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13th March 2014, 23:56
My daughter always asks for signs, and she always gets them, sometimes in fairly dramatic fashion. Well, she's always had an eerie ability to manipulate the world around her. I see signs too, but I watch for them, and don't ask for them. That's just me. Except for the other night, because I was reflecting that a number of things seem to have been coming together in a very positive way for me and my wife, and I thought I'd do what my daughter does. I asked for a sign that I was on the right path.

I was sitting outside around midnight, and so I asked for a shooting star. Didn't say it out loud of course; it was more of a supplication to the Universe. Sat there a long time. Started feeling pretty foolish. After a while I thought, just a little one would be alright. And I waited a while longer.

Eventually I told myself this is exactly why I don't go asking for signs, and got up to go inside. Just then, I saw a little, short, dim shooting star, right overhead. That got a grin out of me. I thought, Well played, O Almighty! And just then a huge, bright fireball went over my head in the other direction. That one went across half the sky!

I didn't have a smarta$$ response that time. I'd been validated, but also PWNED!!

14th March 2014, 00:15
That is very remarkable. I am glad to hear that you two have these abilities.
It's kind of scary to "get an answer".

Some people stop asking after they get what they thought they wanted.
It only produces more questions than answers, ultimately.

But doesn't it feel good to be acknowledged, if not loved, by our Universe?
To be "called" to serve it?


Wishing you and your family well!

14th March 2014, 00:23
Its always great to see that we are listened too.
I remember 2 years ago Inelia Benz talked about that , she mentioned asking for a white feather as validation...
So I tried it, I asked and let it go.
After a week, nothing was happening, second week nothing, I was having a difficult period at the time and I really wanted to see a white feather.
After a while I just got on with my life and forgot about that.
Then a few months later, I was really discouraged at the time and was dissing universe and mentioned about that white feather I never got..
I was working on some orgone in the workshop and tried to recenter myself just to be in the zone while pouring.
Next day i eagerly walked in the shop to unmold the latest creations and Bam!
I had a white feather sticking out of a mold, nicely placed!
That was so great, even greater because I really can't explain how that would get there,
my workshop is a closed garage and I don't breed doves !

Then later that summer I decided to push my luck, I asked for a black feather...
That same day as I was walking on the sidewalk, I see up in the distance, 2 crows playing and chasing each other.
I'm thinking that would be cool to have a crow feather, as I am walking, I see a black speck gently coming down, wind blowing it in all directions.
I never stopped walking,kept the pace and well, tadaaaa!
The feather had perfect timing and gently fell right there at my feet!

thank you universe, thank you for being there.

Fellow Aspirant
14th March 2014, 04:11
"thank you universe, thank you for being there."

And I'm sure the universe feels the same way about you!


14th March 2014, 15:05
Funny you mentioned the very reason why I have the faith that it's really happening. I was writing in my book, feeling kinda down on the aspects of the government plot that had been given, and it was a really dark cloudy day calling for rain. I looked out the window as my mentally challenged cigarette addicted sister came in for another cigarette to interrupt my flow as a author. The clouds outside my bedroom were almost a greyish-green over to the nw of my window, and I remember sitting and pondering over what I'd been given about a doctor of vaccine clinic in Africa, dosing the females he singles out, with HIV tainted vaccine, and had been discovered by a Kenyan young doctor. I thought to myself, God I hope there's a better outcome for this one, and then the notion that there would be a cure for HIV in the backyards. So I put it in the book. Anyway I sat looking out the window with the shade up to save on the electric bill so when it got darker, I said God, if you are coming and sending your helpers to help, please give me a sign. Withing less than 3 minutes the clouds starting thinning and a the shape of a face peered through the dark clouds, highlighted by the sun. I thought wow, that's great, then I asked if he was coming also, and the clouds closed, and an eye appeared with the same sun hitting it, then it looked like it winked close, and I was like wow. So I truly understand when he says the signs will be in the heavens and skies. I've been alright since that October 2013 day.

