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Ron Mauer Sr
17th March 2014, 23:05
Those who depend on a well for water should make an emergency well bucket for use during times when electricity is not available. Blessed are those who have a well.

The bucket diameter should be small enough to pass by the plumbing and electric wires inside a 6" diameter well casing. If you have an emergency well bucket you will never run out of water. Operation is simple. Use a rope to lower the bucket into the well casing until the bucket initially floats, then slowly sinks as the check valve opens allowing water to fill the bucket from the bottom. When the bucket is lifted the check valve closes keeping the emergency well bucket full.

Here is a link to my favorite design (http://www.alpharubicon.com/primitive/wellbucketspitfire.htm), with pictures of a simple homemade check valve. Material cost for the complete bucket I made was approximately $10.

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18th March 2014, 00:33
Your website is fantastic! All kinds of homemade goodies that are right up my alley. Thanks Ron!
I just hope we don't lose power and not be able to access your site!

18th March 2014, 00:42
or install a hand pump



I'm having a well put in to offset my cisterns, water is indeed a precious commodity.

18th March 2014, 02:49
Don't forget pine branch filter to get any bacteria out if you can't get immediate fire ...


Ron Mauer Sr
18th March 2014, 15:08
Don't forget pine branch filter to get any bacteria out if you can't get immediate fire ...


Here is a link to an information source (http://www.boston.com/news/science/blogs/science-in-mind/2014/03/05/mit-engineers-test-low-tech-water-filter-inspired-nature/NSCr2KcepwV238vb7TjT6N/blog.html) about this process discovered by MIT engineers.
Could be a valuable idea if one has a hose clamp and tubing.

18th March 2014, 15:17
Loving the plunger washer - very impressed!!

18th March 2014, 15:18
Thank you Ron and everybody who has contributed to the thread. I like to think I am pretty well prepared for a disaster but never considered the need for a bucket for a well. Ron, I look forward to reading your website.

Thanks again, pam

Ron Mauer Sr
18th March 2014, 15:26
Loving the plunger washer - very impressed!!

Here is the video.


18th March 2014, 17:02
Also be aware that in an emergency you can survive on your own urine for weeks/months. I suggest you come to grips with this process as it can grant you peace of mind as a gauranteed survival tool that you will have in even the worst disasters.

25th March 2014, 14:14
Loving the plunger washer - very impressed!!

Here is the video.


Thanks I will share that on my private social media - that was a joke lol

I am getting one - its amazing how little water can be used - my new fav thing!!

Ron Mauer Sr
14th October 2014, 02:14
Three days without clean water and you will need nothing else.

Here are two inexpensive water filters I have just discovered. Both are made by Sawyer and will filter down to 0.1 micron. Water filters come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, but what impressed me about these filters was cost ($20 and $35) and filter capacity (100,000 gallons and 1,000,000 gallons - that's right 1 million).

The Sawyer Mini is $20 at Amazon.com or WalMart.



The Sawyer squeeze bottle is $35 at Amazon.com or WalMart.



778 neighbour of some guy
14th October 2014, 12:56
Lol, made a vid some time ago to fix the back end for 50 cents, if you poke a hole in the cap you can attach a hose on in and use it exactly the same as the bucket system for a lot less money, you can even lower it into a pond or embankment to get water from down there if you make the hose long enough.

Heres the vid, yes that's me, don't want the filter and face to be connected to each other, since there's not many sold here and I want to spare myself the trouble of getting robbed, 1 million gallons is a lot of water, 3.5 million liters, lol, I have 2 btw.

that's me, in my tiny house with my filter, made the vid for a prepper site, its in Dutch but its about the filter, self explanatory


7th November 2014, 10:18
Ah yes you can survive on urine just don't drink straight from the tap! (sorry if that's too crude humor). Seriously though: urine is good yes but only short time after "being out". Afterwards it has too many bacterias and is harmful for your health.