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24th January 2014, 14:53
Humans have a number of involuntary bodily functions, like heartbeat, digestion and so on. Some (or all?) of these can be consciously influenced - sped up, slowed down or stopped - to different degrees. The most obvious example is breathing, which can easily be held in excess of 5 minutes or with a bit of practice for 10 minutes or more, although we have stories of yogis being able to suspend their breathing while being submerged in a pool of water in a meditative/trance state (as if they were hibernating) for hours and days. Then we have seen a number of tests successfully carried out on Tibetan monks who can indeed vary their body temperatures utilizing various meditation techniques (obviously ones that anyone can learn). I remember reading Jon Peniel's book in which he says:

"I've seen monks in the Himalayas, sit in the snow, in conditions that were so cold that as they were wrapped in wet blankets, the blankets froze around them. After many layers of blankets were applied, the monks would visualize heat within themselves, radiating out. The blankets would defrost, and a circle of melted snowwould appear around them. Their degree of mental accomplishment was measured by the size of the circle around them."

Then there are these shamans in Africa that will bury their head in the ground, go into a trance and have their heart stop beating for minutes and hours.

This topic is not meant to be a debate about which ones of the above stories might be true and which might not. They are listed here as examples to illustrate the fact that certain bodily functions can be influenced consciously with the power of the mind, some easily, others with more or less practice.

So what have these got to do with travelling to alternate dimensions, you might ask? Well, if there were no possibility of there being a connection I wouldn't have mentioned them now would I? (Just trying to create suspension ;D)

OK, here it is, it will be a wild ride but bear with me. Now, all of the changes in bodily functions I mentioned above can be achieved more easily with the use of chemical substances or drugs. I won't do a search right now but I'm sure it's medically possible to administer a certain drug in the appropriate amount to stop the heart beating for, say, 1 minute. Likewise, people use DMT to have a 5-minute trip, which is essentially a change in perception. The unusual thing with DMT is that it does not alter your consciousness - it doesn't make you drowsy or anything, you stay conscious and focused, you remain aware of who you are and where you are, except that 30 seconds into the trip the whole world around you gets swapped out in a matter of a few seconds, leaving you astonished at what just happened. DMT is a natural psychoactive compound, a neuro-transmitter that is natively present in the human brain. Why? No one knows. Just like no one knows why we have receptors in our brain for many transmitters from psychoactive chemical compounds found in certain plants to work on. We know SOME are for other compounds in the brain - we have opiates (morphine and heroine are derivatives of opium), adrenaline in the body (which is a stimulant that's as strong as any crack or amphetamine) and a few more. But as for the majority of the compounds, it is unknown why the brain has receptors for them. And it is of an equally large or possibly even larger mystery why these plants would even produce and sequester compounds that have no apparent role in their own metabolism.

Either way, the fact is that we have DMT naturally occurring in the brain. The only question remaining is, how do we activate it? There must be a way to self-induce hallucinations in a similar way to self-hypnosis or going into a trance by wild dancing and/or head-spinning, maybe with the assistance of the monotonous sound of drums.

What has a hallucination got to do with alternate dimensions? We can't be sure, opinions differ. Some psychonauts insist that the "other side" is an autonomous reality. Which is not at all impossible. Just like a radio telescope translates information emanating from portions of reality that we are not naturally equipped to sense into signals (visible light) that our brain can interpret, a psychoactive substance may be such a medium that opens a window to a portion of reality we are not ordinarily equipped to detect. Whether what we experience as hallucination is actually an autonomous reality (which ordinarily shows on our instruments as dark matter or dark energy) or just a mental phenomenon matters not. At the end of the day, what you define as reality is nothing more than electrical signals interpreted by our brain. That's all it is.

