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3rd February 2014, 17:46
What if some alien groups receive powers from our low frequency charged emotions, and what if they also use our consciousness believe power for creating the reality they want for themselves?

What if they convince enough people about some horrible events and the collective believe is giving them power and its creating that reality?

What if each one of use remove all believes and remove all fears, and imagine a wonderful reality and really believe in it?

Is our collective consciousness the engine that this alien groups use for their machine that is creating the reality they want?

If so, then are the dark conspiracy theory's really helping ourselves to change the reality? or they give powers to the alien groups?

If information is power, is then not having the full information taking powers?

I mean, having just pieces of information ,may confuse a lot because our imagination is trying to fill up all the missing parts of the puzzle, and there can be big mess!

Maybe we should go deep into ourselves and really empty our minds and remove all believes ! And stop giving powers to low frequency's ! Instead maybe we must try to fill up with high frequencies and visualize the world that we want to live in! Become the persons that we see ourselves in that perfect world! And feel it in our hearts! And if we really have that power of believe as many researchers says then this will change the world! And if we don't have that powers, at least we will live in better inner state, which is away from low frequencies and it will be full of peace and happiness!

Some may say that this believes are the once that ,,they'' want us to have , because it will make us ignore whats going on and we will never take real actions just by imagining wonderful world! But what if the real actions happen in our minds?

What do you guys think about all that ? :p

I finish with some few thoughts from Terence McKenna :

4th February 2014, 16:24
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4th February 2014, 16:29
I know where you're coming from. What if we tuned into thoughts of peace, unity and love, so raising our hormone oxytocin levels, and our frequency of vibration...and reducing our fears and anxieties, so reducing adrenaline and lower vibrational patterns.

4th February 2014, 16:54
I notice you present this in a questioning format.
Have you made a commitment to this unraveling? How does it feel to commit?

you asked:

Maybe we should go deep into ourselves and really empty our minds and remove all believes ! And stop giving powers to low frequency's ! Instead maybe we must try to fill up with high frequencies and visualize the world that we want to live in! Become the persons that we see ourselves in that perfect world! And feel it in our hearts! And if we really have that power of believe as many researchers says then this will change the world! And if we don't have that powers, at least we will live in better inner state, which is away from low frequencies and it will be full of peace and happiness!

If the point is about "my" beliefs, then that means some sort of "sovereign" independence that is not necessarily including others. I am fairly positive "my beliefs" cannot be "yours" because of experience. What does that mean?

The reason I ask is that the subject is for me just about the most painful drop off. I am terrified by the expanse that it looks to be of nothing familiar and no one around. Making a commitment seems the direction necessary.

One is told it is a dead end...solipsism and all. I know that my beliefs do create. I feel a constriction of what we talk about when we "believe" that we have to come together before the world will show what we "wish to see' in the world.

if we must gather a consensus and everyone seems so different, that is an obstacle of belief in "how change" is based. One is emmeshed in the "other" appearances.

My question is also Does each of us contain a whole Universe for which I AM responsible? OR NOT?

If I may still claim only responsibility for participation in a herd/hive/flock, "I" am just one member...so what can "I'" alone contribute so that a "world" looks different?

How can I get the others together? When so MANY won't cooperate, how can we do anything?

Exploring what it is to "being in this group" and all the mental stuff, subjects in PA over and over twisting and turning into sameness.

A person in this group could feel really angry, bummed, tired, frustrated. Maybe he/she might become a teacher and maybe become a terrorist. All because the people over there are just so slow, stupid, not up to a standard. Maybe there is a "good feeling" in it as:

"I" can say to my "self", THOUGH It's That sister/brother holding "me/us" back",
even IF .. he/she is holding "us" back "I" will help him/her.
Then "I" can hang in the herd/hive/flock and keep thinking ...Well, well, well, "If "I" didn't need to help the herd/flock/hive reach "proper" speed, "I"/ "We'd" BE just be soooo (fill in the blank) Maybe even "I" am not complaining about it...maybe "I" am feeling satisfied that this is just the way things must be.

It is terribly awfully horrifying to contemplate that it is I who am the only hold back. The attempt to make sense of what this implies rips one from the group. others do not comprehend the madness of insisting that I AM responsible. It may be delusional. It is not fun. How it takes a commitment then is the difference between being in a group thinking about the idea and going FOR the responsibility.

I think we can put out toes in the water about it. But that is about it until you start swimming. Swimming is the only way to know. People who have swum off do not seem to come back.

