View Full Version : 'Before they pass away' Jimmy Nelson - Life lessons shared in a beautiful and touching way

9th February 2014, 13:23
I've become wary of TED talks recently, but this one, I'm sure, you'll like.

Jimmy Nelson is a photographer who went out to photograph the world's remotest tribes. In a humorous but very touching way he describes the life lessons he learned from these people.

Isserley created a thread about Jimmy's photography a little while ago.
Here you can see some of his stunning pictures.

To be able to understand what made them possible, adds even more beauty to them, doesn't it?


9th February 2014, 15:32
Hi Spirithorse,
this is really fantastic - what an amazing man.
Thank you for sharing with us.

9th February 2014, 18:23
I agree with him on getting to know them, but isn't that dangerous? I mean, we're a walking talking batch of diseased and vaccinate exposed beings, among people that haven't been exposed and if we kill them off in curiosity, who will tell the story?

This must be carefully considered, as he uses the public transportations system, which in itself, is exposed to every Tom, Dick and heebie-jeevie on the developed areas of the world.

What say you?

10th February 2014, 21:22
great! thank you for sharing!