Anybody seen Peaceful Warrior (7.3 on imdb)? Remember how Socrates is trying to teach Dan towards the end of the movie? He says it's time to show him the big secret. So Socrates decides to take Dan on a hike. On the way up the mountain, Dan is excited and really loving the hike, anticipating what Socrates is going to show him. When at the top, Socrates says, "This is it." Day says, "What, the view?" Socrates points to a rock. Dan is then disappointed and says, “This is it? This is what you wanted to show me??” Socrates then walk away, while Dan realizes the powerful lesson of “It’s the journey, not the destination.” The relevance of this story is not so much the lesson but to show that happiness is not because of "what is" or what will be, but because of what's in your mind. If expectations not coming true is a source of disappointment and unhappiness then isn't the solution giving up expectations and living in the moment? That's what members of tribal societies have that westerners don't - the FELT presence of immediate experience. Not worrying about tomorrow. They don't have all the mental disorders we do. No schizophrenia, no suicide, no ADHD, none of that cr@p.

Another example I remember from book 4 of the CWG series. It goes like this:

"Can’t I simply choose to be happy?
How? How do I do that?
Don’t do it. Simply be it. Do not try to “do” happy. Simply choose to “be” happy, and everything you do will spring from that. It will be given birth by that. What you are being gives birth to what you are doing. Always remember that.
But how can I choose to be happy? Isn’t happiness something that happens? I mean, isn’t it something that I just am because of something that is happening, or going to happen?
No! It is something that you choose to be because of what is happening, or going to happen. You are choosing to be happy. Haven’t you ever seen two people reacting entirely differently to the same outer set of circumstances?
Of course. But that’s because the circumstances meant something different to each one of them.
You determine what something means! You give it its meaning. Until you decide what something means, it has no meaning at all. Remember that. Nothing means anything at all. Out of your state of beingness will meaning spring. It is you who are choosing, in any moment, to be happy. Or choosing to be sad. Or choosing to be angry, or mollified, or forgiving, or enlightened, or whatever. You are choosing. You. Not something outside of yourself. And you are choosing quite arbitrarily."

Anyway, the point is, regardless of "what is", regardless of external circumstances, regardless of what you call reality, what matters is what's in your head, because that's what you ultimately experience - it's all dependent on belief, attitude, what you choose to notice in any given situation, and so on. If a sensory input reaches your brain and it makes you happy, what does it matter where the input came from? If eating a cake gives you satisfaction, stimulating the taste-centre of the brain with the appropriate signal will have the same effect. If an NDE gives the experiencer a feeling of utter bliss and feeling loved,and when they come back they are a totally different people, not materialistic any more but realizing the importance of love, what does it matter whether they were on the other side or it was just chemicals in the brain? They've become better persons.

Similarly, if you can somehow activate the DMT in your brain (it's there for a reason, right?) then the experience will be as real as it can get, and the effects as solid as the effects of any "real life" experience. Unfortunately there will always be people who will fail to see the point in things like lucid dreaming, throwing around scornful comments like "I prefer living in the real world", and then they go and watch TV, soap operas that never actually happen, news programmes about events that will never affect their lives, or documentaries about places they'll never go and about people doing things they'll never do. Or watch a football match that they wouldn't notice if it were a recording.

I've always thought this was funny, the way they scream and shout supporting their team, when it's not even shown real-time on TV but with a bit of a delay. When you see a goal scored, it's already history. Even if you're in the stadium it takes time for light to reach your eyes and then for the electric impusle to reach your brain, and then to cognize and interpret the event. If the match had taken place secretly a day before and they broadcast it as live, would that make the match less enjoyable? No. You'd still be hoping for your team to score, even though it'd all taken place already. It doesn't matter, what matters is what you BELIEVE. If they broadcast a match from 2 years ago you can still enjoy it with the same extasy as you would enjoy a live match, if you believe the recording to be live. So why don't people watch old recordings of matches? They don't know what the end result is if they haven't seen it and haven't checked it. If you want to watch a live football match you'd been anticipating and after the end they announce that they (mistakenly or deliberately) broadcast a past match (that you hadn't seen) you'd be upset because you'd see how stupid you were shouting, telling them to score and celebrating when they did, and wondering as to the final outcome, while maybe others that'd seen that match noticed and knew who'd score and when. How would this be different from a match they shot one day before and broadcast it as live? How is it different from a football match watched in virtual reality? Nohow, that's how. It's not the match, it's what you BELIEVE. If the TV lag were a whole minute would that disturb you? You're wondering if a team are going to score and your friend calls you from the loctation that they already have, but it hasn't reached your telly yet. After you hang up, will you be able to enjoy the match knowing that others will know the result while you're still being excited with wonder, guessing and anticipation? How would this be different from watching a recording from, say, 10 years ago? How much lag is acceptable?

