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7th February 2014, 21:28
I don't usually like linking Youtube videos, but in case some of you missed the History Channel "Ancient Aliens" TV show that covered the Malta Oracle Room, this clip is only 2:50. :) Enjoy!

P.s. beyond the echoes/ability to carry sound long distances and lift objects, the Oracle Room also caused changes in human brainwaves, i.e the frequency causes a hemispheric switch from left to right, iirc, accounting for much of what modern humans called "supernatural experiences".



Archaeoacoustics is the use of acoustical study as a methodological approach within archaeology. This may for example involve the study of the acoustics of archaeological sites, or the study of the acoustics of archaeological artefacts.

Since many cultures explored through archaeology were focused on the oral and therefore the aural, it is becoming increasingly recognised that studying the sonic nature of parts of archaeology can enhance our understanding. This is an interdisciplinary field which includes areas such as archaeology, ethnomusicology, acoustics and digital modelling, and that is a part of the wider field of music archaeology. There is particular interest in prehistoric music.

A book, Archaeoacoustics,[1] was the first[citation needed] book to study this field in depth. It focuses on the role of sound in human behaviour, from earliest times up to the development of mechanical detection and recording devices in the 19th century. Recent calls for an "archaeology of the senses" have served as a timely, even overdue reminder that the past which we experience - and which others have experienced before us - is multisensory, drawing not only upon the primary field of vision, but also on touch, smell and hearing.

Megalithic tombs, Palaeolithic painted caves, Romanesque churches and prehistoric rock shelters all present specific sound qualities which offer clues as to how they may have been designed and used.[citation needed] Voices resonate, external noises are subdued or eliminated, and a special aural dimension is accessed which complements the evidence of our other senses.

This book, arising from a conference held at the McDonald Institute in 2003, brings together archaeologists and specialists in early musical instruments and acoustics in an attempt to unlock some of the meaning latent in the acoustics of such early structures and spaces. It has been described as "essential reading for all who are concerned to seek a broader understanding of human sensory experience from prehistory up to historical times."[2]

7th February 2014, 23:16
Some say this is the gate of Hades? Some very spooky stories came out from here, for example the school children that went missing and their cries being heard in different places around the island, its a very old part of the world, not including recent history since crusader times, very old indeed. There are temples dotted all over the main island as well as its companion island, Gozo. There are also many temples in the sea, I beleave it is all that is left of a bigger island or perhaps Sicilian peninsula of some sort. The cart ruts that just go right over cliffs being a good example of my point. A very old part of the world... N

8th February 2014, 17:06
Malta has held onto a religious / spiritual core, since it's early temple builders times. Today if you threw a stone into any corner of the island, it would bounce against at least two churches. The "roman" church's influence is everywhere, from the times of the crusaders on their way to the Holy Land and Holy Wars. The temple complex mentioned by tesla_WTC_Solution goes down much further than the documentary states. The locals beleave, this is the fabled gate to the underworld, protected and guarded by huge hairy men, akin to Bigfoot.. Irrespective of anyone else's opinion, the catholic church and various internal and sovereign orders and groups have invested heavily in their presence on this island, up to and including today.... N

8th February 2014, 17:16
Archaeoacoustics Account for Miracle Technology - I will personally confirm that such exists.

Thankyou Tesla for bringing up the topic and one location in particular.