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27th January 2014, 09:41
An interesting interview about the possible events of this infamous night. As Alan
Power says more corroborative evidence keeps coming out. He says it was more
likely the Establishment around the Royal family set up and did the operation.
The paparazzi were demonised and prevented from telling their story in court,
witness statements were falsified worth a listen imo.

“increment” – a small group from the SAS or SBS – to infiltrate Serbia and kill Mr Milosevic using a bomb or sniper ambush.

A third plan was to use a strobe light to blind Mr Milosevic’s chauffeur as his
cavalcade passed through a motorway tunnel during peace talks in Geneva. Mr
Tomlinson said the plan was shown to him by a senior MI6 officer referred to as “A”
who argued that a crash in a tunnel would mean fewer witnesses and a greater
chance it would be fatal. The former MI6 officer also said he had been shown a
strobe light by members of the SBS during his training in Poole, Dorset.




Princess Diana assassination: SAS soldier 'N' letter - MI6's means, motive & opportunity


Published on 19 Aug 2013

Sources close to Dodi's father Mohamed Al Fayed say a full-scale investigation is
needed into the allegations to remove any suspicion of an establishment cover-up.
Tony Gosling & Steve Satan

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Diana inquest: MI6 'plotted tunnel murder'


One plan was to use a strobe light to blind Mr Milosevic’s chauffeur
By Nick Allen

4:18PM GMT 12 Feb 2008

MI6 plotted to murder Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic in a staged car accident in a
tunnel five years before Diana, Princess of Wales died in a similar crash, a renegade
former spy has told the inquest into her death.

Diana murder probe costs taxpayer £6m
All the videos, pictures and testimony from the Diana inquest

Richard Tomlinson, who worked for MI6 in the early 1990s, told the High Court he had
seen a two page document, drawn up in 1992, detailing three plans to kill Mr Milosevic.
The first involved using a Serb opposition paramilitary group, which was regarded as
being the most “deniable” method.

The second involved using the “increment” – a small
group from the SAS or SBS – to infiltrate Serbia and kill Mr Milosevic using a bomb or
sniper ambush.

A third plan was to use a strobe light to blind Mr Milosevic’s chauffeur as his cavalcade
passed through a motorway tunnel during peace talks in Geneva. Mr Tomlinson said the
plan was shown to him by a senior MI6 officer referred to as “A” who argued that a
crash in a tunnel would mean fewer witnesses and a greater chance it would be fatal.
The former MI6 officer also said he had been shown a strobe light by members of the
SBS during his training in Poole, Dorset.

He was told that the equipment, which was portable, was intended for blinding enemy
helicopter pilots as they tried to land at night.

Mr Tomlinson gave evidence on a video link from Marseilles.

He was called as a witness to the inquest after he told a French magistrate that the
Paris car crash which killed the Princess, Dodi Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul on Aug
31, 1997, bore an “eerie similarity” to an MI6 plot.

He told the inquest that “A” was a “very ambitious and diligent” MI6 section sub-head,
aged in his early 30s.

He is referred to as “Fish” in Lord Stevens’ police inquiry into the crash. Mr Tomlinson
said “A” showed him the plan in his office on the 11th floor of Century House.

It gave a justification for murdering Mr Milosevic because of his plans for a greater
Serbia, a feared genocide of Albanians in Kosovo and his support for Radovan Karadzic,
the Bosnian Serb leader.

The circulation list for the document included the private secretary to the head of
MI6. “There was no doubt in my mind that A was entirely serious about his plan,” Mr
Tomlinson said.

“He was an ambitious and serious officer who would not risk his career by making such
a proposal in jest.”

Counsel to the inquest Nicholas Hilliard said “A” had revealed there was a document,
written in March 1993, about someone else in the Balkans, not Mr Milosevic, and that it
was a “contingency plan”.

The other figure was not named but among the likeliest targets would have been the
warlord known as Arkan.

Mr Tomlinson also suggested that Henri Paul was passing information to MI6. When he
was reading files on an operation to smuggle weapons out of the Soviet Union he came
a across details of an unnamed French security officer at the Ritz Hotel who he later
concluded that it was Mr Paul.

“There is no doubt Henri Paul would have been of interest to the intelligence services,”
he said.

Mr Tomlinson said MI6 paid many people for information or access on an ad hoc basis
including a member of the paparazzi and a barrister.

Mr Tomlinson was recruited by MI6 in 1991 after graduating from Cambridge University
with a First Class degree in aeronautical engineering.. He was sacked in 1995 and jailed
under the Official Secrets Act in 1997 after passing a proposal for a book to a publisher.