What's the lesson? If you believe it's real, then for you, for that moment, it is. As you can see, from this point it's only a small step to know when something is not real but treat it as if it were. As long as it can make you excited, happy, or whatever. By not allowing something to excite you just because you happen to be aware of it being more or less different from "reality", you are CHOOSING not to be excited about it. But then you could choose to consider ANY tv broadcast as something of the past, other than reality. Or any "real life" event for that matter, as the speed of sound and light are not infinite. You're ALWAYS observing the past. It's all history. None of it is real. The stars in the sky, many of them are not even there any more, and people 100 or 1000 years from now will see them as exploding supernovae, even though they've already exploded, it's just that their light hasn't reached us yet. Even the light from the Sun takes 499 seconds to reach us. When you watch a solar flare, it's already gone. So what is reality? Who cares? If it were really that important, half the world would't be playing computer games every day. All they really do is re-arrange 1s and 0s in a microchip that a computer tells them means they've won a car race or something.

So my take on it, if you learn to unleash the power of DMT in your brain, practically you will be experiencing an alternate universe. Whether that univerrse is actual or imagined, I will leave for those that choose to get caught up on the details to decide. Meanwhile you enjoy your travels and experiences while they miss out and watch what others put before them on TV. How do you learn this? I'm not aware of anyone knowing, but if there is a way I'd like to know. DMT activating in the brain is probably what causes experiences of rapture in accounts of some saints and spiritual seekers. It might have something to do with the sensation of "the rising of the kundalini". Maybe it's what is experienced as enlightenment. I don't know. I've heard of people who allegedly learned levitation using magickal practises. D. D. Home was certainly never debunked, even though he always insisted that people vigorously search and look for any sign of trickery. He had bunches of people hanging onto his feet while he lifted several metres into the air without ropes or anything. Jesus is said to have walked on water. A key here is realizing the illusional nature of "reality". That it's a holographic universe, as Leonard Susskind explains. So things can be learned. Once you do learn, it's like holding your breath. Easy. As for methods to activate the DMT in our brain, this topic is meant as a place for brainstorming. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Sources for information I used for this topic:



a BBC series of interviews featuring Susan Greenfield, a pharmachologist from Oxford University, ethno-pharmocologist Christian Ratsch, anthropologist Richard Rudgley, ethnobotanist Terence Mckenna, and many more like Andrew Weil, Ronald K. Siegel etc.:


And most importantly a talk by Terence Mckenna on DMT:


24th January 2014, 15:45
Thank you Rolci, for this really interesting post/thread.

I too have wondered what activates the natural DMT in one's brain, it is an interesting thought. I do not know the answer, if you by chance discover the answer, please let me know.

I practice a kundalini breathing discipline - that can get quite wild!

24th January 2014, 16:15
Hi Realeyes. Is that Xena in your avatar? I wouldn't say I have discovered any answers just yet, but it's been suggested to me that, if there is an answer (besides practising certain breathing techniques like the one you do), it's in this book:


I'd be interested to hear more about the breathing discipline you practise.

edit: also I remember another book I read a long time ago, actually it's a trilogy, by Robert Monroe. They're:

Journeys out of the body
Far Journeys
Ultimate Journey

You can download these from scribd as well. Fascinating books, even just for entertainment. He, being a scientist, also created a program to help people learn what he achieved. It's called hemispheric (as in the brain) synchronization or Hemi-Sync. You can download that from the pb if you search for "The Gateway Experience". I've had some interesting experiences with it personally. Hope this helps.

24th January 2014, 19:16
Hi Rolci, yes lol, that is Xena in the avatar.

Thank you for the suggestions, yes I have read all three of Robert Monroe's books over a decade ago, they are very good!

