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28th January 2014, 11:02
By: Dustin Naef - MessageToEagle.com - You’re sitting in a cafe when an older woman approaches you with a piece of paper in her hands. There’s tiny writing on it.

She explains that she left her glasses at home and asks if you could read her the address written on it. You take the paper in your hand, and have to hold it close to your face to discern the words and read it back aloud.

Later you wake up in an alley. Your wallet and everything valuable you had on you is gone. You further discover that you made a substantial cash ATM withdrawal of your bank account. You have no memory of any of this…or the woman.

You’re at a night club and the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen approaches and starts to flirt with you. When you’re not looking, she slips something into your drink. The next morning you wake up in a park beaten up and robbed. Your bank account has been drained.

When you get back to your apartment, you discover that everything valuable which wasn’t nailed down is gone: your stereo, your big screen television, jewelry. All missing.

You ask your neighbors if they saw anything suspicious last night, and they tell you no, only that they saw yourself and three other people carrying stuff out of your apartment and putting it into the back of a van. They tell you that you looked completely rational and normal, and thought you were moving with the help of some friends.

You have no memory of what you did last night, or who you were with.

When you think of the world’s scariest drug you probably imagine meth addicts and crazies on bath salts having psychotic episodes. But in Columbia there’s a drug called “scopolamine,” also known as ‘The Devil’s Breath,’ which is manufactured from a type of common tree that grows wild called the Borrachero tree.
People are saying it’s a drug that criminals use to erase your memory and take away your free will.

It sounds like one of Philip K Dick’s paranoid science fiction stories, but it’s real.

Under its’ effects, you become somebody’s docile slave and will carry out virtually anything they ask of you: sex, theft, murder, even suicide.

The criminal applications for something like this is almost unimaginable. But the ‘Devil’s Breath’ isn’t some new designer drug synthesized with chemicals, it’s actually been in use for ages.

When a Chieftain died scopolamine was given to all his wives and mistresses. They were told to go lay down in their master’s grave, and were compliantly buried alive alongside him.

Mothers still warn their children not to fall asleep under a Borrachero tree, because a faint whiff of the pollen alone is enough to give you strange dreams.

The drug scopolamine is extracted from the Borrachero tree’s seeds, and rendered into an odorless and tasteless white powder. It can be dissolved in liquids, sprinkled on food, or inhaled. It’s the ultimate drug of choice for a criminal predator.

"I had only a vague understanding of [scopolamine], but the idea of a substance that renders a person incapable of exercising free-will seemed liked a recipe for hilarity and the YouTube hall of fame," Duffy said.

Besides thinking up ways of how he could pull pranks on his friends using the drug “the original plan was for me to sample the drug myself to really get an idea of the effect it had on folks," he explained, but–

"By the time I arrived a few days later, things had changed dramatically. All elements of humor and novelty were rapidly stripped away during my first few days in town."

"After meeting only a couple people with firsthand experience, the story took a far darker turn than we ever could have imagined, and the Scopolamine pranks I had originally imagined pulling on my friends seemed beyond naive and absurd," Duffy said.

By the time Duffy and his team were wrapping up their news documentary, they couldn’t wait to get as far away from Colombia and this drug as possible.

What makes the drug so frightening is how easy it is to use on somebody.

In Columbia criminals blow scopolamine in the face of an unsuspecting victim, and within minutes they are under its effect.

Demencia Black, a Columbian street dealer featured in VICE-correspondent Ryan Duffy’s investigation, states that the drug turns people into complete zombies, and even after it wears off victims have no recollection as to what happened.

Read more and see video at http://www.messagetoeagle.com/devilsbreath.php

28th January 2014, 16:51
I've read about this before and if that ain't a wicked drug I don't know what one is.....

28th January 2014, 18:36
Thanks for posting this information , I was curious to watch it and there are 3 to 4 things coming on my mind in connection to this ,
one of which may sound rather anecdotal .

We had the dry plant in our living room for many years .. mum used to collect decorative and interesting dry plants n flowers and I brought it in from friend of our friend who was photographer and travelled frequently and had a large collection of interesting dry branches and fruits as well .
It's a curious little story because we stayed for visit at them for few days and I asked for dry plant on our departure, not knowing what it is .. it looked like beautiful beetles with long horns climbing a branch .
He had many others as well but this certainly looked the most interesting ;)

I think he called it the 'devils horns' and told us the seeds are poisonous and may contain scopolamine, little I cared about the CIA and scopolamine in those days ,
it's almost 20 years ago.

I considered the plant 'protector' and touched it with respect , though it was dry , the fact that the fruits looked like beetles demanded respect . As if they were 'alive' .
It stayed in for many years, till some of them opened and I recall it had triangular shaped, black seeds ..similar to what they show in the documentary but smaller and black,
and mum disposed of it at some point when I was away for many years . Of course, no one was to drugs in this household so none also tempted to try .

There are many species of Datura plant , used on all continents as 'magical ' or medicinal plant so this has to be but one of them .

There's similar , very potent variety of datura found in India , in the holy city of Varanasi its fruit is offered to Shiva as one of the most sacred offerings .
I've heard that some sadhus use it as drug and it's been misused as 'sleeping drug' to maim and rob innocent tourists as well .


Sodium penthatonate , the infamous interrogation and execution drug was allegedly developed on chemical base of scopolamine contained in some of the plants.

It's doubtful to me that they'd be chemically all the same or have the same effect .


