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27th January 2014, 04:37
Restricted by words, I can only use words to point to "who I am."

I am (as we all are and indeed all life is) formless, timeless Eternal Life.

To experience, I must dream.

Within the dream are sparks of myself (Eternal Life) that spring up within illusory form.

For a spark that manifests as a human being, I have come up with a rather complex twist to the dream so that I may lose myself within the dream such that I have to go through (as in the case of Chester - 56) years and years just to awaken to Who I am.

Interestingly enough, when "my body" rises in the morning, "I" no longer consider myself to be waking up. I see it as "waking down." I wake down into a quite dense level within my dream known ironically as "the waking state."

Now rewind the clock to the days when Chester thought he was waking up each morning...

... Chester contemplated life and Chester had a problem because it seemed that he (as well as everyone else) would one day face something we call death. Chester didn't like that at all so he sought and sought to figure out some way his body could die, but Chester would not.

This generated a dilemma. See... so many religious traditions would speak about a spiritual realm or a place where I would go... I (in this case) being the essential being identified as Chester - perhaps called Chester's soul (from this waked down perspective) but which religion has the right idea about it all? Hummmm. So Chester spent years and years searching for the one the "felt right" but with no success.

And then one day, the light bulb went on and Chester suddenly saw what was troubling him. And what that was was simply Chester feared loss of his identity! And why that fear suddenly appeared absurd was because Chester understood identity to be a concept, a matter of form within his own mind and the minds of others and that's when it hit him! The only thing about Chester that was worried about such a thing was the lovely ego.

And with a whooshhhhh - the ego vanished. At least that ego vanished.

Of course, one who meets me, interacts with me, reads my posts, etc... many of those would still see me with an ego (and perhaps a massive one!)

But then whose problem would that be?

So now to the Enigma (the word I used to entice a reader to read these rantings).

When trapped in a viewpoint which is grounded in the material realm, one may naturally grasp for a way to convince themselves there's life beyond the body's demise. They may finally settle for some religion or perhaps devise something of their own (a concoction of the mind which ensures them of life beyond) and then, like most here on our lovely ohhhh so sane planet, become comfortable enough that they never see the elephant in the living room.

And so let's say you and I die (well... our physical bodies "die") and then I am facing you and you are facing me and we are in some less dense "continuation" and we say - WOW! We always knew we don't die.

But then... after a hundred godzillion eons of experiencing less dense form - might we grow tired of playing around?

I wonder.

27th January 2014, 04:50
I've pondered that last bit as well. Recently came to wondering if it would be better if the absolute end really did come with biological death. If continuance does occur indefinitely then it could be quite merciful that we are constantly re-born with no memories of prior existence. Perhaps though, that is no different to total death - since that process would be more like that of a clone of oneself popping into being every few decades (for manifestations as a human). I also never liked the idea of Heaven, mostly because of the boredom factor. Anyway, perhaps when one becomes ambivalent about the prospect of eternal being, it is a sign the ego has finally faded.

27th January 2014, 05:41
Yes, Tesseract (love your posting name - ever seen Cube?)... Yes to all the points raised in your post.

From the point of view at this point in time of this dreamed up, waked down spark that became Chester... today I love physical life - having a ball - things still functioning well and its rarely boring, I have security for that body thing and I don't give much thought to what anyone might think of me except when they get upset with me... and even then, its usually their problem YET I notice that with this strange enlightenment having come to pass say 3 - 4 months ago, I seemed to have stopped pissing people off! How weird... could it be natural compassion along with a tinge of discipline? Concepts concepts, opinions opinions, reasons shmeasons... they go on and on.

OK so trying to get back to the thread - its that from the lovely point of view which cannot be a point of view as how can the absolute have a point of view being that a point of view implies a location and a view of something the point is not... and we see the paradox and the dilemma.

So while waking down I go through a less dense state where "I" appears but my demise is still impossible (is this the famed Spirit Being perhaps?) And then that lovely next step into this disturbingly persistent one... this lovely physical realm and the wonderful body/mind and the emotions that dynamic generates and well, no wonder the ego came forth. In my case (being male), there's these weird things called hormones and well... its almost as if they have their own mind too! Isn't my play ego giving my serious ego plenty of excuses to return? (reincarnation).

But when I gaze into the eyes of a lover... I know that even though that Spirit Being (me) is also an illusion, I would hope to be that so I could return again and again and again.

But also in the case where my hormones aren't involved and I gaze into the eyes of my young, innocent bright eyed children, I also know I would come back again and again and again.

