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19th February 2014, 17:21
I used to have a boss who said there are two kinds of people: leeches and mooches. Mooches have the stones to ask for what they want, while leeches simply attach themselves and suck. My own view of humanity is quite a bit more charitable than my old boss, but I've always been able to see his point. The über-wealthy are and have always been leeches. Like all parasites, they do not see the impending death of the host as a cause for alarm. That in itself is prima facie evidence that they're no smarter than the rest of us.

The rich are waking up to the fact that 99% of the human race despises them, and that worries them. No doubt they have visions of mobs at the gates of the Bastille, and that should be cause for concern. Lately, they've been speaking out in their own defense, and it's comic in a way.

America's rich are becoming a little unhinged. (http://www.alternet.org/economy/5-signs-americas-super-rich-are-going-deep-end?paging=off&current_page=1#bookmark) More than they already are, at least.

Jamie Traeger-Muney, a “wealth psychologist,” became the first shrink employed by a bank to work directly with customers when Wells Fargo hired her to offer touchy-feely counsel to people worth over $50 million in 2006. Now business is booming and she works with several other big banks and financial institutions. She notes that the rich are upset by all the bad press they’re getting and that they need to explore their feelings.

Wealthy American citizens have gone into survivalist mode, constructing luxury bunkers and panic rooms in their fancy apartments. The 1 percent doomsday preppers are requesting everything from secret passageways to pepper-spray sprinklers, in preparation for every conceivable disaster and attacker.

Harvard’s Greg Mankiw is America’s most shameless defender of the 1 percent (just in case you didn’t know that about him, he wrote a paper titled, “Defending the One Percent”). You can rely upon the chairman and professor of economics at Harvard and former Mitt Romney advisor to pontificate about why the megarich are smarter and more creative than you and not deserving of your ire. Mankiw just published an op-ed in the New York Times describing the risks our brave gazillionaire “superheroes” take to promote the public good.

I don't have a thing against wealth. What I dislike is a lack of responsibility. Rich or poor, we are all breathing the same poisoned air and drinking the same poisoned water. The rich may think ordinary folks are "icky," but I've felt encouraged and more fulfilled when I've had contact with the needy, which today is most of us. Anyway, enjoy the article. They get no sympathy from me.

19th February 2014, 17:25
When as a child, you find a leech on you, you freak out.

Then...you 'pull it together'...regain your senses.... and you get some salt, or a cigarette.

You burn it off by burning/killing it with the cigarette, or use the salt and the salt burns it off.

When removed..... you stomp on it.

Thus endeth the lesson.

19th February 2014, 19:11
It's the attitude of entitlement, the weaseling out of accountability and refusal to be held responsible for using power to find a way around laws that relentlessly punish the 99% that really annoys me.

My father always told me that if you think that money will give you security and happiness, you will never have enough. He used a fridge as an example. Why do you need to spend a whole lot of money for a fridge with all sorts of fancy gadgets when all you need is a basic fridge to keep food cool? The more you rely on gadgets, the more money you will need to buy the newest and the best, and so you will always need more money, when all you need is something basic to preserve food for a little bit longer by keeping it cool.

The lesson my sister remembers from my father is that money does not grow on trees (I do not remember him ever saying that). She is married to a man who sits at home smoking dope, plays golf and meets friends for fancy lunches while strutting his ego showing off all the expensive stuff he has, the fancy property with the pool that no one ever uses and the servants. I struggle to pay the bills and live a very simple life, but still have a humble roof over my head and food to eat. Happiness, meaning and security? It comes from inside.

I always wonder what will happen to the money people when they die and pass on to the world of spirit, where there is no money, and where telepathy makes dishonesty and wheeling and dealing irrelevant. I am not a fan of punishment, as karma or any other form, as I believe that it keeps us locked into a cycle like a hamster on a wheel. If someone who has exploited and caused suffering to others has to balance the books by enduring exploitation and suffering, then exploitation and suffering will be eternal.

Let's wish for awareness and enlightenment of the kind that I remember my father teaching for these super rich who accumulate obscene amounts of money in search of security, happiness and meaning in life!

19th February 2014, 19:36
When as a child, you find a leech on you, you freak out.