In one of the interviews I've done on radio, that was last autumn with Alex Reynolds .. Alex kept asking me ( several times ) before we started and then on the show whether I'm certain that I was not 'drugged' at the time of the ET encounter .. referring to Bodhgaya 2002 .
I've tried to explain to him that I spent 6 years in very pure environment , mostly in meditation or in company of monks of the Namgyal monastery ..
and as a matter of fact .. I did not take even aspirin for headache during the long Kalachakra meditation retreat . Or in another words, aspirin was the maximum of what I ever took.
Alex however, seemed to have that doubt as in 'what if..' someone would feed me a drug without my knowledge and consent ..

and here we're at the 'mind-hack' techniques that do not require drugs at all. Mind-hacks mostly, require suspicions and convictions .

There's no drug in the world that would turn you on , even for 24 hours , turn you omniscient , or make you know and see things beyond this world , on supra-human level of existence with utmost clarity so that you'd never forget them .
If there existed any such a drug , it's not only me but every country and half of people who would want to have it .

The very gross misunderstanding that seems to envelop the subject of 'psychedelic drugs' is that they are meant to make you smarter .
While the opposite is more true .. you take them to make you forget . And while you're able to forget some or most of your painful and hurtful memories, egos and awareness, you may happen to experience your more beautiful, gifted and loving personality ..
that again will disappear when you stop forgetting .

It may work the other way around as well, yes , it may but the odds are that you require both halves of your personality aware , and awake and functioning together to be healthy and a whole and there's no drug that will do that for you .

The whole thing upsets me to a deal because I 've met few good people who took LSD regularly and made some beautiful paintings and got 'spiritually elevated' and think 'that's it' and have very vague idea and memories of it , week later .
And the whole movement around Terrence McKenna and other New Age shamans or even old age shamans ,

getting people on path that I feel is misguiding .. because it actually robs you of the best .

That's what Alex could not get right ( and probably many other UFO researchers and abduction specialists ) can not get right - that when you experience genuine contact with ET intelligence, you're walking not one .. but maybe 10 steps ahead of yourself and receiving so much compared to what you left behind
that there's no 'checks and balances' reasoning taking place or making a good sense .

Either you DO or not DO.

People who have dreams and hallucinations and spiritual visions and then keep visiting regression therapists and dreaming about it on websites ,
as if it's real pain in the butt and how much they lost and what all are they missing ..

are part of it too , for sure . But it may be also all about it .

It's a pity this all because too many , seemingly normally functioning people , are actually mind-hacked . And no, you don't need drug to do that for you,
just insert suspicion , little death trap or threat now n then or take something the other loves and you have them for life or at least , until someone else comes in to lift the trap .

And you meet these people everyday , around you, locked in their traps , living in their fears and no matter how big or smart they are ..

There are more things to say .. maybe all equally dangerous :angel:

28th January 2014, 23:04
This drug is central to the plot of "The Guns of Navarone".
Nazis use it on a captured commando, but he has been left behind (wounded) and instructed "not to tell the Germans that the attack will come from the Turkish side" of the island.

i.e. the other commandos realize the Nazis will just use "The Devil's Breath" on this poor fellow with a gangrenous leg,
so they feed him BS to repeat back. smart cookies.

The drug might possibly be featured in "The Walking Dead", an obscure but wonderful novel about island culture under the influence of marauding whites,
and the voodoo that develops out of the wreckage... has the letter Q on the front and a dead rat.

29th January 2014, 13:28
And the whole movement around Terrence McKenna and other New Age shamans or even old age shamans ,

getting people on path that I feel is misguiding .. because it actually robs you of the best .

Thomas Sheridan mentions this (specifically mentioning McKenna, as well as Graham Hancock--who's been pushing the DMT/aeyuasca) here in dianna's post:


I tend to think of psychedelics as tools, that need to be respected both for their power and for their limitations.

Would you mind posting a link to the interview you mentioned?

29th January 2014, 16:49


Donk, I've named Terrence McKenna as general authority of certain 'trend' . He's well known among the psychology and even medical community for his work ( some anyway ) , books he's written .. I think I've listed through one or two of them personally , not more than that .
I think of it in terms of both - good - and - bad. A trend that may be helpful to society in general , in opening their eyes to broader perspective,
chemical-biological -psycho-social-spiritual perspective and what else you miss .. and they miss ,
trend that is inevitably harmful and insentient to many individuals .. and how can it be helpful to society when individuals are being harmed .

I've seen some 'export shamans' coming over from all kinds of ethnical backgrounds ( east and west ) , rarely their original motivation was introduction of drug related experience even though yes , there are some ..
Ayahuasca seminars , peyotte sessions , the substances are usually hard to get, locals complain that nature is being exploited and the philosophy and 'shamanic guidance' or healing that comes along
had to be adjusted to 'modern values' .

I know good few of 'old shamans' who are now slowly dying .. on all continents and they're people of deep and quiet wisdom, not men of many words.
If you listen to someone like Terrence McKenna you feel he's still in process of catharsis , on philosophical trip ..
talking a lot . I know you people find it fascinating . That's alright I guess .

I don't like the post-modern psychedelic art for this very psychotic quality of it, lost cannon , lost structure .

It's not that all of it is wrong , not at all . I see a healthy catharsis and process ..

but I'm not sure it's an 'art' .

It's like Psy Ganganam style, it's got millions of hits on youtube, it's been played on all buses I've sat, I see nothing in it personally.