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10th March 2014, 18:39
Hi all.

Just wondered if anyone had seen this before.


10th March 2014, 19:04
I'm sure if you divided any picture the same way you would find symmetrical anomalies similar to looking through a kaleidoscope.


10th March 2014, 20:01
I,m sure you could Stan, but I found the faces to be too intentional to be a natural occurrence.

10th March 2014, 22:19
Very interesting find and thought provoking. I have often wondered about Davinci - he could draw perfect circles with both hands - quite a feat for even the most talented artist. I have seen articles about this artwork that mention the inclusion of Mary as well. The symmetry is perhaps a relative of sacred geometry? We have had so much hidden from us - now there is so much to keep our intellect stimulated as we search for the meanings and answers - and - to ask even more questions so that we continue to learn.

Much Peace - Amanda

11th March 2014, 03:29
Interesting, I love Da Vinci, also. But I agree with Stan, that any pic perfectly mirrored could produce unusual anomalies. The question here, is premeditated intention. Did the artist plan this, or was it created by others searching for an unusual or possible conspiracy. That is the big question for me.

11th March 2014, 03:51
yup, i must agree, every picture can produce similar effects, and since he is kinda centered could be more artifacts as a result.

thing that made me wow for a bit is as soon image was flipped i saw baphomet with pyramid as third eye. and jesus is kinda too good misplaced and proportined.
who knows, da vinci was a great researcher and artist and was aware of golden rules and mirroring images, maybe would be interesting to try mirror some more of his works :)

nice finding

11th March 2014, 05:46

11th March 2014, 16:13
kinda reminds me of this whole "cult of saturn" thing I have only just become aware of a few days ago. Check out this vid, around the 1:08 mark or so:

11th March 2014, 16:36
Sorry but this is utterly ridiculous.

11th March 2014, 16:57
No need to apologize MorningFox.

I merely posted what I found and I wondered what folks thought.
I would however like your thoughts on why it is so utterly ridiculous.

11th March 2014, 17:26
Hi all.

Just wondered if anyone had seen this before.


I personally think that other intelligences intervened while Da Vinci was painting this mural that would allow such images to show up by inverting a copy of the painting over the other as what is seen in this painting.

I know that such things are possible because it's happened to me before in my graphic art works.

It's just like how people will sometimes capture strange anomalous things with their cams to the extent that whatever it was that showed up in the photo or video was only seen after the pic was taken or the video was seen on playback.

I know that sounds inexplicable but just to give you an example of this, there are quite a few photographs out there of a UFO seen in them yet, the person who took the photo did not see any UFO at the time when they captured the photo.

And that phenomenon is not limited UFO's because other kinds of anomalous images show up in photographs too, from time to time; like spirits or orbs or strange beings for example and the list goes on and on.

This phenomenon is already well known in the UFO and paranormal community.

As someone who has captured photo's where something anomalous in seen in that photo or vid after the picture or video is recorded, I also know that this same kind of phenomenon can occur in some of my digital arts creations too.

For example, recently I composed the following "photochop" at Freaking News (I won a trophy for it, btw). I'm showing it here though because I never intended the sky to turn out the way it did. Specifically the red part of the sky where we are seeing those strange upside down penguin-like amorphous shapes with those strange appendix-like curving lines trailing after them. None of that was there before I amped up the contrast of the sky to make it sharper but it somehow just appeared on the canvas after I did that.

But once I amped up the contrast of that sky, my jaw dropped down the floor because the resulting effect was totally unanticipated where the it looked a million times more apocalyptic than I had only thought to accomplished with color.... not shapes.

That those shapes look penguin-like really though me for a loop!

Here's that image (the theme was global warming)

http://i932.photobucket.com/albums/ad164/A99_x/The-Penguin-Diaspora-114689.jpg (http://s932.photobucket.com/user/A99_x/media/The-Penguin-Diaspora-114689.jpg.html)

11th March 2014, 19:24
This sort of stuff was done by Maurice Cotterell on the lid of Pacal's tomb at Palenque - it'll cost you a small fortune if you're interested.

11th March 2014, 20:38
I borrowed Maurice Cotterell's book from the library years ago. The results produced using rotation and symmetry on specific points on the lid were quite interesting and each example told a different account. The quality of the book probably added to the value. If I remember correctly transparencies were included.