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26th February 2014, 16:51
My only real answer is "I don't know." So, as I write this alternative concept, please understand that I am not saying I don't believe in reincarnation. It's just that I see people making the absolute statement as fact that reincarnation exists, because they have an experience of remembering a past life, when another explanation IS possible.

When a hypothesis is made, all the variables need to be considered. Sometimes people can't see a variable because it simply does not occur to them. So, I am offering a variable on the hypothesis that when one remembers a past life, it is necessarily their past life.

This takes several steps, so bear with me.

Did you know that the sound of middle C on the piano keyboard is exactly 271 times slower than the vibration of a human body? All by itself, this discovery is mind blowing. It means that the mass of the body and the wave of the sound is the SAME energy, just vibrating at different speeds.

The next step is more in the realm of philosophy and spirituality. It is the idea that the human soul exists separately from the human body, and that the soul is not IN the body, but is rather reflecting ON the body during the life of the human. When the body ceases to vibrate, the soul does not change form, go somewhere, or otherwise "depart." It simply changes perspective to be looking out from its own reality rather than looking out from human eyes.

Ok, so, once the human body is no longer vibrating at 271 times faster than middle C, the soul will no longer reflect on the body, but it does not go anywhere. It is still right here, but is vibrating at a speed that our human eyes cannot usually see (some do.) But the important thing to realize is that the soul that used to be here in the body is now here in the spirit - but still HERE.

Ok, so for this next part, can you remember someone you have met during your life that was such an instant friend, instantly feeling as if you had known each other your entire lives, and you became very close very quickly? It is as if your souls "harmonized." That you were so closely attuned in vibration, that you "melded" with each other.

So, what could happen when your soul, which is not in your body, happens to meld with, flow through, become one with, harmonize with, another soul that is no longer reflecting on a body? It could happen the same way you harmonize with someone whom you meet, but it goes deeper, because there are no bodies to create static. A soul who still exists, still lives, continues to grow and develop, but might have lived on this planet in physical form a hundred or a thousand years ago.

So, you're in a hypnotized state of past life regression, and your soul is very open to receiving impressions from other souls around it, due to the hypnotic state. The souls meld so completely, that when you "remember," you feel as if you are remembering something that happened to YOUR soul, when in fact, it happened to a soul with whom you feel close connection and oneness, who has already ascended into the spiritual realms, which means - still HERE, but on another level of reality.

I'm not saying this is "the answer." I am only presenting a hypothesis to show a variable in the assumption of provability of past lives and personal reincarnation of individual souls.

26th February 2014, 17:37
I also don't know for sure that the most common understanding of reincarnation is correct or the only possibility. I think when I first thought about and came to believe in reincarnation it was the simple interpretation that it was linear, a life that you lived in the "past". However, since time really doesn't exist when we are in spirit form, outside of our body, we are not constrained by time and there is nothing that is linear other than what we feel we are experiencing in our physical lives. It may be linear for the body, since it ages and finally wears out, but the soul never ages and is always the same.

I developed a hypothesis that considers reincarnation to be a remembering of a particular life, but that life might be remembered by anyone. Since we are all ONE we have all lived and are simultaneously living all the lives that have ever been lived. Occasionally we "remember" or tap into a particular life. Sometimes many people tap into the same life. We have many Einsteins, Napoleans, and Julius Caesars etc. running around at any given time who remember living these lives. Of course they often end up in mental institutions if they relate too closely to that life.

I like your hypothesis and it's pretty close to what I'm saying. I definitely do not accept the prevailing interpretation of reincarnation and haven't for about 30 years. I also have to say I don't KNOW anything for sure because I don't believe that these things are actually totally knowable to the human mind. They have to be lived and experienced and do not actually translate into a human language very well. Our explanations and theories will always be a pale shadow of the greater reality of how the Creation/Source works. The Creation and the Source are one and we are also a part of that oneness.

26th February 2014, 20:31
You will be interested in reading the following E-book posted by Sirdipswitch, some good information there.


thanks to Sirdipswitch for the link.

27th February 2014, 08:06

Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives Paperback Print
by Brian L. Weiss (Author)

As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from the "space between lives," which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss' family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.