Earth Angel
14th March 2014, 16:01
I love asking for signs and getting them......however I have to work on my ability to truly accept them as the sign I asked for and be happy about it...my own lack of self confidence often has me saying well those deer had to be somewhere so what's it really mean that two seconds after I asked for a deer as a sign one appeared in the middle of the road ahead!

One sign I asked for was a purple feather....hadn't seen one all day when i was in the bathroom and a voice in my head said look under the sink, I didn't and then the voice said you always ask for signs but then you won't do what you're asked ....so I thought ok ok I will look under the sink, there was a package of toilet paper and all over the packaging were purple feathers....

Another time I asked for an orange rose (figured it was a less than common colour for roses)......someone I had never socialized with (but knew through business dealings) asked me over for dinner, I walked in and there on her table was a bouquet of about 20 orange roses.....I said nothing and then noticed a single red rose on her kitchen counter, she then offered (without my saying anything about the orange roses) that her husband brings her a red rose every single week since they've been married but today he also brought me 20 orange roses .....amazing! I just love signs!!

ps What does PWNED mean ?

14th March 2014, 17:03
That is very remarkable. I am glad to hear that you two have these abilities.
It's kind of scary to "get an answer".

Some people stop asking after they get what they thought they wanted.
It only produces more questions than answers, ultimately.

But doesn't it feel good to be acknowledged, if not loved, by our Universe?
To be "called" to serve it?


Wishing you and your family well!

May I say this to you humbly and with so much compassion......remove the limitations you set up for yourself thru fear. I am not better than you nor do I have better education or whatever that would permit me to live this experience. I wonder why you would say that its scary to have this kind of validation..
Maybe you can think about that and finally remove these barriers that you set up for yourself.
many blessings to you beautiful soul.

14th March 2014, 17:35
Howdy GreenGuy,

I'm showing my ignorance here, but I have no idea what PWNED means. I feel like I should know, but I haven't even been able to come up with a good guess. Would you please enlighten? Thanks in advance.

14th March 2014, 17:50
PWNED, I think (embarrassed grin, shuffles feet while looking down) means owned. Internet lingo.

When I am looking for evidence of right action I sit and shuffle cards. If I'm on the right track eventually a 7 of Hearts will fall, be revealed, or otherwise show itself. It's happened so many times.

Just the other night I was worried about my 17 year old daughter being out late. She lives with her mom, so I don't always know when she comes and goes. This night I had a tingling feeling and thought I should check on her. I told myself if I needed to I would get a sign. At that moment the toothpaste fell from the toothbrush. Nah, can't be. If that was a sign God, do something else. Instantly a black shadow flew over my head. Now this is exciting, but dense me thought it couldn't be truly a signal. Ok God, just one more if I really need to call her. At the second the thought entered my mind the cabinet beside me sounded with a very loud THUMP!

Ring, ring, "honey are you ok"? Yes dad.

The universe lays it out for us most every instant. It's up to us to recognize and take action.

14th March 2014, 18:16
Thanks conk, I appreciate the info!

I would never have gotten that on my own. Usually internet lingo seems shortened from something.

This one is odd to me since it's a substitute rather than dropped letter. And why "p" for "o?"

Now that I know what it means.... I've gotten curious as to how it came to mean that. ;-) I guess some searching is in order.

Thanks again, -id

14th March 2014, 19:09
A short search yielded this in the Urban dictionary:

A corruption of the word "Owned." This originated in an online game called Warcraft, where a map designer misspelled "owned." When the computer beat a player, it was supposed to say, so-and-so "has been owned."

Instead, it said, so-and-so "has been pwned."

It basically means "to own" or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.
__________________________________________________ _____________________________________

I am now one piece of internet slang smarter. Thanks to GreenGuy and conk for getting me interested in finding out the "why!"

22nd March 2014, 05:32
ps What does PWNED mean ?

I had to ask a young person the same thing! It seems to have originated as a misspelling. It really means OWNED.

3rd April 2014, 07:18
But doesn't it feel good to be acknowledged, if not loved, by our Universe?
To be "called" to serve it?

Feel good? My dear, it is life itself.