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Earth Angel
24th February 2014, 16:11
From Montague Keen, a short video ( 7 minutes) filmed Feb 2,2014 Sunrise at Glastonbury Tor........

Our plan is for as many of you as possible to link with this film. Use your minds, your energy, and your intentions to release this energy. As yet, you are not fully aware of just how powerful your minds are. Do this, and together, you will enable this energy to flow once more for the benefit of humanity. By doing so, you will rescue humanity and your planet. If you can manage to gather in groups, it would be even more powerful. This exercise can be undertaken by every person on Earth, from your own homes. It is an opportunity to assert your power and to stop being VICTIMS.

Link to full message here

I had some difficulty getting the youtube linked, so I love that it finally was worked out and posted at 11:11

24th February 2014, 20:01
I found the full map of these Ley lines of Glastonbury just now, and when opening the page of the Map I had an overwhelming sense of knowing of this and seeing the map before...


24th February 2014, 20:07
I love this place. He's captured some of the flooding we have at the moment and the wild windy weather too!

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I love the Ley lines map! Some people think the Earth's heart chakra is in Glastonbury(...and somewhere else in the UK, like Shaftsbury ?)

The village I live in is on that map too lol