And those are just two examples of infinitely more. I sometimes wonder if my mother's real name may have been Sophia? Hummmm?

27th January 2014, 22:00
Justoneman, one close relative tells me at times when I start being too philosophical: 'You think too much!' :) He is right, I can tell you.

You/we are pondering about things that are not yours/ours to ponder. Here we gather to play. Up above we gather to see the results.
Don't blame you, I have had some thoughts of my own and have grown tired and bored of them.

There is a great example I tend to follow. My/ our cat. If I manage to become the playful spirit that the cat can be I think I would have solved the enigma. I will come back to report here.

Your revelations (from the above post) are very beautiful!

For me having ego keeps things in good order. I am a very ego-less person, and very much not a material-oriented one, but from experience I can share that the ego is not your enemy. This is a bit of an opposition to the largely adopted current view of 'enlightenment', I know. I don't share that view, and I still feel quite ego-less just the same.
Being material and having attachment to that realm is good while you are here, while remembering that it is transitory and temporary. I would compare the situation to having a certain amount of paints [tubes or pans] and brushes. Your hormones, your desires, your needs coming from being material person in a material world are the different hues and tools that you are able to use, and that is why they make the painting better and richer if you know how to use them properly.

BTW, I love Tesseract's name also. One day not so long ago I was just trying to remember what that word was! I saw the image, but couldn't find the word. Now I remembered!

p.s. my real name is a scandinavian/russian version for sophia ( I am not joking! :) )

28th January 2014, 00:17
Excellent thread, with many thought-provoking questions and ideas. There is only one point I wholly contest (but its an opinion so it doesn't amount to much):

You/we are pondering about things that are not yours/ours to ponder.

But, I don't imagine either Chester or his Self are concerned with anyone's remonstration. ^_^

As for me (in all aspects) the best answer I can suggest to the enigma is: I doubt it. When the break between extances is infinite, the one can take as little or as long as one wants/needs and still seamlessly continue to play, simultaneously. So, the one is both at play and at rest at all 'times' ad infinitum.

28th January 2014, 02:33
I was thinking the other day about the nature of 'I'. Actually, this eventuated after going over all the paranormal experiences I have had, when I came to realise that none of them involved 'I' or me in any way, not fundamentally. There was never a light shone on myself, despite all that has happened. It was almost as if there is no I, and I was wondering if 'I' is more like a conduit through which events happen. Kind of like how time is a dimension that facilitates the perception of change.

BTW I have seen cube, a number of years ago, it was an interesting film but I forget the ending.

I chose this name due to some kind of spiritual connection to the number 4.

28th January 2014, 04:57
wow - lots to comment on...

Shezbeth and Chester are experiencing a wonderful psychic connection and here's the reason for this statement. I had pulled that exact very quote of chocolate's out and wrote a post with that portion as my primary focus but I did not submit because the post was not coming out right yet I saved my writing for the purpose of editing and then to eventually post.

I just now came to the thread and started reading the latest posts and there was Shezbeth's post highlighting that exact same excerpt of chocolate's post.

These experiences are no coincidence at all whatsoever. Chester has them dozens of times a day now. Many are mind blowingly profound. Why I mention this, why I am excited about this is because the experience is increasing in number as well as profundity. Simultaneously, my awareness has increased but more importantly, my open mindedness has expanded exponentially at the same time.

In addition, I have created a communicative relationship with what appears to be sentient beings that reside within a level of my sub-conscious that I hypothesize is no different to them as our material realm is to us. It is like a unification of sorts of two different realms yet all of these realms reside within me.

Yes, I experience these beings and the dynamic in an external way yet due to my recent (3 -4 months ago) shift in point of view, the entire experience which before haunted me has now become... how can I express this? I feel like I am now living in a truly alive, magical kingdom - a kingdom rich with amazing experiences of a heightened psi nature.

The key to all this has been my attainment of and settling into Turiya (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turiya) -

It is the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness of waking consciousness, dreaming, and dreamless sleep.

It is the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness of waking consciousness, dreaming, and dreamless sleep.

Its my theory that these beings in the nether regions of my sub-conscious sense my acquisition of Turiya and thus realize I am no threat to them and in fact, may be their ally.

One might ask ally against what? My answer would be, "ignorance."

See, another of my theories (and I am not alone in holding this theory) is that we, as creators, create our world and our experiences within it.

