View Full Version : For those just awakening.......

20th January 2014, 17:27
Spirituality is the key to understanding IMHO and research,research and keep researching any question you google it. Leave no stone unturned in search of truth for as we know on the forum the rabbit hole is deeper then deep.We all awake in our on way but one thing I've learned and learned it the hard way is when to reveal information to others and when to shut up.With that being said I will say good day.....:wave:

20th January 2014, 18:50
I only spread out seeds on fertile ground ... Love and compassion is always the best policy , many of us including me were once babies in the alternative world ... I try and put myself in their shoes first , how would I want to be treated ... Bob Dean's barcelona presentation is a great starter video for newbees ... just my thoughts

20th January 2014, 18:55
I second ghostrider. Bob Dean is the grandpa everyone wishes they had (at least I think so).