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30th March 2014, 16:07
Hello everyone,

Can you join me in a worldwide experiment of Love?

Can you spend 24 hours in love on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014?

This is to be 24 hours of mindfulness about what you're thinking and feeling -- consciously choosing your thoughts and noticing your feelings as you live your daily life. There is nothing special you need to do except be mindful of love for 24 hours.

The purpose of this is, of course, to bring more love onto the planet, to strengthen the light without regard for what the dark may be doing.

Can we spend one day letting go of
our irritations
our frustrations
our fears
our needs to control or feel better-than
our needs to feel less-than
our hatreds, disappointments, bitterness, jealousies
our victimhood
our disempowerments
our strategic thinking
our power games at all levels
our negative cosmic concepts
our ... (fill in the blank)

When you go to sleep on April 2nd, put all these things in a box and leave them in the box for all of April 3rd. If you feel stripped and vulnerable without these things, ask your higher self to wrap you in a blanket of protection and love. If you still need these things on April 4th, they will be there waiting for you to pick up again.

Can you sit in traffic without getting irritated?
Can you feel gratitude for a sip of water or a flower blooming for you for free?
Can you let go of all thoughts of all that you "don't have," and notice what you "do have"?

Can you let go of your ego-sense of importance in the world?
For the military types on Avalon, can you also do this without feeling that the world will collapse without your attention? (If the old world collapses and a new, more beautiful, more just one emerges, would this worry you?)

This activity is a prayer sent out into the cosmos to help us free ourselves from the thoughts and emotions that keep us in chains.


There has been much talk on Avalon about the Archons or possibly other negative entities controlling us and this planet. We keep wondering why we can't make any headway for the good of all life, why there is so much that seems to hold us back or block our path toward health and wholeness.

We’ve noticed how our media, music, movies, TV, controlled news, etc., push us in the directions of lust, hatred, and fear. This particular direction of things has increased in frequency and intensity since the 1980s. People born before that time will remember that it wasn’t like this before; those born after think this is how the world has always been, sad to say. Even on Avalon, there is a high percentage of threads bringing us more disturbing news about what “they” are doing to enslave us, increasing our fears for our survival and for whatever future lies beyond.

This is an invitation to spend 24 hours outside of that particular box. Enjoy it! Don’t feel guilty for feeling rich, good, and empowered.

Let us know what your experiences are. If anyone wants to schedule another day of love after April 3rd, let us know.

Love and peace,

30th March 2014, 16:13
And consider also placing into the box
Your cell phone
Your laptop/desktop computer
Your televison

30th March 2014, 16:36

30th March 2014, 17:06
That's a pretty tall order for crazy people, Doodah.

Can I be in love on Thursday without outside help?
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM weather looks doubtful!!!

But lemme bookmark this :)

30th March 2014, 19:02
Well most certainly, I can... and do. 24/7s'!! Why do you think WWIII,
hasn't started yet???!!!!!
chuckle,chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!!!!!!!!


30th March 2014, 19:35
Jiddu Krishnamurti, On Love
(Excerpts from Ninth Talk at Rajghat, December 19, 1952)


[Y]esterday morning we were discussing the complex problem of love. I do not think we shall understand it until we understand an equally complex problem which we call the mind. Have you noticed, when we are very young, how inquisitive we are? We want to know, we see many more things than older people. We observe, if we are at all awake, things that older people do not notice. The mind, when we are young, is much more alert, much more curious, and wanting to know. That is why when we are young we learn so easily mathematics, geography. As we grow older, our mind becomes more and more crystallized, more and more heavy, more and more bulky. Have you noticed in older people how prejudiced they are? Their minds are fixed, they are not open, they approach everything from a fixed point of view. You are young now, but if you are not very watchful, you will also become like that. Is it not then very important to understand the mind and to see whether you cannot be supple, be capable of instant adjustments, of extraordinary capacities in every department of life, of deep research and understanding, instead of gradually becoming dull? Should you not know the ways of the mind so as to understand the way of love? Because, it is the mind that destroys love. Clever people, people who are cunning, do not know what love is because their minds are so sharp, because they are so clever, because they are so superficial - which means to be on the surface, and love is not a thing that exists on the surface.

