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5th April 2014, 23:43
Impossible Dreams are often backed by "Negative (flawed) Discernment"

Why are some New Agers attracted to ideas and causes which are clearly impossible?
Maybe some have a sort-of "Man of La Mancha" (MOLM) complex, where they want to be seen as backing worthy causes, and the more romantic, the more dreamy and impossible they are, the more the MOLM can prove their idealistic credentials by backing them.

This Video makes the point pretty well - a comment I made about RVD helped to trigger the creation of this short 5-minute video:

"The Real Man of La Mancha" - who follows an Impossible Dream of Free Money:
= 0jY1G8H87mI =

The point made by a PREVIOUS VIDEO,
/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emHsHtqjTek /
...was that SwissIndo's claim of controlling a huge fund of One Thousand thirty Quadrillion Dollars, over $1 -followed by 18 zeros, is clearly impossible - because there is simply no way that such a large sum could be generated by the world's economy even over thousands of years, nor could it be stored within the banking system. The amount is several orders of magnitude too large to be real.

What is the RESPONSE of the Man-Of-La-Mancha to very solid evidence?

The usual "classic" MOLM pattern was followed here:
+ The merits and exact detail of the evidence is ignored
+ The "critical" person's comment is deleted, buried, or hidden, if possible
+ People are pointed so some very flimsy bit of evidence. (In this case it was to something called: The History of Banking, an Asian Perspective: www.fourwinds10.net/resources/uploads/pdf/the_brief.pdf ) It is pointed to, without any explanation whatsoever of why that alternative evidence might be stronger, or an actual refutation of the original "critical" evidence.

TRUTH Is not mutable, and simply a "matter of opinion" in a case like this. The new age person or website that behaves this way, is pushing away an inconvenient argument, and a truth seeking debater, in exactly the same way that the MSM ignores and pushes aside evidence or truths that it finds inconvenient.

MOLM's are not "serving humanity", or becoming more "noble" by pushing aside solid facts.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I can still remember the old days, where people did not simply rubbbish, or ignore the evidence presented by someone they disagree with. They would analyze it, and try to come up with better evidence for their own point of view. If they were unable to do so, they might change their opinion - perhaps not by 180 degrees, but by enough to take onboard the new solid evidence they had been presented.

Have many of us lost our minds, our ability to debate, are now incapable of processing contradictory evidence in a genuine search for truth ?

Am I wrong to express a desire to bring people back to the old ways of honest debate? Or have we been totally overwhelmed and beaten by emotional "right brainers", who give no attention to logic, and instead ask - "Does this resonate with me?*" - and rely merely on their (flawed) inner discernment?

*In this case: the "resonance" question is probably just: Does this make me feel good.

6th April 2014, 13:52
No comments?

A serious subject for me - but the Video was done tongue-in-cheek

Here's another Image to show how similar MOLM and RVD look:


Is Life imitating art?
Perhaps there is some subconscious modeling going on.

This Video was fun too: ( Ron and Aristo are the best of friends in our reality )

Don Quixote is a favorite in Spanish literature, and so the idea of chasing an impossible dream with a good heart,
seems heroic to many of us.

Romantic perhaps, but not practical.

I think we need to use both our Heart and our Brain - to stop being romantic dreamers, and aim to be practical enough to drive real change, with our causes confirmed by solid evidence.


6th April 2014, 14:20
Well, I think that you're right. I have watched Ron's videos every now and then since 2011, but I hardly care about those "money funds" or whatever because they seem to be silly and detached from reality. All I know about the man indeed has a good heart, but for some reason he won't allow criticism for long because he so desperately wants a major change to happen one way or another. Personally I think that everything should be questioned and I do mean every thing... But that's just me.

Have you attempted to reach him via his Facebook-page?

Of course it probably will be just a waste of your time, I don't think that his mind can be changed.

6th April 2014, 14:27
He bans or deletes my posts, along with those of some other posters, who try to bring a more complete and practical truth to him and his channel followers.

Posting here is a way of communicating the shortcomings inherent in the Right-Brained view of the world that some New-Agers have.

In fact, I reckon TPTB are happy to utilize groups (like OPPT and Swiss-Indo) as a sort of "flytrap" to drain away energy from those who have begun to see through the deceptions that TPTB employ. They use these groups as a sort of Swamp or Moat protecting the elites. Those of good heart, but limited logic, get stuck in a "wet" emotional trap - as they find a positive fantasy that "resonates" with their hopeful view of the world. But a "flytrap" has a totally impractical view of the world that in no way is a real danger to The Powers That Be. Those who are sympathetic, but more reality-based, will be put off by the fantasy-based half-truths that members of the flytrap have bought into. But the "true believers" will battle those who want to do something practical. (In fact, they probably do not want the responsibility or danger of mounting a genuine practical attack on the system they have begun to see is corrupt. A positive and "happy" campaign is more fun, and less risky.)

Perhaps I can help the followers see more clearly how they are being deceived by their own simple-minded rules:

+ Believe in a flytrap concept, because it emotionally "resonates" with a positive, hopeful view of the world,
+ Do very little solid research, and accept the first half-arsed argument the backs up the cheerful world-view you want to believe in,
+ Attract more new recruits to the concept, by promising money or riches at some ill-defined point in the future. And if deadlines are missed make up excused why this happened
+ Always try to "project love" towards those you are battling, even if they are evil psychopaths

Energy used in battling windmills is energy not directed at TPTB
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza were not dangerous,
Nor are Ron VD and Aristo P dangerous to powerful elites.

When you think about it, I think you will see how these principles can drain otherwise-dangerous energy away from those who might pose a potential threat to TPTB. They are disarmed by their own romantic view of the world.