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Fairy Friend
1st April 2014, 07:58
Quantum physics and the double slit experiment.

I know this is confusing a lot of people and I found a couple of videos that do a fair job in explaining this. Science is indeed finding this is a world that does not work they way we were taught.
This could fit into several threads but I felt it maybe was worth pondering in itself. I've seen the subject brought up before but I didn't see any video clips.

I and my daughter like this the best.



This is a cartoon version but it leaves out some important additional experiments that were done. Different visuals always helps too.



This is a more lecture setting and since people learn differently I thought it would be nice to check out. I like this one but I like more traditional teaching even if it is dry to some.



Light seems to behave as both particles (matter) and as waves or the invisible force called energy. Still a point of confusion. Well matter like electrons behave as particles and waves also.

Electrons have been elusive in being able to pinpoint where they actually are at any one time and place. They appear to be teleporting from one place to another and can be no place and two places at once despite many attempts to pin them down and figure out where they are exactly at any one time. Hence the thought of being like beads on a string and traveling through dimensions. String theory leading to thoughts of a multi 11th dimensional universe etc. etc.
I am no expert here but food for thought.

1st April 2014, 09:22
So let me try to get this. Photons can be everywhere and anywhere all at once?


When I look through a telescope at say the moon, does that mean I'm shortening the actual distance/bending spacetime at a quantum level..or rather the telescope is? :confused:

1st April 2014, 10:14
Just adding for your consideration:

Some new minded Physicists look at particles as travailing/moving in 'Spirals'

In the same sort of way that we and our Earth and sun don't move in circles but in spirals through space!
New minds say that particles look like waves but what you are seeing is a spiral from the side, a wave!

So what would you get/result in the split experiment if you take into account Spirals?

1st April 2014, 12:27
The dual nature of matter is due to the Observer Effect. Initially it acts like waves until someone "observes" it and then it act like particles. So when the consciousness of a being becomes involved in observing matter, its nature is "changed" by that act. So it transforms from wave to particle.


I like the current explanation of string or M-theory in regards to matter. Where matter is like a vibrating string or a wave of energy. It explains to me at least why most of matter is empty.

I think of it in this way, if you take a jump rope (which is analogous to the energy wave or string) and you spin the rope around you and you jump through it creates a spherical shape around you. Now if you were to spin that rope as fast as you could it would make it appear as though it was a solid spherical object. If someone were to try to stick their hand into the shape it would be hit by the rope and that would happen anywhere a person would try to inject their hand. The hand would bounce off or be repelled by the seemingly solid object whose shape was formed by a spinning rope.

Remove the person spinning the rope and let the rope spin or vibrate on its own and the majority of the "shape" would be empty space. So a vibrating string or energy wave would give the impression of making a 3-d solid object.

Here is a good video series about string/m-theory







1st April 2014, 13:47
So let me try to get this. Photons can be everywhere and anywhere all at once?


When I look through a telescope at say the moon, does that mean I'm shortening the actual distance/bending spacetime at a quantum level..or rather the telescope is? :confused:

The atoms before the collapse of the wave function (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave_function_collapse), are latent waves of possibilities.
All possibilities.

With or without a telescope you've never viewed the moon itself.

Matter itself is invisible.

Do you see the light reflected in the atoms that form the moon.

If the light is turn off, you do not see anything.

What we perceive as solid matter is actually to touch the repulsion caused by the atoms that make up your hands (example), the atoms that make up the solid object you're groping.

Like a magnet. With equal electric charge, will repulsion between them.

This way you also never touches the matter.

The perception of different solid materials occurs due to different electromagnetic compositions of atoms that formed it.

If it were not so, every hug or handshake, there would be an explosion.

The world could end with a kiss.

From my understanding the double-slit experiment, conceptually is one of the most (if not the most) important today conducted.

This experiment proves without a doubt that the components that make up the 'perceptible' universe, 'matter' is 'conscious'.

The level of that consciousness can and should be studied / discussed, but can not be ignored.



Fairy Friend
1st April 2014, 19:07
I think of this is more like the universe exists as probabilities until we observe it and decide what's going to happen. Obviously our conscious mind has control over matter itself on some level. And this just doesn't include Photons or light but electrons, molecules even buckyballs. All these things has lead to the 11th dimension and multiverses and multi universes. I wonder who's going to get the next Nobel Peace Prize on this one.

1st April 2014, 19:38
I caught an episode of Through the Wormhole last week where they discussed dark matter and dark energy. They discussed that dark matter was like a sub-structure that underlies where all physical matter comes into existence in our universe. And that dark energy is the force that keeps gravity from collapsing the universe upon itself, it makes the universe expand.

Only 5% of the universe is ordinary matter, 27% of the universe is dark matter and the remaining 68% of the universe is dark energy. :faint2:

Couldn't find it on youtube. But the episode can be watched at this link. It is titled: S01E08



meat suit
1st April 2014, 19:40
you guys are ready for tom campbell

it explains everything and its still the most important thread on this forum in my view.....

1st April 2014, 19:46
I like Tom Campbell a lot meat suit, worth checking out for sure...

Forgive me for not having time to read the whole thread, I love the topic, am hoping someone can explain (or point me to explanation) of how they manage to isolate a single photon (or atom, particle or strand of DNA in other experiments)

Fairy Friend
1st April 2014, 20:41
Meat suit and Donk, my third video clip is Tom Campbell however he is in lecture mode, lecturing to physics students. As opposed to more entertainment mode in the other thread, reaching out to share his thoughts. It's the same person. I did not realize that there was a specific thread here, there is so much on this forum it's hard to sort through it all.and to be honest I had to play in the sandbox area of the forum to figure out how to even load video clips. This is definitely where it all roots from and I thought it was important to show people that. I'm still pondering it all.

Fairy Friend
1st April 2014, 20:54
Seeker/reader thank you, I was looking for that video and I saw some of it also on a thread in the forum I'm not sure where it might be under ?Chocolate's thread. I like it.

Fellow Aspirant
2nd April 2014, 01:30
Hear! Hear! Tom Campbell is an amazing thinker who does stunning work. His explanation of the system of reality is incredibly important.