View Full Version : Nine pages or more and no one is saying or doing anything

Daft Ada
4th April 2010, 10:48
Nine pages in the sticky above about the speed and failings of this forum and no one is responding to peoples questions?
I have posted here because I feel that posting in that sticky is like shouting at the wind :confused:

The speed of this forum and the errors when posting, if indeed you can manage to post is really spoiling it for me, and I rialised that I am only reading a couple of posts and closing without posting because it's like the days of dial up.

Sheeeesh!! even the Mists forum hasn't got this problem, C'mon Bill mate you are a professional webmaster, you should have it sorted by now please.

4th April 2010, 10:56
IF you could get into Mists forum at moment you might have a point! :confused:

PA2's been ok(ish) last couple of days access-wise, not so successful with PA1 tho'.

Daft Ada
4th April 2010, 11:12
Oh!! I hadn't tried it this morning :rolleyes: Mind you it's not the norm like it is here at the moment though is it :confused:

5th April 2010, 01:48

Servers all around the world have been experiencing problems, not just this forum or PA1, Yes there are some minor issues here to iron out which was to be expected and these are being addressed but there is more at play beyond our control also. I ask that you be patient.



Daft Ada
5th April 2010, 10:17
Ok Ross thanks mate :pop2:

5th April 2010, 10:26
Ross I hear you mate. I think the problems being experienced here are nothing out of the norm. I think you guys are doing a grate job with it. I know that one or two otgher forums are experiencing major problems as well.

Be safe

Irish Spirit