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27th February 2014, 09:31
Just stumbled across this article which was done by Yahoo News a couple of days ago.
Had to read it twice to make sure it was actually real...seems it is!

http://l2.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/Z0.4L8LR3ykdtngGP8zjWg--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Y2g9MjM4MTtjcj0xO2N3PTQyODk7ZHg9MD tkeT0wO2ZpPXVsY3JvcDtoPTM1MDtxPTg1O3c9NjMw/http://l.yimg.com/os/publish-images/news/2014-02-25/1368c390-9df8-11e3-b0ad-e586378e6c01_ufolightnig.jpg

On the 5th of April this year, there is a mass hoax taking place, where dozens of volunteers around the globe (USA, UK, Europe, Africa) are launching illuminated 'drones' at 8pm local time, to stage a mass alien invasion scenario and fool the media into an apocalypse style media panic...

Presumably this is also going to cause a huge public panic too, across the globe, if the majority aren't aware of its existence.

Im all for having a laugh, but this idea seems way beyond the realms of bizarre.

Something more to it? ...or just a bunch of bored people having a laugh at unsuspecting peoples expense???

Article link: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/-alien-invasion--to-launch-in-april---but--ufos--will-be-glowing-drones-piloted-by-hoaxers-084204169.html#82woGr2

Article in full:
The plans have been drawn up carefully - on an April evening this year, swarms of glowing spacecraft will begin a flight through our atmosphere - and hover over locations around the world.

The goal is maximum panic - and to cause an ‘apocalypse’ in the media. But the pilots of the eerie craft are not little grey men from Alpha Centauri - but UFO fans using drone aircraft.

Dozens of volunteers around the world have signed up for what may be the biggest prank in history - using decades of knowledge of ‘UFO sightings’ to time the launch perfectly.

The ‘aliens’ will be strips of LED lights, on remote-controlled multi-rotor drone aircraft - launched at 8pm, so there are plenty of people to see the ‘invaders’, and held at a distance where it’s difficult to see what’s behind the glowing lights.

Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes UFO Investigations manual found plans to “cause a wave of UFO sightings around the world and an apocalypse-like idea in the media,” on forums frequented by drone fans.
Watson says, “‘The Big UFO Project’ was originally scheduled to run on April Fool’s Day, but they have changed it to 05 April 2014 so that it will not seem like an obvious prank. Anyone who has a multirotor drone (pictured below) or anything that can carry a strip of LED lights and hover is invited to join in this event.
The plan is to launch the craft at 8pm local time for maximum impact. This is when there are most people about to see anything in the night sky, and by keeping the craft at a long distance they will not be able to see what is carrying the lights.”

Discussions about how best to pull off the invasion continue on the FPV Lab forum - with one fan chiming in, “You sir, are insane. I LIKE IT.”

Watson says that craft are already scheduled to launc in the USA, UK, France, South Africa and the Netherlands but that, “More official and unofficial people are expected to join this project on the launch date.”

[New book reveals why flying saucers still haunt our skies - and where to see them]

Watson says that LED lights mounted on aircraft such as multirotor drones can effectively fool people - as what they will see is the light.
“As it is very difficult to judge the height and speed of such objects, witnesses can think they are passing relatively close to them and they can imagine seeing windows and the body of a larger craft behind the light or lights.”

Watson says, “It is surprising how easy it is to fool people into thinking they have seen a UFO, especially if it is a light in the sky. Satellite re-entries and meteors can be very striking and cause people to think they’ve seen a fast moving UFO streak across the sky.

“For example, on the night of 30 March and early morning of 31 March 1993 numerous sightings were made throughout Britain of what was variously described as fast moving lights to a large craft resembling two Concordes flying side by side. Sceptics claim this was a combination of a Russian rocket booster re-entering the atmosphere and other mundane phenomena, but ufologists assert it was genuine UFO activity.”

Until now, though, easily controllable drones have been too expensive for hobbyists - but Watson says he suspects that hobbyists already launch drones as ‘UFOs’ once there are already reports in the news.

[US scientist:'Aliens will be found by 2040']

“Drone technology is getting cheaper and easily available to people who want to carry out hoaxes like this. Though even very cheap and simple Chinese lanterns can be used to trigger UFO sightings.This is a relatively simple and unsophisticated operation, but it could have a big media impact. When such incidents occur, people tend to look for UFOs in the sky and so it could trigger further sightings.”

