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Fellow Aspirant
6th March 2014, 02:16
Most, if not all, Avalonians know the feeling of frustration that arises when dealing with those who are not “awakened” and yet steadfastly refuse to pay attention to those aspects of reality that we find so fascinating and revealing. ( It’s all about the anomalies, in my opinion. ;))

The gulf separating “us” from “them” can reach such dimensions that relationships once thought to be rock solid instead founder on the rocks of incomprehension. This disastrous situation, writ large, has kept our species from attaining its full potential and may yet lead to its demise.

Although I can offer no theory as to the cause, I would like to point to what I think is an important component of it, namely, our ability to focus our attention . As willing as I was to cast aspersions onto those who just didn’t “get it”, upon careful consideration I have had to admit that the two sides are actually more alike than not. Whereas “we” consider ourselves to be ‘in the know’, and are likely to see ourselves as being superior to the ‘sleepers’, in fact they are just as aware as we are; they are just aware of their own reality. They are every bit as focussed on the task at hand as we are, but their brainwashing program has them in thrall.

We know that we create our own reality moment to moment, depending on two things: what we choose to focus on, and our intent. It’s no surprise that the reality created by our unenlightened peers and family members differs so vastly from our own. The real challenge is to find a way to ‘shake’ them into a higher consciousness, somewhere along the continuum of gently versus violently, or cleverly versus bluntly. Getting someone to change their focus is a huge challenge, as we all know, but the true enormity of it is quite humbling.

To give us some idea of the phenomenon of the power of humans when they focus their attention, I would like to provide a link to a video of an experiment done a few years ago which required the participants to keep track of how many times a basketball was passed as two teams played with it.
Want to give it a try?

( NOTE: For best results, don’t read anything but the instructions on the screen! )
Have fun!


When I tried the exercise, I was so stunned by the result that I actually jumped in my seat. I performed exactly as the rest of the subjects had! Being able to pay attention is a double edged sword. And no guarantee that one is any more likely to ‘get it’ than those you regard as being ‘asleep’.

So, my Avalonian friends, let’s try to be a little more understanding when dealing with “them”. For the most part, they really are paying attention – they’re just paying attention to their own programming. Have patience and compassion.

Please recognize that our ability to “pay attention” can blind us, as well, to something that’s right in front of us – even a gorilla!



6th March 2014, 02:26
I think the best way to help someone is usually to live well and with the intention of however you want to live...to give off the energy you feel inside. Yes, I saw that in that video...interesting how many won't, but not surprising. I find when we try to get people to come join our own path it will only be on their own time and if and when they are ready. Convincing people often backfires, but just being what you believe is a powerful way to show people that what you are doing is working and a possibility. Just my take on it :) Oh..I'm a big picture instead of small picture person...I think that helps sometimes.

6th March 2014, 03:29
Especially when you look at photos or videos do not only pay attention but look for intention ...
As I've stated in another thread the messenger is coupled to the message by an agenda.
Intention often is revealed by the accompanying narrative or sometimes induced by mood setting music.

Recently someone asked me why the tomatoes didn't succeed to grow while it seems so easy ...
The answer is easy ... lack of attention. Some people think that sun and water will do the trick.
But if you don't spend some time of daily attention to your crops the result will be less. They showed
it in the movie "The Celestine prophecy" (people 'attending' the garden) but it is true, attention yields
energy, as proven to me by the difference in result of the tomatoes. If this is the effect on tomatoes
then guess what it does to your fellow humans.

But watch it, your energy can also be abused for malicious purposes ... I wonder why they broadcasted
the 9/11 event over and over again as far and wide as they could. So many people 'paying' (;)) attention.

Good thread ! :thumb:

6th March 2014, 03:32
That is amazing! I got completely distracted by the fact that I know NOTHING about basketball scoring, bouncing and passing so I did not know if I should count the bounces to each other as passes. Under such circumstances I was (and still am) very pleased to miss only 2 passes, --- + a complete fail!

Next time make it cricket!

P.S. By the way Fellow Aspirant (great name!)-- don't worry about 'them', they will be OK. There are many ways to find what you are looking for, each as individual as is the 'seeker'. The information is there for those who want it, let them find it for themselves, and accept or reject it as they wish.

6th March 2014, 06:22
This is a very interesting topic - thank you for raising it Fellow Aspirant and for others for adding their ideas.

As someone who is "waking up" and has only been doing so fairly recently, I have a couple of ideas about this.

First, I would say that most people's lives are very full and busy - even if the things they are doing might not be judged to be meaningful by some. And so, with this busyness, they have a scarcity, at least in their minds, of time. What they are really short of is attention units (since time can be just a consideration) as so eloquently pointed out by Fellow Aspirant.

Then, second, because of this scarcity orientation there is a feeling of rushing from one thing to the next (do your job, feed the family, clean the house, etc.) and you are "snatching" at information as it passes you and when you are done with your busyness you want to put your feet up and relax into a kind of oblivion (hence the many oblivion like activities people fill their lives with). In this headspace I don't think people are really interested in questioning whether what is being presented to them as the truth is in fact the truth. Many people simply feel lucky to be able spend a few minutes reading the headlines and consider themselves at least "up to speed" with the world that way.

Third, I think it is simply easier to see and absorb the things that are put in front of you. It's a bit of work to find alternative sources of anything... Information and truth are no exception.

Fourth, most of us work to patterns in some aspect of our lives....
- one's routine in the morning to get ready for the day
- one's daily commute
- many more... and
- one's cycle of breathing
- one's way of thinking about a topic (such as war, or how money is made, etc.)
These are all things we do on a kind of "automatic pilot". For people not yet "awake" absorbing the standard news and programming is just another pattern. And patterns are hard to break - you have to decide to be different and more conscious.

Fifth, I think there is a kind of fear. It's a strange kind of illusionary safety net just to go along with what "everyone" is saying but it seems safe. Being different is itself discouraged in the programming given out. Also many people are self-conscious and working hard to hide this uncertainty behind a facade of external competence... So they will not do things that might make them stand out "in a bad way".

I am sure there are other factors.

As Synchronicity points out, unless someone is ready and willing, you can't really "make" them wake up. Videos and pictures like the baseball one are sometimes used in training programmes in the companies I have worked in to get people to see that the way you have been doing something in the past may not be the only or best way. My experience here is that when we have used these kind of devices you get about 50% of people seeing that things could be different, but only about 5% who actually go the full way to shifting their own views and doing something differently.

For me, I try to operate on the following: take responsibility for living in line with what I know and sharing information in a thoughtful, gentle way when people do ask (and not judge them for not knowing or not being awake).

As a side note, the two most important things that tipped me "over the edge" to waking up are:
- I got completely disillusioned with my job and started to ask questions about everything. The seeds of this were a book recommended by a friend that I read years ago - Confessions of an Economic Hitman - which was probably germinating steadily in my consciousness through the years
- I was exposed to, embraced and now know that I am not a body or a mind but instead a being that has a mind and a body. This of course gives a whole different view of the world once which cascades out to everything.

Without these two things, I would still probably be asleep (and I still am on many fronts... I am still working on waking up and will probably always be so).

x Searcher

Fellow Aspirant
6th March 2014, 15:06

All true. Well said. As for myself, I only started down the rabbit hole after retirement; the "rat race" (and family health issues) pretty much consumed my available time and energy. Once retired, and with the aid of the internet I finally started looking into those pesky UFO thingys. And then I came across Project Camelot ... :cool:


6th March 2014, 16:50
One day, y'all gonna look back and laugh... when you learn the game we play! chuckle chuckle.