Then...you 'pull it together'...regain your senses.... and you get some salt, or a cigarette.

You burn it off by burning/killing it with the cigarette, or use the salt and the salt burns it off.

When removed..... you stomp on it.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Lol. exact description. We have been in the same lakes. Figuratively and literally. ;)

19th February 2014, 19:40
"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

It is a biblical quote, which I don't care for due to implications that lie in the minds of some, for using it...but ...it is accurate enough.

At least it is a Jesus quote.

Recall that Jesus physically threw the moneylenders from the temple. He was not all smiles and tweets, gentle nods, and new age back rubs....he was also committed to physical real things, actions that meant something, physical acts that counted.

Understand that the drive of the US dollar into the ground, as a fiat currency, hypothecated gold, derivatives, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, the US fed system....all of it.....that is for the black ops groups who are trying to reach technological parity with the ET types, at they same time they wipe you out, all the while keeping you ignorant of it all, to the point of killing those who try to expose it. Wars, death, destruction, Monsanto, GMO foods, toxins for decreasing intelligence, big pharma, genetic tuning and destruction, secret societies, prison systems..etc....

To rise... and do this ......on your burning down....on your ashes.

And if they mean anything different, they have yet to prove so.

Their every action and every historical result that the public has experienced points to a dark agenda. Walks like a duck..talks like duck...looks like a duck...

Don't be ungrateful for all of this.

They deserve to drive, they deserve to be in control, they deserve more votes, dammit! You silly prole! Attend to your end of the deal.

You will be born, genetically dumbed down, given some pap, some tit to suckle on, and a view, a drugging into a colored and flavored dream, that looks like it is going somewhere...but never does....We gift you with a treadmill - It keeps the backdrop moving. And like the cow you are, when your usefulness ends, you will be fodder for the fields.

And when your genetics tried to rise, when you tried to give yourself the gift of intelligence, and gift it to your children, it had to be removed, so that this class of parasites could still exist.

Sorry 'bout that.

19th February 2014, 20:33

Because if I cut and paste the entire thing over again here someone's gonna get batsh*t crazy on my arse. ;)

"Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns – or dollars. Take your choice – there is no other – and your time is running out.".

-Francisco D'Aconia, Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

20th February 2014, 00:16
Carmody, I feel you have brought up an important issue (intentionally or unwittingly) as people do tend to tune out with the mere mention of the Bible. I believe it is very sad that negative aspects associated with organized religion has caused a dismissing attitude towards our ancestors messages whether it is ancient tablets, cave drawings or the Bible. There has been plenty of warnings and knowledge dismissed as a result and we could have prevented the situations we now face. I am not 'religious' although I can openly admit that I was raised Catholic which was the 'done thing' as most Australians were of a Christian denomination in the past and so they raised their children the same. I am grateful for this experience as there are good lessons taught (if not distorted by religion itself) and also gave me understanding for those who are blindly trapped in the grasp of their religion as it begins for most people from birth and it really is a form of brainwashing if the child and parents do not have a healthy understanding. This is usually not the case though. I am only now starting to understand why I was not susceptible to the 'brainwashing' and I have an appreciation for the text itself rather than any religious interpretation.
My point being that I do hope people are open minded about the bible just as we might be about ancient Egyptian writings or anything else from history, take the negative emotions out of it and just view it all with new eyes....maybe call it by another name, call it 'the old book' if it sits easier lol. I find the same happens if someone mentions 'God' or 'gods', it instantly closes many peoples's minds yet the word itself can mean other things and all down to perspective. It is just the understood word to mean 'creator' and a misinterpretation and personification that has led to people ignoring important knowledge. I have friends who profess to be Atheist yet are firm believers in Universal forces of creation and sadly do not seem to grasp the idea that 'God'/'gods' is just another or simpler word used to describe the same thing (not counting those who believe in a bearded man in the clouds although it is the same yet an immature understanding).
As for the 'parasite' and 'moochers', I can agree fully that we have allowed by complicated reasons there parasite types to rule our world and it makes me sad for many it is still deemed 'normal' as they have yet to awaken to the reality of the situation that is right in front of our eyes. There may be 'dark forces' at play but it is not hidden, it is all right there yet many are not willing or able to see it yet. When the majority are aware, these 'parasites' will no longer have a willing host which seems to be why there is such efforts to distort reality and manipulate information as they need the host to remain asleep so they may still feed and exist.
These parasites are getting desperate and I could argue that whether you believe in 'reptilian aliens' or not, it is the part of the brain known as the reptilian brain (located at the back of our brains) that is responsible for basic instincts like 'fight or flight' responses, thus these 'parasites' are genuinely acting under the influences of reptilians (I hope I have explained my point clearly). This seems to fit the illogical behavior and we do risk similar happening the population if we are pushed into a survival situation. Fortunately there seems to be more awareness spreading so this should minimize the risk and people will hold onto rational reactions rather than 'reptilian' instincts. I feel most are aware the solution is to rid ourselves of the situation that has led to 'parasites' thriving, and work towards renewing the health of the 'host'.

