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Stumbled upon this... and found it interesting...
Am wondering if its a Cabalist / esoteric appropriation... anyone any ideas?


The heraldic coat of arms with the Christian 6 pointed star of creation and the single lion may be a clue.... Knights Templar?



The Final Journey: Mastering the Art of Dying Paperback
by Zoran Minov (Author)

The ultimate journey for all humans is both absolutely universal—and utterly alone. For many people who are embarking on this inevitable path, fear and negative emotions can transform this natural process into a less than pleasant journey. It is for this reason that author Zoran Minov has created The Final Journey: Mastering the Art of Dying, his illuminating roadmap to the passage of death that is certain to ease any individual through this ultimate life experience.

Minov embarks on this journey by presenting the two scenarios that could happen at the moment of death: a “black screen” when consciousness disappears or the possibility that there is more. Since no one can know until that moment occurs, this book prepares individuals for the latter scenario. The author starts his roadmap by helping readers face the fear that is often companion to death, and theories on biological causes of aging, with practices for aging prevention. The book also covers causes of death, from medical factors to traffic accidents. The Final Journey then addresses the dying process, and also provides insight on caring for a dying person.

The Final Journey also weighs in on the surprising universality of a near-death experience, with individuals from all walks of life and corners of the world reporting similar occurrences, such as the tunnel of bright light, an out-of-body experience, and more. Exploring the evolution of the idea of soul, the author considers whether or not “there is more” after legal death. He also looks closely at the soul, and notions of spacetime throughout the ages.

Charting the journey, Minov clarifies phases to the arrival at the final destination. The author also suggests ancient practices for proper transference, avoidance of death, and methods to predict death. In gentle, clear language that encompasses wisdom on this fundamental aspect of the human condition, this illuminating book is certain to ease this transition for people of every belief and spirituality.

Key points:
Causes of aging and anti-aging best practices
Most common causes of death and their prevention
Comprehensive list of signs of dying and death
Detailed description of the dying process
Ancient exercises for the dying process
Ancient methods for avoiding the death
Ancient methods for predicting the death
Ancient methods for resurrection
Twelve phases of the journey of death

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A recomended resource for research...