View Full Version : Movie 'AREA Q' - Abduction and Mystery compose this co-production between Brazil and USA.

24th January 2014, 01:25
Hello friends.

It is a fiction story set in the Brazilian Northeast, and based on local cases.

Have fun.



Quixadá, 1979. Farmer John the Baptist (Murilo Rosa) is surprised to be abducted by extra-terrestrial beings. He returns with powers, which causes it to become a local myth. Two decades later, investigative journalist Thomas Matthews (Isaiah Washington) comes to town. Posted by an American newspaper to unravel the UFO reports in the region, Thomas still suffers by the mysterious disappearance of his son, which occurred recently. When interviewing some abducted persons, Thomas realizes that there is foundation in reporting them and that, somehow, the events in the region are linked to the disappearance of his son.

Site: http://www.areaqofilme.com.br/index.php

English language.

24th January 2014, 04:47
Hi Naste, is there not any English subtitles at all? It seems to be only Portugese?


EDIT It was English after a few minutes Naste, Thank you