Where my theory expands is as follows: Since all is within me and because the reflection of me manifests as the world and my experiences, that would include these beings as well. And so why should I fear anything within my own dream, especially since I created it! And furthermore why should I cause fear to my very own creations!

So since this strange shift, all of my previous "archontic" experiences have ceased completely! Now, these experiences are like an amazing partnership. It makes me wonder that could the very beings folks experience which they call demons because of their negative experience be the same beings which for me now are nothing but angelic? That these beings transformed in the way they appear to me due to my own shift in consciousness? That they are the same beings!?!

A friend once told me that in Islamic mysticism there is the beings known as the Djinn and that they can be "good" and "bad." Well, could it be this is what I am experiencing?

The most profound point of all that I was hoping to make is that how the experience comes forth all depends on me! Demons don't attack me unless I create the circumstance. I am responsible.

OK... I just wrote a whole chapter... apologies.

One last statement - all the opinions I wrote above only apply to me and come forth from my experience and are subject to (and likely will) continue to morph but I do believe I am onto something that many within the collective may possibly have misinterpreted. Much of the "alien" phenomena may very well simply be the beings of this sub region within our sub conscious jumping out and saying "Booo.!"

Two things to Shezbeth - Yes, I am with you (finally) that what I used to call "The Archons" are not the only players from that realm. In addition (and stated above), what appeared to me as "evil archons" I now see as a reflection of a darkness within myself and that once this darkness was vanquished, these beings transformed as to their interaction with me or else they stepped aside and allowed other beings of an angelic nature to enter into my experiential dynamics... not sure which at this point.

lastly, how this connects with my massively increased psi experiences/abilities is that these beings seem to play a role! I know this sounds nuts but that's where I am at with it all now.

the end of this post... finally.

28th January 2014, 13:58
Can I quote you now, justoneman...:boink:
I will not, because if I don't write it fast I will give up on doing so.

I somehow connected to your stream of thought yesterday, and the result today is that I had another 'revelation' that took me by surprise, and flipped my life upside down, once again. (It is of a completely personal nature, but just decided to share it here as an illustration of coincidence).
It seems I have been doing that to myself more often lately than ever before. The bottom line of it - I think I know, and than the next thing that happens proves me (almost completely) wrong.
At the end of yesterday my 'very grown up and wise self' was shown again, once more, that everything I think I know, I don't.
It wasn't an unpleasant revelation, but it was also quite big and unexpected. Now when I think back about everything, I see all the signs were there, only my present "I" wasn't fully present at the time.

I see your Enigma as a caleidoscope:
It constantly changes.
And we seem to be coming back because we tend to fix ourselves on one thing and that becomes our matrix of sorts engraved in our 'glasses'. Until we learn how to play without judgement or expectation we will be coming back, wanting or not.

A quote you will understand:

"Only the Bodhisattvas with compassionate hearts, who have given their life for humanity, can incarnate the intimate Christ." - Samael Aun Weor
and probably something of interest: http://gnosticteachings.org/courses/bhavachakra-the-wheel-of-becoming/3391-liberation-from-suffering.html

I am the creator, and everything that follows, and yes, the world is in my mind, literary and figuratively. I see it as a tesseract! (now you understand why I needed to find that exact word sometime ago while writing in a thread about time lines and predetermination) and we seem to be experiencing it as a matrix in a matrix in and out at the same time.

I have been doing my search for that same enigma for so long, that at one point I needed to find ways of controlling my mind, otherwise the results were becoming life threatening...literary. I bet Chester did not know that we share even that as an experience.
That is how I became a wiz at running, yoga, dreaming and mind explorations of different kind ( I have some 3d wooden puzzles that can keep me engaged when I need to reassemble my enigma image once again), just so that I can somehow keep the beasts behind bars and only occasionally (in moments like such here) let them get out again.

I tend to adopt a very light weight personality at times because those threads are just quite heavy and if I am not careful I can usurp them easily, something I am trying to avoid when dealing with friends. (I so knew that exact comment of mine will make some brows go up! :p @Shezbeth and Chester). Did I misunderstood the thread as an invitation for a dialog, or was it intended to be a monologue?

One interesting Enigmatic thread (dealing with seemingly 'unrelated' topic):
It may not be a very obvious connection to your thread, justoneman, but the enigma is also there.

"tesseract" video:

I have seen the "Cube". It was a bit hard to swallow.

