View Full Version : Gregg Braden Interview feb 2014

3rd March 2014, 19:36
As always, intersting...

http://youtu.be/iprj7PQIqPk (54 min. video)

3rd March 2014, 20:28
Yes indeed Here it is to save those who cant access U Tube.


3rd March 2014, 20:52
Yes, enjoyed this one very much ... ! :thumb:

3rd March 2014, 21:15
Very good interview, well delivered to reach the main stream populace
Thnx Camilo

4th March 2014, 09:15
Beautiful! thank you for sharing,
What can I give and share today...?
Peace and Love

4th March 2014, 10:06
On the subject of sharing
There is another Gregg Braden interview on the linked thread and quite a few science and spirituality ones too.
Going back through the pages on the linked thread there are, apart from non duality videos, some by David Sereda and Nassim Haramein and others of a scientific mind.


4th March 2014, 14:27
Thanks Camilo, I listened to this last night. What a great interview! I love Greg's work and have read most of his books. Often I have found his videos to be repetitive. This one was great delivered in such a easy style.
Just imagine if those of us on this board really knew this information and started using the power of our heart center to connect to the world. I believe soon many will be living in heart resonance and the current discord will become a distant memory.

In Peace,
Journey on