What is the mind? … I am not talking about the brain, the physical construction of the brain about which any physiologist will tell you. The brain is something which reacts to various nervous responses. But you are going to find out what the mind is. What is the mind? The mind says, "I think; it is mine; it is yours; I am hurt; I am jealous; I love; I hate; I am an Indian; I am a Muslim; I believe in this; I do not believe in that; I know; you do not know; I respect; I despise; I want; I do not want." What is this thing? Until you understand it, until you are familiar with the whole process of thinking which is the mind, until you are aware of that, you will gradually, as you grow older, become hard, crystallized, dull, fixed in a certain pattern of thinking.

What is this thing which you call the mind? It is the way of thinking, the way you think. I am talking of your mind - not somebody else's mind and the way it would think - the way you feel, the way you look at trees, at a fish, at the fishermen, the way you consider the villager. That mind gradually becomes warped or fixed in a certain pattern. When you want something, when you desire, when you crave, when you want to be something, then you set a pattern; that is, your mind creates a pattern and gets caught. Your desire crystallizes your mind. Say, for example, I want to be a very rich man. The desire of wanting to be a wealthy man creates a pattern, and my thinking then gets caught in it, and I can only think in those terms, and I cannot go beyond it. So, the mind gets caught in it, gets crystallized in it, gets hard, dull. Or, if I believe in something - in God, in communism, in a certain political system - the very belief begins to set the pattern because that belief is the outcome of my desire, and that desire strengthens the walls of the pattern. Gradually, my mind becomes dull, incapable of adjustment, of quickness, of sharpness, of clarity, because I am caught in the labyrinth of my own desires.

So, until I really investigate this process of my mind, the ways I think, the ways I regard love, until I am familiar with my own ways of thinking, I cannot possibly find what love is. There will be no love when my mind desires certain facts of love, certain actions of it, and when I then imagine what love should be. Then I give certain motives to love. So, gradually, I create the pattern of action with regard to love. But it is not love; it is merely my desire of what love should be. Say, for example, I possess you as a wife or as a husband. Do you understand "possess"? You possess your saris or your coats, don't you? If somebody took them away, you would be angry, you would be anxious, you would be irritated. Why? Because you regard your saris or your coat or kurta as yours, your property; you possess it because through possession you feel enriched. Don't you? Through having many saris, many kurtas, you feel rich, not only physically rich, but inwardly rich. So, when somebody takes your coat away, you feel irritated because inwardly you are being deprived of that feeling of being rich, that feeling of possession. Owning creates a barrier, does it not, with regard to love. If I own you, possess you, is that love? I possess you as I possess a car, a coat, a sari, because in possessing, I feel very rich; I depend on it; it is very important to me inwardly. This owning, this possessing, this depending, is what we call love. But if you examine it, you will see that behind it, the mind feels satisfied in possession. After all, when you possess a sari or many saris or a car or a house, inwardly it gives you a certain satisfaction, the feeling that it is yours.

So, the mind desiring, wanting, creates a pattern, and in that pattern it gets caught, and so the mind grows weary, dull, stupid, thoughtless. The mind is the center of that feeling of the 'mine', the feeling that I own something, that I am a big man, that I am a little man, that I am insulted, that I am flattered, that I am clever or that I am very beautiful or that I want to be ambitious or that I am the daughter of somebody or the son of somebody. That feeling of the 'me', the 'I', is the center of the mind, is the mind itself. So, the more the mind feels this is mine and builds walls round the feeling that "I am somebody," that "I must be great," that "I am a very clever man," or that "I am very stupid or a dull man," the more it creates a pattern, the more and more it becomes enclosed, dull. Then it suffers; then there is pain in that enclosure. Then it says, "What am I to do?" Then it struggles to find something else instead of removing the walls that are enclosing it. By thought, by careful awareness, by going into it, by understanding it, it wants to take something from outside and then to close itself again. So, gradually, the mind becomes a barrier to love. So, without the understanding of life, of what the mind is, of the way of thinking, of the way from which there is action, we cannot possibly find what love is.