I too have out of body experiences. Yes hemisync music is most useful in keeping the awareness going during the out of body process, but I personally did not get on with the few Monroe's CD's that I tried. I use William Buhlman's first CD 'The power of 7' and 'Waves' that I find most effective and I also know this particular hemisync is 'clean'; one has to be careful, there are some on the market not so good. Follow your intuition and knowingness.

I haven't heard of the book you have linked, I will have a look at it over the weekend - thank you for the suggestions it is most thoughtful of you.

A lovely short video to add to your thread - Levitation.


24th January 2014, 22:17
Does anyone [really] thinks it is healthy to be able to mess with your DMT production, with or without drugs? A rhetorical question, no need for answer.

A short note: a large amount of DMT is released in the brain at moments of death, or NDE. -> one of the reasons I do not recommend to experiment with this.
But I do recommend good sleep, and healthy diet (qi gong and yoga also, but that I assume is already under way based on the books I saw mentioned)!
Synthetic DMT is also used to treat certain mental problems and addictions.
Not everyone should [as Terence McKenna] play with the spirits.

'Curiosity killed the cat!' we tend to use around here.

We all do that travelling [to an extend] all the time, but it is so natural that we don't label it as such.


24th January 2014, 22:59
Interestingly, people diagnosed with schizophrenia have unusual amounts of endogenous dmt in their bodies. Drugs which help reduce the release of endogenous dmt have been effective in treating schizophrenia. These people actually go mad because they are seeing snippets of other dimensions or vibrational levels that most "normal" people cannot see. There are many people that encounter these dimensions in deep meditation or using entheogens, the difference is that they are intending to go there. Schizophrenics can't seem to "turn it off" and it's easy to see how that can be a problem.

24th January 2014, 23:43
Just wondering. If someone hasn't had an OBE, would you recommend listening to Buhlman's How to Have an OBE first or go straight into the Waves and Power of 7 CD's?

778 neighbour of some guy
25th January 2014, 00:01
Without external tools, ok, I once had a good Rebirthing session that left me without breathing for about eight minutes ( I was told that) and I ended up far far away in space, not sure what space if that counts as alternate, quite a cool experience, never been able to reproduce the experience without external help after that btw, Iboga helped me out but it was less intense then the Rebirthing experience, when I returned to my body I was still very very relaxed and I noticed how a delicate gentle subtle energy picked up my breath FOR me, I was being breathed, literally, frikkin great;), something was looking out for me, that made me happy, felt like I could walk on water for a week, grinn;).

25th January 2014, 02:27
Terence McKenna also remarked that once the "DMT elves" teach you to create visible language, from that point on you will be able to do it any time during dreaming. You will realize that if you combine the prospect of learning such extraordinary abilities with the practice of lucid dreaming, well, need I say more? I mean, lucid dreaming can get pretty wild as it is, based on just the limits of your imagination, but enhance this with what DM T shows you, and you're on for a ride of a lifetime, not just a ride, a ride that you can go on every night, always different. And I haven't told you the best part yet! Now add the peculiar attribute of the trips that what they show you is always at the very edge of your abilities to comprehend, so you're never fatally overloaded. Now add dreamtime to this where your subconscious is given extra time to process the implications, and on your next trip you're ready for even wilder stuff, which you can again incorporate into your dreams. You feel me? And the ultimate punch? This is how McKenna expressed it in a question format: "why is it that the deeper you go the larger it gets?" Now digest that!

25th January 2014, 03:36
Well thought out OP Rolci.

25th January 2014, 06:03
Yes....I agree. That was powerful. Thank you for that.


Nanoo Nanoo
25th January 2014, 07:15
everything is real .. as real as your holographic mind allows ..


25th January 2014, 10:34
Rolci, as far as I can see it, doesn't matter what anyone says, you will do what you will do.

" the deeper you go the larger it gets " is valid also without external supplementation.

Yeah... I feel ya.
Now where is the website that sells aya and shrooms...

25th January 2014, 10:44
When you are dreaming you can do anything.