The viral spread of UFO videos on YouTube could contribute to the frenzy, Watson thinks. He says, “Only recently, in September 2013, a UFO-like drone was flown over a baseball stadium in Canada to promote a newly opened planetarium. Videos of it were widely distributed on the internet before the hoax was revealed.”

[Dark life: Aliens could be common on free-floating ‘rogue planets’ without suns, scientist says]

For the hardcore UFO enthusiasts, though, Watson suspects that the hoax may be an irritation - a smokescreen for the real alien spacecraft circling our planet.

“Others might be annoyed that it is polluting the difference between genuine UFO sightings and misidentifications,” Watson says. “Even if the hoax is revealed, some ufologists will state that this is a cover-up for real UFO sightings and/or a project to get us used to the idea of UFO invasion in preparation for full disclosure of their reality by our world governments.”

27th February 2014, 09:46
This has a very bad smell, I do hope they are well insured, as many hearts will flutter some for the last time.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

27th February 2014, 11:52
as one commentator on the original Yahoo article quipped: "Not much of a hoax if we already know about it"-

problem is the masses are completely unaware of the concept "Project Bluebeam"-

but if/IF this event unfolds (as the saying goes: "I'll believe it when I see it") I bet it'll be Project Bluebeam-Light; just a fore-tasting, full of artificial sweeteners, of the Real McCoy;

while we're on the subject of Aliens (real or fake): after having delved extensively into the astounding work(s) of Joseph Farrell I sort of have to agree with him when he has sometimes postulated (paraphrase): "if we have alien cousins out there I'm not sure they're all that friendly..."-

please stay well all-


Limor Wolf
27th February 2014, 12:12
Games of cloak and dagger from 'behind the scens' in the courtesy of FPVLAB, and not too serious attempt as is, might be as usual to check the reactions and maybe to have a little laugh on the side. There will be many more of those.

Best to concentrate on healing the planet than follow the lure of under developed pranksters who would like to pull a prank on this world.

27th February 2014, 13:43
launching illuminated 'drones'...:pound:


27th February 2014, 13:49
Every time dates are given for a supposed event of that nature, it never happens. I guess all they want to see is how many people buy into it and observe their reaction. For sure there are better things to place our attention on, like to rise the vibration of the planet for the benefit of all.

27th February 2014, 14:01
Full plot:


Download larger picture (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44908464/avalon/divers/ufodroneplot.gif)

Limor Wolf
27th February 2014, 14:06
Idiotism at it's best, if I may say that

Star Mariner
27th February 2014, 14:17
Yup, totally idiotic. For the panic this will undoubtedly cause, and the car accidents, they'll probably all end up in prison, and rightly so. Idiots.

27th February 2014, 14:19


Larger image (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44908464/avalon/divers/ufodronehoaxupdate.gif)

27th February 2014, 15:07
I agree, its not something to focus on...they're clearly the techy world's version of Dennis the Menace meets Orson Welles...too many gadgets and not enough brain cells.

But the more mentions around the web that their idiot prank idea gets, the better...make a mental note of it, pass it along and get on with it.
That way if/when they do decide to go play in fields with their little boy toys, they wont get the desired reaction intended...

I'm sure less of them will feel inclined to get involved, knowing their playground style antics have been busted.

...One persons prank is another persons peril.

27th February 2014, 15:19
I predict a backfire... They will be shocked at how hard it will be to pull this off.. It presumes an uninformed ignorant mindset regarding aliens and UFO's,, and nobody is gong to buy it... long gone are the days of Orson Wells. We have become quite savvy at discerning our way through it... :) When I was a kid,, I used to put LEDs on Frisbees and throw them across the yard at night,,, freaking out other kids. It was fun, yes. I tried it more recently, and was quite dismayed by the folks who 'called' me on it. I was just pranking,, but people are no longer amused. There has been a change in the overall way that people approach this issue... And they were not amused!!! I was impressed... If they try this,, without the help of the 'break-away' crowd,,, they will become an unsuspecting laughing stock....


27th February 2014, 15:53
According to the director of The National UFO Reporting Center Peter Davenport
UFO sightings are off the charts right now and he's never seen anything like it.
He's been in ufology since 1984.

My gut feeling tells me that this hoax is being perpetrated to counter legitimate

27th February 2014, 16:22
Idiotism at it's best, if I may say that

I couldn't say it better myself.

27th February 2014, 16:58
Idiotism at it's best, if I may say that

I think so too , absolutely very stupid , big kids game .