28th January 2014, 16:35
On a separate note related to aliens and jinns, Archons, matrixes and such, I am together with you on your general conclusion with one small exception. We shouldn't disregard with a light hand that Bill (Ryan) and Simon (Parks), together with many others on the forum, have been saying literary and not so literary: there are things that happen outside our conscious and sub-conscious control and reality (of the game), doesn't matter if we belive them, allow them or like them.
Because it is not just one game being played, the games overlap, and intermingle. See tesseract video above and imagine it being played as several overlapping ones.
Sorry to rain a bit on your thread, but I feel it is good to stay open to many possibilities.
In other words:

Danger is real, but fear is a choice.

I tend to write chapters from time to time, too. If the thread was meant as a monologue, let me know and I will edit my posts.

29th January 2014, 07:02
Greatly appreciate all your posts, chocolate, and please, post away!

Its funny how I will write large posts at times and then finally the essence of the posts become clear and I am sometimes able to write a brief one or two paragraphs which most folks seem to prefer.

What I found is that with the view all is within me along with the understanding that that which occurs in my outer reality experience is a reflection of the all within, I realized the saying, "You are your own worst enemy," fell short of truth (again my truth and no one else has to buy it).

When I modified the saying to reflect my own truth... "You aren't your own worst enemy, you are your only enemy," then I made peace with myself and essentially all suffering in my life has ceased.

What has come forth since this peace has been nothing short of miraculously profound. Only if one could have walked in my shoes prior and walk in them now could one know the truth of what I have just stated. But the reason I share this is simply that if anyone finds themselves in struggles (as I endured for 56 years) and wants those struggles to end, try on this view as deeply as one can... knowing you are simply testing it out, like one might try on some clothes... and see if your life experience has transformed (like mine has - a complete 180... from hell to a heavenly, magical journey).

If enough of us experienced this massive consciousness shift which reflects back peace as opposed to suffering, perhaps the rate this world as a whole transforms could be greatly accelerated. Why that is important to Chester is that Chester has a step daughter and three sons who inherit what we leave them... and most others have children dear to them as well.

29th January 2014, 14:45
"Danger is real..."

Danger to who? Danger to formless, timeless eternal one Life?

I am that and I experience no danger.

Strangely too, all the voices in the head that Chester once experienced as "archontic" and specifically "Horus-Ra" are gone. All the synchronicities that for years confirmed the validity of these voices and which left me with the sense what I was being told was from God as who could make the reality reflect key elements of these conversations as the conversations were occurring?

My reasoning mind answered, "God." Just like Joan of Arc's mind did as well. In fact Uri Geller had similar experiences and even experienced these voices externally while with others who also heard these voices were present and heard them too - his interpretation was that it came from vastly advanced aliens from another world. In the past, people who had these experiences perceived these communications coming from "demons" or "angels" or that they saw "the Virgin Mary" or that it came from "God." And as Joan of Arc learned, one could be burnt at the stake by those who decided it was Satan and/or the henchmen of Satan.

It's Chester's firm opinion all this comes from the our consciousness and in most cases mostly from the vast sub-conscious.

Anyways, upon my discover I am God (as are you, as is all Life) and the apparent truth that I reflect (one can use the word create)... generate as we all generate our total consciousness as our reality experience. And the fact that for just about all here on this planet now, only 5% of consciousness is known to a human being while in their waking state, my bet is that any "danger" one perceives comes from somewhere within that 95%.

This is how demons or angels "manifest." This is how beings from other worlds appear to us, even physical beings. As our consciousness (which is mostly below our waking state, conscious mind) expands and opens to the possibility and as long as our full consciousness desires to experience the truth or not behind a drama... that drama will appear in a form we can accept as possible at that time. Centuries ago, it had to be demons and angels, now it can be space aliens, some day it may be something else. Yet underlying this all is the opportunity to learn there is no danger, there is nothing ever to fear - ever.

Since I have allowed this "view" to grow from the depths of my very foundation down through Turiya, down through the deep sleep state and all through my waking state, not only is it clear to the mind there is no such thing as danger but also how could there be?

Strangely too, my psi abilities have increased 5 fold in the last several months yet know, I intentionally do not use them as I do not trust myself to know better than the Universe (as I call it) how things shall unfold but there's another, larger reason. The surprises the Universe provides are far more wonderful to experience!

I have total trust in us.

Let me give a simple example - I was driving down a 4 lane highway yesterday. My body had little sleep the night before. When this happens there is a tendency for my mind to wonder and fall into projection. Projection is an old, "bad" habit that is related to fear.

