View Full Version : Ignorance and silence isn't good enough anymore

Maia Gabrial
7th February 2014, 18:18
Whenever I discover another one of the many ways we're being deceived, I just want to scream!

I hope this hasn't been posted because what this guy shares is interesting. And it's important to each one of us, if we're to free ourselves from our enslavement; which began the moment we're born. If some of this stuff sounds familiar, it's because Jordan Maxwell researched much of it years ago.... I like the way THIS guy presents it. This is a video that should go VIRAL....

Being quiet, apathetic, or ignorant of these things won't cut it anymore, unless we like being taken advantage of as we have been.... At least, we can spread the word, make people aware of these things.... Someone out there is bound to stir up the masses...!