Is not the mind also an instrument of comparison? You know what comparison is, to compare. You say this is better than that; you compare yourself with somebody who is more beautiful, who is more clever. There is comparison when you say, "I remember that particular river which I saw a year ago, and it was still more beautiful." You compare yourself with somebody, compare yourself with an example, with the ultimate ideal. Comparative judgment makes the mind dull; it does not sharpen the mind, it does not make the mind comprehensive, inclusive, because when you are all the time comparing, what has happened? You see the sunset, and you immediately compare that sunset with the previous sunset. You see a mountain and you see how beautiful it is. Then you say, "I saw a still more beautiful mountain two years ago." What happens when you are comparing is that you are really not looking at the sunset which is there, but you are looking at it in order to compare it with something else. So, comparison prevents you from looking fully. I look at you, you are nice, but I say, "I know a much nicer person, a much better person, a more noble person, a more stupid person"; when I do this, I am not looking at you, am I? Because my mind is occupied with something else, I am not looking at you at all. In the same way, I am not looking at the sunset at all. To really look at the sunset, there must be no comparison; to really look at you, I must not compare you with someone else. It is only when I look at you not with comparative judgment that I can understand you. But when I compare you with somebody else, then I judge you, and I say, "Oh! he is a very stupid man." So, stupidity arises when there is comparison; you understand? I compare you with somebody else, and that very comparison brings about a lack of human dignity. When I look at you without comparing, I am only concerned with you, not with someone else. The very concern about you, not comparatively, brings about human dignity.

So, as long as the mind is comparing, there is no love, and the mind is always judging, comparing, weighing, looking to find out where the weakness is. So, where there is comparison, there is no love. When the mother and father love their children, they do not compare them; they do not compare their child with another child; it is their child and they love their child. But you want to compare yourself with something better, with something nobler, with something richer, so you create in yourself a lack of love. You are all the time concerned with yourself in relationship to somebody else. So, as the mind becomes more and more comparative, more and more possessive, more and more depending, it creates a pattern in which it gets caught, so it cannot look at anything anew, afresh, and so it destroys that very thing, that very perfume of life, which is love.


When you want to be like another, you have already created a pattern of action, have you not? You have already set a limitation on your thought. You have already bound your thought within certain limits. So, your thought has already become crystallized, narrow, limited, suffocated. Why do you want to be great? Why are you not prepared to be what you are? You see, the moment you want to be something, there is misery, there is degradation, there is envy and sorrow. I want to be like the Buddha. What happens? I struggle everlastingly. I am stupid, I am ugly; I crave for something, and I wish to leave what I am and to go beyond that. I am ugly, I want to be beautiful, so I struggle everlastingly, until I die, to be beautiful or to deceive myself to think that I am beautiful. If I say to myself that I am ugly and I see it as a fact, then I can investigate, then I can go beyond. But if I am always trying to be something other than what I am, then my mind wears itself out.

If you say, "This is what I am, and I am going to understand this," then you will find that the understanding of what you are - not what you should be - brings great peace and contentment, great understanding, great love.

Is there not an end of love? Is love based on attraction?

Suppose you are attracted by a beautiful river, by a beautiful woman, or by a man. What is wrong with that? We are trying to find out. You see, when I am attracted to a woman, to a man or to truth or to a person, what happens? I want to be with it, I want to possess it, I want to call it my own; I say that it is mine and that it is not yours. I am attracted to that person, I must be near that person, my body must be near that person's body. So, what have I done? What generally happens? The fact is that I am attracted, and I want to be near that person; that is a fact, not an ideal. And also the fact is that when I am attracted and I want to possess, there is no love. My concern is with the fact and not with what I should be. Well, when I possess a person, I do not want that person to look at anybody else. When I consider that person as mine, is there love? Obviously not. The moment my mind creates a hedge round that person, as the 'mine', there is no love.

The fact is my mind is doing that all the time. That is what we are discussing, to see how the mind is working and perhaps, being aware of it, the mind itself will be quiet.