The only thing it remotely reminds of was one day when I was in Dharamsala , doing my meditation and having some kind of telepathic communication with ETs up there ,
wondering why they don't come to visit .
I tried to communicate my wishes to them .. convincingly as I could, making plans for 'come tomorrow' , it was the end of winter, nights were clear and starry and I felt it's about a time for decent meet up.

For some reason ..maybe the very same reason ..I forgot about secular matters and did not realise that Tibetan New Year celebrations are about to start .

So on the 'tomorrows night' there were massive fireworks happening on the streets of McLeod , late to morning, with intensity of battle field ... and I felt very ashamed .
Who knows what they thought if they heard my plea .. but it was difficult to hear own words on that following night.


27th February 2014, 17:03

Idiotism at it's best, if I may say that


Star Mariner

Yup, totally idiotic. For the panic this will undoubtedly cause, and the car accidents, they'll probably all end up in prison, and rightly so. Idiots.

I hope they do end up in prison!
I hope they don't damage to many minds or bodies!


According to the director of The National UFO Reporting Center Peter Davenport
UFO sightings are off the charts right now and he's never seen anything like it.
He's been in ufology since 1984.

My gut feeling tells me that this hoax is being perpetrated to counter legitimate

Yes jagman, this is all not only stupid and dangerous to the innocent: both awake and sheeple bystanders but!

It is going to be very damaging to the respectability of the whole subject of UFOlogy and sightings to come!

27th February 2014, 17:42
Wouldn't it be funny if the real off worlder's teach them a lesson, just enough to scare the poop out of them - I wish them no harm just a load more wisdom.

27th February 2014, 21:57
Full plot:


Download larger picture (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44908464/avalon/divers/ufodroneplot.gif)

Stupid is as stupid does...
Sounds like a good time to go skeet shooting... LMAO

27th February 2014, 22:26
I have seen a huge uptick in UFOs, and the plasma ball, stationary fake stars, and flying ORBS etc. At this stage of the game after learning about the UFO manufacturing by Mr. Bigalow and skinwalker ranch,(and God knows how many other filthy rich folks are doing the same) its obvious that much of what is going on above our heads is indeed our technology. So my theory is, that maybe this organized, staged even, is an operation, to send the message to the public ultimately, that there are no ETs. Sort of a reverse psychology maneuver. Get everyone all hyped up. then announce that it was staged, then after that, everyone will think anything they see in the sky is a drone.

28th February 2014, 04:17
I don't have time for pranks. Way too busy, thanks for the heads up, seriously.

28th February 2014, 04:38
Some of these Radio Control hobbyists can spend upwards of a thousand dollars and more on their contraptions.
So you can imagine how they feel when one is lost or destroyed.

This world is full of idiots. The most effective way to combat idiocy is with lunacy.



And here is your free permit.
Just print-out to wallet size.

And who knows? You might even become a star on CNN or Fox!


28th February 2014, 09:07
Just found this on Yahoo titled .... The facts about area 51 Joe blogs public looks as though they are being prepped for something. More ET's and UFO's creeping in on the peripheries of lame stream media as of late.




1st March 2014, 06:06
There is no way this would work, and is doomed to fail at any point at any time in the future in mere minutes. Try again.

1st March 2014, 15:40
Every time dates are given for a supposed event of that nature, it never happens. I guess all they want to see is how many people buy into it and observe their reaction. For sure there are better things to place our attention on, like to rise the vibration of the planet for the benefit of all.

I have to agree with this...however FWIW, there's a RC plane club that meets at the edge of some vacant land near where I live, and they send up craft exactly like those described in the article - helicopters and planes with strips of colored LEDs. The first time I saw them they really had me going - weird lights, impossible maneuvers - then I figured it out. I even took video of the "UFOs!"

In the 60s I had a high school math teacher who was a prankster. A couple of buddies and I once went with him to launch an armada of "UFOs" consisting of plastic laundry bags held open at mouth with sticks of balsa wood, and using lighted votive candles for lift. These hot-air mini-balloons resulted in a number of calls to the police.

2nd March 2014, 19:09
LOL FANTASTIC, lets make this subject even more stupid in the eyes of the media and general public. I know, I'll give Peasemore a ring and ask them to send out a batch of PLFs to go with the airshow, have the little blighters roam around the big cities at the same time globally, give things a real kick................hoaxed alien invasion indeed

3rd March 2014, 13:46

Weird news story plant whatever the reason... IMHO.