The three characters of Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who, and Mrs Which are angelic beings who have the ability to travel at will across large stretches of time and space by dematerializing and rematerializing. They do not have a fixed physical form, but appear to humans as elderly women. However, they are capable of metamorphosing into other creatures. All of them are billions of years old. Mrs Whatsit, in particular, was engaged in war with The Black Thing.

The more we know, the more we ask!

What if some souls travel away from earth, into space, and other souls stay on earth?
some souls like people more, and desire to immediately reincarnate,
while the more "antisocial" souls watch from afar and occasionally intervene in the plights of living humans.


also the ancestors are alleged to be watching over us, whatever that means, could include acting through us,
coveting and fighting out their old fights, i.e. a descendant of a revolutionary general haunting his present-day enemy's descendants, etc.
Ghosts with vendettas acting out through the living relatives.

Also have you seen:



Raises far more questions than it answers about mortality, loneliness, the soul, anticipating the future, receiving messages from beyond the grave. etc.

Super thread btw.

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27th February 2014, 13:21
I developed a hypothesis that considers reincarnation to be a remembering of a particular life, but that life might be remembered by anyone. Since we are all ONE we have all lived and are simultaneously living all the lives that have ever been lived. Occasionally we "remember" or tap into a particular life. Sometimes many people tap into the same life. We have many Einsteins, Napoleans, and Julius Caesars etc. running around at any given time who remember living these lives. Of course they often end up in mental institutions if they relate too closely to that life.

Hi NancyV...nice to see you back...missed you :) or is it me who is not awake? :)

I would like to share my understanding with those interested...

I agree that reincarnation can be a confusing subject and it has only been about 25 years in this life that I got to understand it more clearly.

First, it is my experience that we are not really all ONE as thought of in the classic way. Yes, from a larger view, as part of this Cosmos's collective, we are certainly ONE, but nevertheless we are still individual in that we are each a single monad or primordial atom.

It is kind of like, say, a sport team...although we are individual it is the collective which brings results and not the single member...and each shares in the team's successes or failures.

Esoterics/Hylozoics tells us that there is one consciousness of which we all, individually, have equal access and rights to...but each individual has not, yet, realised the full extent of the Cosmic Consciousness...this is the purpose and goal of evolution...to grow consciously.
We can see this clearly around the world, and amongst the friends and people we mingle with...due to the various states of consciousness we are in, individually.

When I go out of body...which is every day...I am in some other state...which I won't go into here...but the thing is when I am OB I never seem to think of my body...it just never seems to come up in my mind...just like I never had one in the first place. Now often when I reconnect to my body I find that I have forgotten completely where I am. Just before my eyes open, and I am fully connected, I often cannot remember which room I am in, or even which house I am in, or which direction I am lying in.
This is quite interesting because on a number of occasions I have lifted out again to get oriented...other times I just wait to wake up back in the body and then think..."oh this is where I am" :)

Now what this has proven to me personally is that...I...Me...My Self...is clearly not the body and I am just using it for a purpose...because when I am OB I am in a world which is as real as it seems in the physical...I do things and plan things just as in the physical...the only major difference is the confusion of time because I can do what appears to be much much more OB than in the physical...but this is only because when we are OB we are in a different state. Time definitely exists OB but when OB, time is not thought of, but rather, it is the event that seems to be of concern and it can appear, as if...when we return to the physical consciousness... that there is no time where we came from. We have just been closer to our true Self where we have a much wider view than the 5 senses allows us in the physical.

I think reincarnation is a definite fact but I can understand the confusion because there are so many ideas around of just how it works...and...remembering a past life is what is known as remembrance anew in esoterics and is a result of some thing which we encounter...but do not always catch it...that reminds us of past knowledge. This happens to many people who read some book, or statement, or meet someone, or go somewhere, or see something...and immediately think to themselves..."I know that"...this is all knowledge we have gained in past lives and it often takes just a small trigger to set off a remembrance in this new life.

If we all had access to everyone's experiences then why would this trigger not be the same in all people and remembrance take place in one person and not the other?...

Take care and my love to all

27th February 2014, 13:42
I just remembered I posted this in another thread but I think it might be of some use hear also: