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10th March 2014, 08:29
The Corporate Governemt, Australia the Concealed Colony

In our latest interview regarding Australia the Concealed Colony, we were joined again by political and historical researcher Bill who has ,for almost 20 years, researched matters appertaining to the validity of the Australian Government.

In October 2012, we first interviewed Bill to discuss the report Australia the Concealed Colony, which evidences that our "government" has been a de facto government masquerading as a constitutional government since 1919 and in more recent times has morphed into a foreign-registered corporation, without the consent of the people.

In our interview, we discuss the timeline of events leading up to the corporate status of the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT and deduce that our legal/court system has become a private system of roman law operating as a franchise of the BAR association of the Inns of the CITY OF LONDON.

Australia the Concealed Colony is a 400 page document compiled by lawyers, researchers and eminent legal academics from some 14 universities. It was submitted to all member nations of the UN.

This document resulted from the failure of our courts to recognise and accept the evidence therein, and in particular the High Court of Australia in Joose V ASIC,whereby Hayne J. expressed the belief that his job was to maintain the status quo.


October 2012 Interview Part 1

Detax Canada

Supporting Documents and Websites

Australia the Concealed Colony Document http://basic-fraud.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2010/09/Australia%20-%20The%20Concealed%20Colony/Australia%20The%20Concealed%20Colony.pdf

one of other link that i found it have Comparison of Signature of Queen Elizabeth...

just listen to that interview as i posted above, haven't really look into it these topic of Australian being Corporate but interesting about Australia the Concealed Colony which over 400+ pages of document submit to UN.

10th March 2014, 13:26
I've also heard that the "Commonwealth states here in America" are under the Queen since before the income tax, which is really who it goes to. The Commonwealth states operate under the Royal Crown laws after "de-CON-struction." I did some investigating on the marital laws during Loving and "stumbled" across a few clause docs, that gave our country, back to the Queen through the British somebody or other CORP in the late 1800's. Probably explains why they come from hill and dale when she comes, and learn to curtsey at the capital in Richmond.

So the whole NATO thingy is a corporate lie, in which the money that's siphoned off the enslaved and hoodwinked in these southern Commonwealth states, goes right back to the British crown. Boy, if the Libertarians and patriots "knew" that little diddy, they'd pitch a wang dang yankee doodle over it, but they are too busy hating others and fighting each other's neighbors, instead of at least asking a child to read what they themselves won't, to give them the truth on these docs. I'm sure if you google the goggles, with "commonwealth states under English law, (property also in those states belong to England) you'll have a real stomach churning, eye opening moment of clarity, that gives the phrase "plantation nations" the meaning it really is. I think it's a "why fight amongst each other's holdings, says the elites. Let's hire people to keep the flow from the peons, and get on with our privileged lives for centuries to come. CORPORATE/Barristers selling the nations out from under the people. Thanks Wall Street Global Elites. WE really know who you work for and how your pillaging through politicians to expand your hold on public/Queen's lands again. Next the public national parks will be owned out in plain sight.

What! A hoodwink on the low info readers of the south?
You Betcha.

PS, I know what I'm saying when I say low info readers of the south, I live here, and I've lived in both blue and red states equally. The greenery in the south for better air for my children who were born with asthma and bronchitis, living in the urban "Main Street" apts over a bus stop for decades. Those exhaust cause birth defects and miscarriage, and I've known young women who's boyfriends abandoned them and they've felt too embarrassed to go outside and shame their family pregnant, but you'd see them sitting by the window in a hallway on the upper floors, where the exhaust go every 20 minutes. Needless to say some had to have emergency C-sections, and some simply lost the child due to carbon dioxide poisoning.
Best participation education in the north where students learn hands on after class study, here if young men don't go to job corp, they won't receive any type of career or skilled training. They're are fewer and fewer reading classes in the middle school and by the time they go to High School, they've completely lost interest, or their parents block vital reading books for stuff made in Texas. They stick together on stupid folks and it carries down to the children, if left undetected by the parents or educators.
No details of how history came about accept through the "exceptional/superior" themes of we're no. 1 and baseball or football pieces to remember the times when events happened. If it wasn't for WW1 and 2 veterans talking about what the country should have been fighting for and it's reasons given, then the hoodwinking would continue.
America, land of the fairytale, including the Queen.

I love my country and its people, but I don't like the idea of a fake democracy in some states where the laws aren't even the same for a citizen to take a grievance. Isn't it time we "really" abided by a democratic republic's laws of the people?

Well, kick 'em out this year and let's get it done. It's way long past overdue. Every nation should check what these unscrupulous barristers have done. Carpetbagging corporate legislative greedy slugs/parasites.