4th February 2014, 20:57
That first step... I know that only my beliefs are the filter between everything and how I see it.
To commit to the implications that the "world" is something believed, not apart from I am (not just a small me of ego), knowing that it is from me the projection coming is just a first step. I am probably quite mistaken that the swimmers never returned. it is just I cannot see them from my beliefs (hehe)

Before one can make that swim, one has to have a power source that people call spiritual. One has to be in touch with one's larger aspect of connection with "something" about love or god or an ineffable "Sovereign" in us that includes us within itself. It's like a whiff of an implication of what it feels like to be the ONE with nothing needed. Sages say it is just always there beyond the "mind". The sovereignty may be beyond any mental conception. It's like the grace and the courage from outside of "personae" and ego.

What would be the point of accepting sovereignty?

When you are spiritually sovereign, you recollect that You Are God, also, and not the collection of false personaes fabricated. You know that God is innermost Self, as close to you as your own heart; and because of this, you do have a conviction this is so (even when faced with beliefs otherwise). You acknowledge that you present as life of an individual Soul - with voice and creative expression as a unique focus of consciousness within the Mind Of God. There is just you being that as Sovereign as far as an earth experience. This certainly doesn't mean others are not sovereign.

But one has sovereign expression...and responsibility because there you are!
When you are spiritually sovereign, you are free of the illusions of being something that you are not.
And then maybe one can express without reference to mind (thoughts, beliefs).
I have no knowledge of the outcome but I wonder about the trajectory.


August 18, 1991

In other words, there is no external world. There is no thing but mind. And because there is mind, there is a universe. Therefore I am the creator of the universe. Everything exists, because the mind exists. And they believed they were the mind. They came a long way, for they now realized that everything was an emanation of the mind. When they had this revelation, they didn't stop there. They pondered “What is mind? Where did mind come from? If my mind is the cause of creation," they pondered “where did the mind come from?"

Again they pondered this for days, weeks, months, years, until again something happened. This time they realized that mind is the cause of the relative world, and the relative world is false. So the mind that I think is important must also be false. In other words, there is no mind. If there's no mind then who am I? It took a long time to discover that they were mind, and everything came from the mind. Now they were realizing that they are not mind. They inquired “Then who am I? Who am I?" and they abided in themselves. They became the selves.

They lost track of the body, the universe, the mind. They were not in a state of samadhi, because they were awake. During their awakened state, they became nothing. There was no mind. There was no universe. There was no God. There was no body. There were no others. There was just absolute nothingness. And they realized this is the Self. Not myself, but the Self. And they were absorbed in the silence.

From that moment on the world still appeared to them, but they were able to see right through it. All pain disappeared, worry, fear, desire. It all disappeared. It was transmuted. Now these ancient Rishis were unable to share this with devotees or disciples because it's a personal experience. Since it's beyond words, it's beyond mind and beyond thoughts, how can one actually share this? Therefore these ancient Rishis became silence. They never spoke. Yet there was such power emanating from them, that if the right devotees came to them and just sat with them, doing nothing, saying nothing, wanting nothing, desiring nothing, they too achieved the same results. It was amazing. This technique was passed down through the ages. It was commonly called Advaita Vedanta or jnana, and it is still the supreme truth.

Now let's talk about you. As long as you want to become enlightened you are making a grave mistake, for there is no one to become enlightened.http://itisnotreal.blogspot.com/2013/11/today-we-begin-discussion-on-david.html

5th February 2014, 10:21
Delight , thanks for your replays, my English is not so good and before I go deeper into analyzing all that your wrote, I will just add a quick replay :

I don’t know who created who.
I believe people with enough inner power and inner knowledge have the powers to control their actions because they have a free will and they know how to use it. And I know that everyone have different believes based on their experience and everyone dose what he think its right for him or for others. Maybe the rapist think he is doing the right thing . But I believe that there are low frequency vibrations, and high frequency vibrations, and our actions are throwing us in different vibrational states, no matter of our believes! And with time we learn what is harming our spirits and what is healing them.
I think we are all in one network, connected like different cells of one organism, and when one cell is suffering, the whole organism feels it. For me is important to take responsibility what energies I as cell am sending through that network, because its affecting not only me but the whole system that I am living in! And I think that our collective reality is affected by every thought, action, and intention from each one of us!
I see every action that we do in our daily life, as a ritual. That's why I think we must carefully chose what rituals to be part of! That means to be conscious of what are you doing in any moment and why, and what do you seek by doing it.
I don't want to force my believes to anyone. If I see someone in suffer, all I can do is to give him advises based on my experience and believes , and if he trust me and if he gives me permission I can get involved deeply and to help him more as much as I can, using my ways.
I am trying to give the best of me for the organism that I am part of. Am I sure that what I give is really the best for the organism? I don't know! I can only trust my feelings and act the way I feel is best for the whole.