His book The Big Breach was eventually published in Moscow in 2001 and now lives in


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Posted by SDV...By Demonising the Paparazzi they had their perfect 'Patsies' !!

The flash of light seems to be the most reasonable explanation for that accident, to
me. (Even if the speed was 93 mph, what caused him to lose control of the car on a
straight road in a car that is built to cruise comfortably at that speed?)

The photograph is interesting. Moments before the crash? Can't be as there were
no photographers in the tunnel when the accident happened. I think this is just
sloppy reporting.

Looks on the men's faces are interesting. Rees-Jones seems to be putting up his
hand to protect himself from flashbulb lights. Paul looks as if he is enjoying the
situation (and completely unperturbed by the flashbulb lights). Does this indicate
recklessness in Paul or that he was a man in control of the situation?

If you haven't seen it, this is an interesting documentary:


Published on 6 Oct 2012

Diana Princess of Wales was perhaps the most photographed person in he world.
Her death in a car crash in August 1997 stunned a world that had lived her life with
her. The blame was put squarely on the photographers who surrounded her in
death as well as in life.For ten years conspiracy theories claims and counter-claims
have obscured what actually happened that night. Did the photographers chase
Diana to her death in the Pont dAlma tunnel? Were they too busy taking pictures to
call the emergency services and did their presence hinder those services? They had
witnessed and recorded one of the most terrible and iconic moments of the 20th
century. But for ten years that night has plagued their lives.This is the story of the
photographers arrested that night.The film uses some of the photographs that were
taken by passers-by as well as professionals and helps to establish what went on in
the tunnel that night. Some have not been seen on television before. They are the
most precise record of what happened in the tunnel during the hour after the crash.



Mohamed al Fayed brands latest police probe into Diana's death a "whitewash"

MOHAMED al Fayed has said he will continue his fight to prove his son Dodi and
Princess Diana "were murdered" after Scotland Yard dismissed sensational claims
that the SAS were involved.

By: Peter Allen and John Twomey
Published: Wed, December 18, 2013


Following a four-month review, the Yard has today said there is “no credible or
relevant evidence” that the elite soldiers were involved.

But that has been branded as a "whitewash" by al Fayed's legal team, who say the
grieving father is convinced that one day he will be proved right.

Scotland Yard launched a probe after it was revealed that an SAS sniper boasted
how Diana and Dodi’s chauffeur was blinded by a fierce flash of light shortly before
they were killed in the Paris car crash in August 1997.

The claims were made in a letter written by the mother-in-law of the SAS sergeant
– known only as Soldier N – to police and Army chiefs in 2011.

Nothing was done by the authorities until this summer when Soldier N was a
witness at the court martial of fellow SAS sergeant Danny Nightingale.

The Yard refused to launch a full-scale inquiry and described their probe as
a “scoping exercise”.

However, detectives interviewed the ex-wife and former in-laws of Soldier N who all
remembered him making the sensational claims. The SAS man was also questioned
and it is understood he denied making the claims.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley revealed the Yard’s ­conclusions in a letter to
the interested parties including the Royal Family and Lord Justice Scott Baker who
presided over the inquest in 2008.

Mr Rowley wrote: “Having reviewed relevant records and taken accounts from
principal parties, the conclusion the investigative team has reached is that, whilst
there is a possibility that the alleged comments in relation to the SAS’s involvement
in the death may have been made, there is no credible or relevant evidence to
support a theory that such claims had any basis in fact.

“Having reviewed the exercise and its findings, I am satisfied that there is no
evidential basis upon which therefore to reopen any criminal homicide investigation
or refer the matter back to the coroner.”

Details of the letter were leaked ahead of the official announcement today.

Today Mr al Fayed's lawyer Simon McKay said his client was "disappointed" by the
outcome, calling the "so-called scoping exercise" the latest "whitewash in a 16-year

He added: "The Met should never have been given charge of the case as they had
every incentive to return the result we now see. To have done anything else would
have called into serious question their own Paget Report of 2007.

"The case of Soldier N should have been rigorously investigated by the Royal
Military Police.

"Mr al Fayed will continue his fight to establish the truth that they were murdered
and is convinced he will succeed in doing so."




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The People’s Voice With Sonia Poulton: Keith Allen talks about death of Diana, Princess of Wales (Wednesday Dec 11, 2013)




Published on 11 Dec 2013

Keith Allen talks to Sonia Poulton about his film in which he looks at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the establishment cover up.





27th January 2014, 10:07
Connecting the Dots....

An interesting article bearing in mind what we know now about Surveillance.......

The Establishment murdered Diana and got away with it like JFK and many others...

This is a good article by investigative journalist Donal Macintyre who has done
some gritty mainstream investigations on various subjects. He obviously smells
a 'RAT' like many others.....


Spies taped Diana’s crash and bugged her phone

Sunday 15th September 2013 at 11:57 By David Icke


Diana using her mobile phone while in Sardinia in August 1997, the month she died

‘A key UK security industry source who served in the military told the Sunday Express
that GCHQ remotely switched on recorder modes right up to the moment the couple
took their fatal Paris car trip.

If made public, the phone recordings could help throw light on sensational claims by
former SAS serviceman ­Soldier N that Diana was murdered by an SAS assassination

The bugging claim came as a separate Sunday Express investigation revealed that film
footage of Diana’s last hours was “kept secret”. An exhaustive inquiry in the French cap­
ital has confirmed the existence of CCTV records of the night Diana died in August 1997.’

Many belong to private companies who used France’s strict privacy laws to avoid having
to hand them over to the police.Just as crucially, a key traffic camera overlooking the
scene of the crash in the Alma Tunnel was said to be switched off or malfunctioning.
However, one operator contacted 16 years on said: “Images would have been available
if people wanted them to be. The truth is that every excuse poss­ible was made to make
sure that live film could be kept secret.

“This suited lots of powerful people, especially those who wanted to dismiss the crash as
a simple traffic accident.”

The operator, who asked not to be identified because he “fears for my safety”, said he
was convinced that all available film was “rounded up and hidden or destroyed”.

Military sources have claimed Diana’s driver, Henri Paul, was blinded with an intense
flash of light forcing him to lose control of their Mercedes on an underpass after leaving
the Ritz hotel.


Now the security source, a specialist operative who has engaged in “black ops”, is
alleging that Diana’s phone was accessed remotely, even when switched off.

“There is no doubt that this technology was used on Diana and all around her, and for
very human reasons she was regularly listened to live in the moment,” said the source.

GCHQ operatives spent a great deal of time recording and listening live because she
was a priority intelligence target and a direct threat to the Crown, he said.

“More than that, she was an icon and the most famous woman in the world at the time
and analysts are vulnerable to curiosity as much as anyone else and would have wanted
and had the capacity to listen live to the conversations in the car as it sped away from
the Ritz.”


As well as these claims, there are suspicions that CCTV cameras were tampered with on the night of the crash.

An exhaustive inquiry in the French cap­ital has confirmed the existence of CCTV records
of the night Diana died in August 1997

Read more …





Published for the first time: Coroner releases amazing pictures of Diana in the car that took her to her death


Last updated at 20:06 03 October 2007

An astonishing sequence of pictures of the final minutes of Princess Diana's life
have emerged as the long-awaited inquest into her death finally opened today.
The never-before-seen images, posted on an official website by coroner Lord
Justice Scott Baker, includes the last known photograph of Diana alive and graphic
scenes of the desperate fight to save her life.

More than ten years after her death in a high speed crash in Paris they bring back
with startling clarity the fantastic efforts to keep Diana alive.


The moment of impact. After smashing into pillar 13 in the tunnel, the car cannons
into the side wall. The lights of cars travelling in the opposite direction are visible.
Witnesses say the Mercedes was doing between 60mph and 93mph


By now rescue workers are gathering. It is some time after 12.30am. Inside the
stricken Mercedes, the physician Dr Maillez is bent over the Princess's body. He has
already ascertained that Dodi and Paul are dead

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-485294/Published-time-Coroner-releases-amazing-pictures-Diana-car-took-death.html#ixzz2f2EWKRRI
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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By Jennifer Smith, Craig Mackenzie and Mia De Graaf

PUBLISHED: 02:05, 15 September 2013 | UPDATED: 10:46, 16 September 2013

'SAS assassinated Diana by shining light into her driver's face': Extraordinary claim
by special forces soldier who gave William advanced driving lessons said to be
reason why Scotland Yard has reopened case Claims made wife of former SAS
soldier interviewed by Scotland Yard have prompted police to reopen case

Woman claims 'individuals in royal inner circle' instructed soldier to shine light into
Paris tunnel to blind Diana's driver and force him to crash

'Soldier N' is said to have revealed theory after teaching Prince William how to drive
in 2008 Investigation could unearth recordings of her final moments after security
source reveals phones were bugged


Diana is pictured moments before the crash which the woman claims was caused
after an SAS soldier shone a light into the eyes of driver, Henri Paul (right). Diana's
bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones (left) was the accident's only survivor

‘An SAS soldier claimed Princess Diana was killed after a member of the elite unit
shone a light in her driver’s face causing him to crash, it has been claimed.
The man, known only as Soldier N, is said to have made the astonishing allegations
to his wife after taking Prince William on an advanced driving course in 2008.

