View Full Version : Watch Asteroid Fly By live in 6 minutes. 9:00 pm EST

18th February 2014, 01:55

18th February 2014, 01:59
I'm watching now! So cool!


Ohoh...they lost it again. :O

18th February 2014, 03:29
Dang, I missed it. Saw two satellites and a very bright iridium flare, though.

18th February 2014, 14:30
Around 9:00 PM last night EST, all of the sudden a loud electrostatic noise came in that seemed to fill my entire apt and my head too. I recorded it because it was so loud and it showed up on it on playback. While that was going on, I was feeling a sense of alarm and even a little fear that I was trying to suppress.

Then I came here to ask if anyone was hearing it too on a psychic level like I was but I was also hearing it with my ears too but once again, at least in my case, sometimes noises like that can be heard on playback if I record it. Which is what happened. But then I saw this thread about this asteroid passing by, which is something I didn't know about or that it was going to pass by last night and I had an AH HA moment because the noise started abruptly at about 9:05 PM (looked at the clock at that time just to make note of it). For me, there have been times when a big earthquake would be occurring in some part of the world when the same kind of kind of noise will come in for me but in this case it turned out to be that asteroid.

Weill, I didn't bother posting anything about what I was hearing last night but now I am because after Googling up information about this asteroid, I'm to find out that not only was it a huge one, but it was predicted to come dangerously close to our planet. And, in fact, it's gases dissipated into our atmosphere as it flew by so that tells us just how close it actually was!

Noises like what I heard last night are from those intelligences that I'm in communication with and because they signaled me like that, it indicates to me that our planet was actually threatened by the passing of this asteroid. I also received that information later last night when I was asking them to give me some information on it.

But my question is, is there anyone else here who experienced something when it passed us by last night? Even if you were tuning in at that time because you knew it was passing by or you were even watching do that, did you feel any sense of alarm or danger or even fear?

19th February 2014, 01:27
Here are a couple of screenshots of waveforms from my audio editor. The first one is showing the clip I recorded when that sound came in just as that asteroid passed by our planet last night. It lasted for at least an hour. Refer to my previous post here for information on that.

The second one is showing the noise level as it is right now that I recorded a few minutes ago. It's showing the usual noise level here at any given time.

http://i932.photobucket.com/albums/ad164/A99_x/audiawave1.jpg (http://s932.photobucket.com/user/A99_x/media/audiawave1.jpg.html)

Noise level under normal conditions

http://i932.photobucket.com/albums/ad164/A99_x/audiowave2.jpg (http://s932.photobucket.com/user/A99_x/media/audiowave2.jpg.html)