Who is going to tell you about what is true? You are here, are you not? There is the earth and you are here. Why speculate about something which you cannot possibly prove? I mean, the scientists, the biologists will tell you how the earth has been created, and some equally clever person will tell you how the earth has been created out of Brahma. He will tell you how you have been created, how you have evolved, and another will tell you how you have been created out of matter. Then, what will happen to you? Which are you going to choose? You will obviously choose something that will please you, you will choose according to your own conditioning. This is a useless process of speculating. It is a waste of time to speculate. But there is the earth to understand, and you have to find out why you are here, what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what your life is. Perhaps you feel you will be able to find out ultimately, but you must begin now to find out.

[W]hy do we have to have love? Why should there be love? Can we do without it? What would happen if you did not have this so-called love?


The real thing is to understand yourself, to see why you are asking, and not for what you are asking, to see why there is this demand in you, this urge to beg. Then you will find out that the more you know about yourself physically as well as psychologically - the more you know what you are thinking, what you are feeling - the more you will find out the truth of what is. It is that truth that will help you to be free.

31st March 2014, 03:13
Well most certainly, I can... and do. 24/7s'!! Why do you think WWIII,
hasn't started yet???!!!!!
chuckle,chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!!!!!!!!

If you're the one responsible for that not happening, please keep up the good work. Glad to have you with us on April 3rd specifically, though, and may more join us. For those not used to loving 24/7, one day at a time seems like a good way to begin.

@ Tesla:
That's a pretty tall order for crazy people, Doodah.

Can I be in love on Thursday without outside help?
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM weather looks doubtful!!!

But lemme bookmark this

Um... I don't know... maybe look for inside help? Don't worry, weather doesn't impede love. Thanks for bookmarking April 3rd. It'll do all of us good, clear out the arteries, lower blood pressure, remind us what it feels like to be free people.

31st March 2014, 03:19
I am in Doodah! What a brilliant idea! I love most everyone so this will be simply enjoyable for me. It makes one vibrate much higher and feel lighter, don't you agree!

Thanks so much for this thread and putting this out there! Looking forward to it!

31st March 2014, 03:32
Thanks Dianna. Good thoughts there from Krishnamurti.

For myself, though, it doesn't require so much cogitation and not nearly so many words. But I'm more a visual/feeling person. You know when you're in the presence of love, or the lack of it. April 3rd is more about doing than thinking about doing.

April 3rd is about love in action. That doesn't mean going out and doing lots of good deeds, but do those if they come your way and you are so inclined. It's more about self-awareness of the thoughts and emotions we're putting out into the universe, what we're building with our unconscious creative power.

I hope you will join us.

31st March 2014, 03:40
I am in Doodah! What a brilliant idea! I love most everyone so this will be simply enjoyable for me. It makes one vibrate much higher and feel lighter, don't you agree!

Thanks so much for this thread and putting this out there! Looking forward to it!

Yes, yes, yes. Completely agreed, heretogrow - thank you! One does indeed vibrate much higher and feel lighter. The magic of it is that we don't honestly know everything we're doing here, but we can choose where to put our energy. Build love and the world must change. This seems especially important now.

1st April 2014, 16:56
Let me go back to the Archons for a moment:

It has been discussed in depth here on Avalon that this world is controlled by negative Reptilian entities which are fourth dimensional in nature. They only rarely manifest in 3D physical form, but have telepathic control over those on this planet who are hell-bent on destruction and death. Why would anyone want destruction and death? Because allegedly those negative Reptoids feed off of our negative energy - especially spikes of excessive emotional states like fear, terror, lust, hatred -- where love is not.

I say "don't feed them."

We can awaken. We can perceive how we are constantly manipulated emotionally by projections of negative futures, prophesies of catastrophe, false flag events, manmade disasters, violent movies, hate-speech, etc.

If we awaken and remain awake, we can refuse to contribute our thinking, and especially our emotions, to such things. The repercussions of this change in thought and emotional output are interdimensional and likely cosmic in nature.

Let's spend a day in love on April 3rd. Let's remove from the Reptoid feeding trough the negative emotions we unthinkingly generate. If we can do this consistently (even for 24 hours as a start), the Reps will leave this planet and we will be able to get on with doing the things that need to be done here. This is how we change the matrix.

