View Full Version : The Astrology of March 2014: Realignment, Major and Lasting Change

6th March 2014, 18:39
I like Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Blog
Contrary to what some may think he has often presented very unpleasant forecasts so it is refreshing to see a string of very positive energies for human influenced change in the world.

This is a case of human energetic change from the inside creating the coming changes in the world around us. In other words the winds of change are upon us and human intention based on individual awareness is having the desired effect.


The cycles of the Universe are with us and assisting us

March 2014
March’s chart is a reflection of February’s in important respects. It is also especially intense; for the third month in a row, three Moons occur within 30 days.
New Moon – March 01
Full Moon – March 16
New Moon – March 30

-New patterns of behavior throughout the populace calling for and forcing change

-Sheeple become an endangered species

- changes in attitudes and values within the community and around the world

-Deep consideration of moral responsibility, esp among those in positions of decision making

- change empowering the individual that is concrete change and irreversible

All in all very good and majorly reinforced signs for improvement and sharing of the goodness Earth provides.

“Slavery is the legal fiction that a person is property. Corporate personhood is the legal fiction that property is a person.”

6th March 2014, 21:43
I like this guys presentations a lot.
Still impatient to see more manifestations of what he is talking about.
The April about face looks interesting.