20th February 2014, 03:06
We gift you with a treadmill - It keeps the backdrop moving. And like the cow you are, when your usefulness ends, you will be fodder for the fields.

So by turning off the treadmill are we helping the moochers? ;)

It is like sitting in a crowded train with some loud obnoxious a-hole spouting loudly this and that and the rest of the commuters too placid to put this twit in his place. The first brave soul may get a punch (heaven forbid a weapon drawn) on the nose but would spur the rest to come to their defence? But these leeches may have some hidden weapons from subtle mind control to genocide, and like a virus would they knock us all off even though they too will also be affected or do they see another way out once the useless have been eradicated?

Stop the world I want to get off.

20th February 2014, 03:20
When as a child, you find a leech on you, you freak out.

Then...you 'pull it together'...regain your senses.... and you get some salt, or a cigarette.

You burn it off by burning/killing it with the cigarette, or use the salt and the salt burns it off.

When removed..... you stomp on it.

Thus endeth the lesson.

..so... you say we burn them? or give them cement shoes & throw them into the ocean? :eek:

lol.. i'm joking. sorry XD

20th February 2014, 03:55
I think we are still at the stage of people becoming aware that the 'parasites' exist, next step will be removing them. Burning and salting sound fun, but I can imagine it is more likely to take place like 'Tinkerbell' and other fairies, if we stop believing in their power over us they will stop being able to feed of the 'host' and stop existing. Alternatively- They need willing hosts, unaware they are 'hosts', as we all become aware of them they lose their grasp and unable to feed and will drop off although there will be some unfortunate few who will continue to allow them to feed in the false believe that the 'parasite' is beneficial to their own survival and may even try and protect the parasites (this seems to be the case for those in 'authority' and governments etc). They will have to become aware or they will perish along with the parasites as they will be unable to fend for themselves. I would call those types the real 'moochers'. Then there is lower class type of moocher who has falsely come to believe they need the top moochers and parasites, and feel dependent. These types will forced to awaken or may continue to semi mooch from new civilization...these are the 'followers' who either have yet to awaken or through no fault of their own have been so badly influenced by manipulation they actually believe they need the systems to survive. These could be the ones to riot and resort to other violence as they are trapped in the fear, or could be aimless and act defenseless and will need more nurturing and guidance than other groups. Maybe I should call them the 'fence sitters' as they genuinely may be confused about what is happening and why and may not know which path to follow and could be further led astray by the 'parasites' and 'moochers' if we are not prepared to nurture their transition. I guess if we look at it this way, the aim would be to reduce the number of 'fence sitters' that feel dependent on current systems, not by killing obviously lol, but by further efforts to connect with them and allow them to realize their true potential and ability to live without the assistance of the mooch&parasite, allow them to see they are playing 'host' to parasites survival and NOT the parasite needed for their survival. I think I am being obvious, but I will spell it out, I mean those who perhaps feel they need welfare, banks,money,military,police, govs or some other mechanism within the system to survive without realizing it is those mechanisms that are in fact harming them not helping them.
The most obvious is when those people defend laws, regulations, actions of the 'parasites' and 'moochers' as fear has them believing they are designed to keep them safe when in fact they threaten their safety and freedom.