All in favor, say "aye!" :)

3rd April 2014, 15:50
For all those who have made or are making April 3rd a day of love, I hope things are going very, very well for you!

A few things to be thankful for:

* That Chile does not have any nuclear power plants and that that is not an issue with the 8.3 earthquake and 6-foot tsunami off the coast of Chile. Blessings to those involved, however. May they get the assistance they need.

* To the Nuclear Regulatory Commisson in the US: In the name of love, please start decommissioning all the nuclear power plants in the United States. It takes a year to completely shut them down. Now is the time.

* In the name of love (not profit) may all the roadblocks around alternative energy be removed so that the world can move ahead into a more just and joyful future.

* On a personal note, I've been starting seeds for this year's organic vegetable gardens. Seeds that the packet said would germinate in 8 to 10 days have germinated in 4 days. How that made me smile! I love seeing those little guys break the soil. Is this mere coincidence? Or is the love factor operating here?

Tell us your stories!

Love and peace,

3rd April 2014, 16:42

3rd April 2014, 17:07
Joining you today Doodah. Thank you for this recommendation.


5th April 2014, 23:56
I wanted to tell you guys that April 3rd was an unusually good day for me, very happy, nothing too surprising or nice, but I was just in a good mood for no reason.

Thanks to those of you who tried to project a good day -- I think it actually helped, and wasn't even thinking about it much at the time.

thank you.

6th April 2014, 02:31
Thank you, Tesla -- that's fantastic! Good to hear.

And journeyon, thanks for the post. Unfortunately I can't access YouTube from my dial-up computer, so I'm sorry I can't know what you posted there. Can you provide a summary? I hope you joined us on April 3rd.

I want to report my experiences with this -- and to thank those who participated. Anyone who wants to suggest another date for a Love Day, please PM me, I'd be happy to coordinate again or join in a thread. This is so very worthwhile to do.

I had several challenging things I wanted to 'work on' on April 3rd, but as the days led up to April 3rd I found that I had already entered love-centeredness just by thinking about it.

As I reported above, I had started seeds indoors for the organic vegetable gardens during this time period and that they germinated exceptionally fast. Plants are certainly responsive to emotional vibration, but this was a completely pleasant smile-on-my-face surprise. Some of those seeds were 4 years old and I know for a fact that last year when I tried to germinate them I had a very difficult time getting them started. This quick germination has continued as I've done successive seeding in the days after April 3rd also. People who don't work with seeds may not understand what a joy this is!

But the big surprise ... My intent for April 3rd had been to direct love energy to my neighborhood, to my little corner of the world. Specifically I wanted the love to help heal some of the trees and plants around here which have suffered from drought and become weakened in the past years. Other trees had blight on their leaves last year and looked very unhealthy.

On the 3rd I sat in meditation specifically to focus on healing of the neighborhood. (Other than that one specific thing, I didn't do anything special.) Basically I saw my heart as the center of a sun, radiating brilliant love-light outward in all directions. The meditation was pretty short - the light moved outward very quickly, like one of those supernova images from sci-fi films.

The side story here is that this neighborhood has not been an entirely harmonious place in the last several months. The house across the road has been a troubled house. I've heard arguments, doors slamming. The woman there had taken up with a rather immature-acting man. Apparently they would have an argument and then he would get in his pick-up truck and angrily screech his tires in the driveway -- holding his foot on the brake while hitting the gas pedal, basically keeping the truck in one spot until the tires started to smoke, screeching loudly all the while. Then he'd peel out onto the road in an angry cloud of dust.

WELL, all of a sudden this neighborhood has gotten a lot quieter! I didn't know what had happened until I spoke with my other neighbor who told me that that guy has moved out. Wow ... what a blessing for my sense of peace and quiet, and hopefully that woman will now find somebody more suitable for herself and her two kids. I think more love will come to that house now.

This scenario was not even in my thoughts as I went into the April 3rd day of love. What a bonus!

6th April 2014, 03:08
Hello Dear Doodah! So sorry so many days have passed and I did not contribute an update. Just wanted you to know April 3rd was one of the most loving days I have had all year. Good things come back to you when you pay it forward. Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration!