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Fairy Friend
24th March 2014, 20:44
I do not see this posted yet but I am under the impression that Seattle Washington is experiencing mudslides. I know there's others in the forum that are capable of manipulating weather I am too and I'm on it but I wouldn't mind help or local input. I know this is an area that experiences a lot of rain but we need to tone it back. Let us let things dry out in the northwest.

24th March 2014, 23:22
The location of the slide is 60 miles northeast of Seattle in a heavily forested region. On a map its 12 miles east of Arlington Washington. There are currently 108 people reported missing/ unaccounted for. The mudflow covers one square mile - pretty much the side of a mountain dropped avalanche like into a valley. They have found 8 dead.

Fourteen inches of rain in the last few weeks made the base of the mountain (hill) unstable and saturated. Saturated mud moves easily (liquifies) under the downward pressure of the wet earth above. Google for news channel out of Seattle for pictures.

25th March 2014, 01:16
the latest ...

Washington mudslide is 'nightmare scenario' for rescue team ...

"The treacherous hunt for survivors continues after a massive mudslide in Oso, Wash., killed eight people, with more than 100 others still missing. Jeffrey Brown talks to David Montgomery, a geologist at the University of Washington, for background on possible causes of the deadly disaster."

Published on Mar 24, 2014


25th March 2014, 01:29
Jesus Christ over 100 people missing??

I had no idea it was so serious.
How horrible. And the rescue delayed because of "fear of another slide", meaning people died while others sat there and watched.
Also NO DRONES capable of rescuing human beings from a landslide?

Interesting that we blow up Iraqi and Pakistani children from 10,000s of feet up, yet we cannot save a single American child because we have no ground-based search and rescue drones.

This sort of news makes me sick :(

p.s. when the PNW gets the big 9.0M,
this will happen all over the state, won't it?

25th March 2014, 06:06
When have we ever had mudslide events that killed so many people in America ??? we are positively in a new age ... the last couple of years it's been , sinkholes , strange sounds in the sky , thunder snow , space quakes , ball lighting , mass bird deaths , jumbo jets that just vanish , the Arizona haboob , and now the new fear = mudslides ... WTH ??? all things that twenty years ago , no one talked about or even knew about ...

25th March 2014, 08:46
I was listening to Coast to Coast AM on the night of 3-24-14 and one of the initial sound bite guests who get like 90 seconds was stating that he thought what was going on in Seatle sounded more like a LAHAR.

A lahar /ˈlɑːhɑr/ is a type of mudflow or debris flow composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water. The material flows down from a volcano, typically along a river valley.[1] Lahars are extremely destructive: they can flow tens of metres per second, be 140 metres (460 ft) deep, and destroy any structures in their path. Notable lahars include those at Nevado del Ruiz and Mount Pinatubo, each of which killed thousands of people. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lahar)

Now if this is the case, why would they try to keep it secret?

Interestingly JACKO posted a thread about animals fleeing Yellowstone, and isn't there another thread about earthquakes in Oklahoma?
Is this stuff connected?

25th March 2014, 18:49
it could be one of nature's warnings :(

"this is what could happen if..."

26th March 2014, 14:51
Excess logging?