For a long time I have discovered that when I project, accidents happen or accidents come close to happening... usually small stuff like experiencing a paper cut or a toe stub, etc. but if the circumstances are there, it could be (relatively) bigger stuff In the past, when I believed danger existed, the accident would occur or at best be a close call.

So yesterday I found myself projecting yet since my psi abilities have expanded, I sensed a large truck on my left did not see me at the same time my mind was involved in a complex projection. So I simultaneously began to speed up so as to be just slightly ahead of the truck which I realized was going well over the speed limit as I was doing 80 MPH and barely passing him. Again all this while my mind was immersed in an elaborate projection!

Sure enough the truck started easing over into my lane but then instantly saw me, jerked back and slowed down. I saw in my rear view mirror the truck (this time!) putting on its blinkers and then slowly making his desired lane change. I knew that the "almost" accident was possible because my mind was involved in a state of projection of how outcomes may play out in the future and thus I was not in the now. Chester was involved in the act of projection because Chester wanted security. Security that Chester had planned well enough for the odds of the outcome Chester desired to occur.

Now who are all these things for? The eternal, timeless, formless one Life? Nope... they were for the egoic Chester. The Chester in a body and in a single life. Would eternal, timeless, formless one Life have these concerns? Nope. So who am I? I am that... that timeless, formless, eternal one Life.

Who are you?

So whereas danger may be perceived, the question is who is perceiving the danger? Is that "who" real?

from A Course in Miracles -

This course can be summed up in very simply in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists

Herein lies the peace of God

29th January 2014, 15:21
The greatest illusion that may come to you right now, is the idea that you are independent, and all that exists is you- internal and eternal life form. It may seem that you have understood everything that there is to be understood, but you might also trick yourself to believe that.

There is danger, there are outside Interferences, not probably on this level of existence, but that doesn't take their existence away, it simply puts a veil in front of your eyes, or mind.

After you except that you might still not have the whole picture you will continue to see the next level. Allow the caleidoscope to show you another possible aspect of the picture.

It happened to me, it happens all the time, but probably because I am who I am and allowed the possibility to accept that there are still things to learn and experience, I allowed the picture to change.
I am certain the picture is bigger.

I would also just suggest that I am not God. There is a potential, and probably I am close to revealing that potential to a great extend, but I am also still walking the path. If I were God, I wouldn't be here now writing, a spirit in a female form under the avatar of 'chocolate'.
I am not denying the divinity in me or you. It depends on what meaning we put when we refer to what God is.

I am not interjecting your posts, justoneman, because I want to make you believe or make you think the same way as I do right now, nothing of the sorts.
A person will do or think what a person will do or think, until the moment something changes for him/her self personally.

I only do it because I recognize something that might hinder your progress. I speak from my own limited human perspective of someone who once was where you are. I might be much younger, or from the opposite sex, but you might want to allow yourself to doubt it (as a person before me suggested).

this picture just found its way in my newsfeed, so decided to share.

30th January 2014, 05:29
I appreciate your view, chocolate... "God," knows I shared much the same most of this lifetime.

I now see all those things that some may perceive as dangerous, not "out there," not in other dimensions, not the psychopath down the street, not the Bushes, not the Illumed and Nutty, er, I mean the Illuminati, not the Archons simply because if any of those things manifest in my reality experience, they are simply an external reflection of my inner world - an illusory world I created.

It is my opinion this is the same for all of us, and indeed all life... So whereas one might conclude from my post I see myself as God but a God alone or apart then I was unclear or misunderstood. We are all this one, timeless, formless Being that Lives eternally. Some of us have figured this out, and some haven't and that is just the way it is. I suspect at the depths of our sub-conscious... the region that joins with the consciousness of all manifestations of Life we all know this.

30th January 2014, 05:41
There is danger, there are outside Interferences, not probably on this level of existence, but that doesn't take their existence away, it simply puts a veil in front of your eyes, or mind.

Went through all that and ended up at the Absolute. Once there, one understands all the outer is actually within and thus one has full, 100% responsibility for it all as well as over it all. Then simply decide you prefer peaceful experience and viola!...

...you will have it as long as all self delusion has been undone.

30th January 2014, 15:07
At times like this.... Its time for Bill Hicks!


"...and other people have remembered and they come back to us and they say, "Hey... Its just a ride.

And we kill those people."

30th January 2014, 18:05
Thank you, justoneman! The more I think about it the more I seem to value your point of view. Bill Hicks definitely helped! :)