it's like two hundred dollars or something.
After she diagnosed me with all these poisons from our lovely govt. She gave me tools to detox. She has some very advanced machines in her clinic in los angeles. She helped me initially by phone as i was across the country when i called her on my death bed desperate for help from someone that was "awakened" and someone that could mention chemtrails etc. Hell, i even talk to her about ETs as i blame them for my respiratory issues from chemtrails.
Anyway, I went to 3 hospital emergency rooms, a respiratory specialist in Beverly Hills, a holistic MD in New York, a holistic M.D. in NJ and they all sucked ballls and then I finally found Dr. Staninger and she saved my life. I would't be here if it was not for her and her recommended healing technologies. :) She is not an M.D. she is a toxicologist but her ability to do testing is way beyond what an M.D. can do. And her technologies for healing are very very advanced. She had me do some vitamin C Ivs in addition to her technologies and has medical partners that do that for her.

15th January 2014, 18:27
Thank you Mike for the info and another warm welcome. I will definitely be looking into naturopath and hope to find one in my area. Do you and anyone else reading this use places like this? What should I expect when going in regards to how they operate? Is every one different or kinda similar? Any other information is appreciated.


I've never been to one, honestly. Not sure how they proceed exactly. But I know it's very thorough, with plenty of questions asked of you and plenty of time for the naturopath to answer any questions you may have ( as opposed to the brief interaction you'd normally get with a standard doc). I know that many naturopaths can and will do a vitamnin/mineral analysis, to determine deficiencies and so forth. I s'pose it all depends on your specific issue, if you have one.

Most naturopaths are hamstrung by various laws however, and almost have to speak in a sort of code to get their points across. For example, they can't "diagnose or treat disease", so they can't say something like "it appears you have cancer so you must take iodine". They have to say things like " historically its been shown that such n such may effect your body in such n such a way etc... the way they word things are in terms of the body as a whole. They can't claim to cure cancer or any other disease, but they will claim to create a healthy body as a whole, which will increase your chances of recovering from various ailments. It's sort of a shame, but they have to do the word dance to stay within the boundaries of the law.

15th January 2014, 23:43
Thanks for that vilcabamba. I think I need exactly what you are taking about.Im happy you got your life back and would very much like to get my own back to full working order. I believe I will get far better than at current with my Doctor. Does her work come under a certain name? So I can help to refine my search and get the nearest thing I can find in my area of Scotland. Also all the healthy eating tips are helpful but its price of fresh food that ends me up getting rubbish quality food....Thanks again, I know becoming a member here will change my life all for the better!

16th January 2014, 04:18
bigles 1875, welcome to Avalon! I'm glad to see more people taking ownership of their own bodies as they come to realize that mainstream commercial medicine is designed to keep them pouring money into a fraudulent system. I am 63 and only need to see a doctor once or twice a decade, for at least the last 20 years. I take no prescriptions. I ride around 50 miles a week on my bicycle, and I stay as active as possible. I was raised on alternative remedies and herbs way back in the 1950s. So although I think there's a time and place for professional medicine, I believe it's heavily over-emphasized. Our bodies are the result of fine-tuning by nature. With proper nutrition, we can live long lives, prevent most diseases and heal many of the rest.

You don't go into any details regarding your medical condition, but there are many alternative therapies that have a wide application. Acupuncture, reiki, meditation, tai chi, and many other activities help balance and unblock the body's energy systems which are largely unrecognized in Western medicine.

I think the best place you can possibly start is by making sure you eat a good diet. Start learning about nutrition, and read a book or two on herbal remedies. You'll probably want to explore all kinds of things, and in the end you may feel that only a few of them work for you. That doesn't mean you will have wasted time on the rest. You will pick up a holistic awareness that will guide you as you learn.

16th January 2014, 11:31
You might also what to chat with staff and customers at vitamin shops for their opinions.

17th February 2014, 20:45
Hi bigles1875,
You may be interested in this video of santos Bonnicci and the salts of life.