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5th April 2014, 18:00
Senior CIA Official Jumps From Building


A senior CIA official has died in an apparent suicide this week from injuries sustained after jumping off a building in northern Virginia, according to sources close to the CIA.

CIA spokesman Christopher White confirmed the death and said the incident did not take place at CIA headquarters in McLean, Va.

“We can confirm that there was an individual fatally injured at a facility where agency work is done,” White told the Washington Free Beacon. “He was rushed to a local area hospital where he subsequently died. Due to privacy reasons and out of respect for the family, we are not releasing additional information at this time.”

So what do you think? Is this related at all to the banker suicides? Seems rather odd doesn’t it? Al-CIAda don’t usually jump from buildings or kill themselves even. I suppose it is all speculation until we know more about the individual.


5th April 2014, 18:04
Did he suicide? Or was he suicided? Me thinks a tiny frequency can give all the jumpers the justification to jump. Their own technology used ON them.

5th April 2014, 18:43
...so what was his name and how senior was he?

5th April 2014, 19:01
...so what was his name and how senior was he?
Good question Autumn, so far I have not found any kind of name yet released.

5th April 2014, 19:54
****, this is exactly what happened in Hellstrom's Hive after it was found out that the CIA had more commercial interest in the hive's inventions than in stemming the threat coming from the hive. The SR. CorkSoaker at the CIA "jumped" from a high window. He was actually a funny character in the book, so that was a bit sad.

I think the Chief jumps out the window after 2 CIA field agent teams go missing near Hellstrom's farm, in the story. His senior agent ends up dead because he had sex with someone from the Hive at his motel, and the sex/hormonal supplement she gave him is too strong. lol

So this young agent named Eddie "Shorty" Janvert takes over the whole operation, and even ends up calling the President to warn him that the Hive's weaponry is zeroed in on D.C.

I guess what we end up wondering is, how many different kinds of hives actually exist in America, and are all of them doing so in acknowledgment of the common good?

The whole thing with Sen. Feinstein is creeping me out -- the timing is weird, the inquiry into CIA interrogation methods and the guy jumps NOw??

:( it's effing sad all around


5th April 2014, 20:33
Well if true, guesses are the chicken is coming home to roost. PTSD works at all levels. IMHO


5th April 2014, 21:50
The topic of this thread makes sense to me. Some time ago I read an article that stated that "they will start hunting each other" - with reference to the cabal/illuminati/whatever and anyone associated. The comment about their own technology being used on them, in terms of beaming a particular frequency onto their brain - as they do to innocent humans. That was my first thought as soon as I started reading the thread. I thought rogue agent who wants to tell people about the truth of what is happening on this planet. He became a liability and had to be silenced - or - he had a revelation of personal truth and being overwhelmed with negative emotion actually took his own life. It is always sad when someone chooses to end their own life. I hope he is at peace and will guide us in spirit.

Much Peace - Amanda

5th April 2014, 23:01
Somebody must have had dirt on him so embarrassing , he had no way out or he was pushed ...

5th April 2014, 23:09
in spite of the evil propagated by that agency, i feel really bad for the people who belong to it.
i have this total asshat family member who used to do some black ops **** (not CIA at least not that they told him if you know what I mean -- his team was not named).

he said "you're never really out" etc etc etc... I was like, uh, so why go in?

People get fed this line of crap, "good job security" "You'll be able to do anything you want later" etc etc etc
Not true.

p.s. "when the whole world is a fish bowl the key is becoming one of the fish watchers" -- except we know better and sleep better too on PA!

"good job security" = jumping out of window apparently?

6th April 2014, 01:19
Pedophilia comes to mind. A lot of the higher ups are into it, and if the Queen and Pope gotta go, then secret info international rogue agency agents gotta go. They either confess, or take the "leave the wife and kids money by suicide/insurance. They only have to go past 2 years and not have a mental history. They use this tactic, if they get busted. They don't want to face the hellish prison situations, they and their paid lackeys put in place for the regular Jane, Joe, Rasheeda, Jamon, Pedro, Maria, and others.
Sad thing is most times they've kept the secret from family, and they simply don't want to see that disappointment in their faces or face the charges publicly. For all we know he could have had porn on his office pc, and stood to be asked to resign.
Unless....he's one of the CIA that knew about 911? That could be why they aren't releasing the name yet, because there may be ties to the inside job or the person who didn't report the terrorist in LA? Lots of stuff flying around and all of them possibilities, when you deal with what could be a dark side agent against the people of this country.:heh::censored:

I say it's the coward's way but also a way of not having to face your wife and family when the shtf. More to come...