Scotland Yard reportedly decided to review the historic case 16 years after Diana’s
death in a Paris underpass, after interviewing the woman who insists her former
husband was telling the truth.’

Read more …




27th January 2014, 10:14

EXCLUSIVE: How David Cameron knew of Princess Diana 'murder plot'

DAVID CAMERON and the head of the Army knew the SAS were allegedly responsible
for the murder of Princess Diana – but failed to tell police.

By: John Twomey
Published: Sat, September 14, 2013


Speculation-over-Diana-s-death-continues-GETTY- Speculation over Diana's death continues [GETTY]

The Prime Minister and General Sir Peter Wall were sent copies of a letter claiming
members of the elite regiment killed the princess.

They and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, who also received the letter, now face
being questioned by Scotland Yard over why they did not act and remained silent.

Number 10 and the Ministry of Defence were informed of the alleged crime in February
by the wife of a former SAS soldier, the Daily Express can reveal. Scotland Yard is now
investigating the murder claims but detectives only learned of the allegations following
a complaint by Mohammed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died alongside Diana.

The wife of the SAS veteran, who can only be identified as Soldier N, wrote to General
Wall amid fears that her life was in danger from her husband.

She sent copies to Mr Cameron and Mr Hammond. Also enclosed were copies of a letter
sent by her mother to the ­ SAS’s commanding officer in September 2011 which
contained the original allegation linking the SAS to the death of Diana.

A key passage in the wife’s letter says her husband threatened to make her “disappear”
by tampering with her car.It is a chilling echo of a note written by Diana’s lawyer Lord
Mishcon during a conversation with her in which she predicted her death.


David Cameron, Princess, Diana, murder, plot, SASCameron was told of allegations in February [GETTY]

The Prime Minister and General Sir Peter Wall were sent copies of a letter claiming
members of the elite regiment killed the princess

The document records the line: “Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by
some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever)...at least to
see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced.”

The note was handed to Met police after the 1997 crash but nothing was done about it.

In the letter from Soldier N’s wife, she writes: “I have been physically, verbally,
psychologically and financially abused by my husband, one of your specialist and highly
trained soldiers.

“I have endured his controlling and manipulative behaviour to be broken down and
ridiculed by him to the point where I felt I could no longer live with the torment.

“As a cry for help I informed the Regiment of his abusive and threatening behaviour in
November 2010.

“They were quite dismissive and nothing was done to stop him. This forced my mother,
in despair, to write to the Commanding Officer of the SAS in September 2011 copied to
Dyfed Powys Police (see attached letter).”

On March 1, a Downing Street official acknowledges receipt of the letter and adds: “I
am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for the copy of your letter and
enclosure of 11 February addressed to the Chief of the General Staff.

“I was sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing. Mr Cameron appreciates
you taking the time and trouble to share your concerns.”

General Wall responds to the letter on March 4 and is clearly concerned by the nature of
the allegations but crucially, like the Prime Minister, he does not mention any reference
to Diana and the murder allegations. He writes: “I was very concerned to read your
allegations against your estranged husband and your fears for your safety, and have
been in touch with his regiment to see what measures can be taken to address this

The note concludes by adding that he is copying the letter to “the Director of Special
Forces and the Commanding Officer of the Special Air Service Regiment”.

Diana, Dodi and driver Henri Paul died when their car smashed into a pillar in the Pont
de L’Alma underpass in Paris in August 1997.

Soldier N allegedly told his wife that the crash was caused after an SAS hit team flashed
a blinding light at Paul. The claim appears to support testimony from an ex MI6 spy at
the inquest into Diana and Dodi’s death who said he was aware of a colleague’s
proposal to kill Serbian leader ­Slobodan Milosevic by using a strobe light in a tunnel to
distract his driver.

He revealed the existence of a shadowy unit within the SAS known as The Increment for
the purposes of carrying out lethal operations on behalf of MI6. The original allegations
that the SAS was involved in the deaths were passed to the Yard in July following the
complaint by former Harrods owner Al Fayed.

The claims were in a seven-page letter written by Soldier N’s mother-in-law in
September 2011 when the marriage had disintegrated.

Detective Chief Inspector Philip Easton and a Yard colleague travelled to a secret
location to interview both women two weeks ago. The letter containing the original
allegations was handed to the Yard follow­­ing the court martial of SAS sniper Danny
Nightingale in July.

Soldier N and Sgt Nightingale were arrested in 2011 after police found firearms and
ammunition illegally held. Soldier N admitted the offences and was sentenced to two
years at a military corrective training centre. Nightingale admitted the charges and got
18 months last year. Following a campaign, he was released and the conviction
quashed. At a fresh trial in July Nightingale was found guilty and sentenced to two years
suspended for 12 months. He was convicted largely on the sworn testimony of Soldier N.

Allegations that the SAS was involved in Diana’s death emerged soon afterwards. Police
said the information was being analysed as part of a “scoping exercise” and no new
investigation has been launched.


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SAS troops: ‘Princess Diana was killed in a murder plot, but we didn't do it’


SAS troops are convinced ­Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were murdered, it was revealed yesterday.

By: John Twomey
Published: Sat, September 7, 2013



THE EXPRESS............

Sunday December 30,2012

By Will Stewart


Princess Diana's death is still shrouded in mystery

RUSSIAN intelligence agents in France had become suspicious of the sudden arrival
of three senior MI6 officers in Paris before Princess Diana’s death, a new book
claims.Author Gennady Sokolov argues that she was killed in “a distinctly English
murder” contracted out by the British spies.In the book, to be published in ­Moscow
next year, hewill say the most likely scenario is that a microchip was planted in her
car enabling its steering and brakes to be disabled on a signal from an operative
who joined the chasing paparazzi.He claims: “There will never be documents about
it. Never. Those responsible must all have been liquidated. The traces have also
gone. Some of the witnesses disappeared in the strangest manner.”


Sokolov, who has many contacts in the Russian secret services, said the MI6
officers had arrived and stayed incognito. “Normally when players of such rank are
in the country the host intelligence services are aware about it. Here DST (French
counter intelligence) had no idea.

“Our people were following them. After all, they were leading faces of British
intelligence. Whatever people say about our guys from Yasenevo (headquarters of
Russian foreign intelligence, the SVR) they know their rivals very well.”
Sokolov claimed he had met Russian operatives who were involved in seeking to
establish the role of the senior British agents in France.The presence of MI6 figures
was known to the Scotland Yard inquiry into Diana’s death headed by former
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens.

An inquest returned a verdict of unlawful killing, blaming the drunken driving of Ritz
hotel security boss Henri Paul and pursuing paparazzi photographers for the fatal
crash in the Alma tunnel in August, 1997.

The security services have always denied any involvement in the Princess’s death.
Sokolov’s claims echo some of the views of Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi,
Diana’s lover, also died in the crash. The author’s dossier on the Princess’s death
was passed to the former Harrods owner before the inquest, though he never had
any contact with the tycoon, he said.In an article in the Komsoloskaya Pravda
newspaper, Sokolov said he had identified “at least three dozen absurdities” which
point to foul play and a sophisticated cover-up.

“Diana became a real threat to the Windsors,” he said. “There was a strong rumour
she was pregnant and I think that it was not a coincidence that her body was
mummified an hour before it was sent to London. After that it would be impossible
to identify if she was pregnant.”

There will never be documents about it. Never

Author Gennady Sokolov



This is a very indepth look into the Royal connections with the occult, and
the background leading upto Diana's ritualistic Murder !!

Finished off in the Ambulance, an 11min journey took almost 2hrs
to get to the hospital !!

PT 13onwards goes into detailed analyst of the crash itselfe....In detail...

The 'Boston Brakes' assasination techniche to remotely
control a car with a micro chip causing it to crash. An
official UK form of assasination according to Sir Peter Horsely,
& Sir Rannalph Fiennes former SAS officer who both wrote about
this in their Books..

The researchers speculate this is how they took out
the Mercedes in the tunnel to hit the 13th piller, probably
controlled by the occupants of the white Fiat Uno clipped
by Andre Paul as he entered the Tunnel and lost control
of the steering due to these opperatives in the Fiat Uno
that sped away !!.....

Also confirms what the Russian author says above in Express
article and that Richard Spearman & Nicholas Langham two
senior MI6 operatives were in the British embassy on the night.

& much more....

Vid taken down...