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6th April 2014, 22:25
Last night I saw the movie. If you don't want to have the movie plot spoiled for you then stop reading now.

* Bill edit : skip right now to my post #2 immediately below if you've NOT seen the film, want to know more, and want to avoid spoilers.

For this interested, the movie had HYDRA making a reappearance. They basically had been working behind the scenes since WWII to infiltrate SHIELD. For those who are not familiar with the background story, HYDRA was part of the NAZIs. HYDRA was tasked with developing high tech weapons, in part based on obtaining hidden/occulted knowledge. They were supposedly defeated in the first Captain American movie, but they have come back in this sequel by utilizing a high tech super computer which was used to contain the knowledge (and possibly the consciousness) of one of HYDRA's top scientists. This scientist invented an algorithm which was able to identify people of the citizenry who were determined to be resistant to HYDRA's plans to install a NWO government.

HYDRA had infiltrated SHIELD (~ which is analogous to C I A) and had many of its top personnel as agents who were to launch helicarriers (large weaponized airships) that were to eliminate the targeted citizens that were identified by the HYDRA algorithm.

The HYDRA scientist said that HYDRA has been creating chaos throughout the years since WWII in an attempt to get the populace to decide for themselves to give up their freedom in exchange for security. The head of SHIELD (played by Robert Redford) said that sometimes things needed to be destroyed in order for a new better thing to be built in its place. That 20 million or so people could be sacrificed in return for making order for the rest.

Another character in the movie was a super-soldier (the Winter Soldier) who was used covertly by the traitorous SHIELD leader as an assassin. This man had been mind programmed and had a mechanical arm. When this soldier began to remember who he really was, his mind was erased by tortuous electro-shocks to the brain.

I won't tell what happens in the end. Oh yeah, and they actually used the term "NEW WORLD ORDER" in the movie.

HMMM....where have I heard this plot/story before. I wonder??? NAZI infiltration of modern alphabet agencies, artificial intelligence super computers, false-flags, giving up freedom in exchange for security, NWO, order out of chaos, genocide, mind programming, super-soldiers.....:rolleyes:

Oh, yeah, I have read about it here on this forum.....

Bill Ryan
6th April 2014, 22:30

I saw it, twice: it was excellent. Highly recommended for all Avalonians. (And their friends/partners!)

There's a lot there that parallels and analogs the real-world situation we're all in.

I edited the 4 April Infowars review down to a sharp 6 minutes... do listen, here. (No spoilers, and the review was well done.)

http://projectavalon.net/Infowars_Captain_America_review_4_April_2014.mp3 (4.4 Mb)

6th April 2014, 22:54
I too watched the film on Friday night with my brother after listening to the Infowars review, and like Bill has stated above - a lot of parallels to the situations we are finding ourselves in here in America. An $8.50 well spent and recommend to anyone else out there.

6th April 2014, 23:04
I would love to see this, as it has to do with maaaaaaany threads we've got going here......

thanks for the endorsement, Bill! lol and thanks Seeker/Reader

(Bill have you seen "The Master" yet? w/ Philip Hoffman?)

6th April 2014, 23:34
I too watched the film on Friday night with my brother after listening to the Infowars review, and like Bill has stated above - a lot of parallels to the situations we are finding ourselves in here in America. An $8.50 well spent and recommend to anyone else out there.

Films are cheaper here in Hong Kong.
The "largest cinema in HK" is charging HK$45, or US$5.80.
You can also pay more than double that, if you watch in it in Central, in 3D.
I think London prices would be even more than double

6th April 2014, 23:42
There's a good review of Captain America at Mother Jones: "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Is About Obama's Terror-Suspect Kill List, Say the Film's Directors (http://www.motherjones.com/mixed-media/2014/04/captain-america-winter-soldier-obama-kill-list-politics-drones-nsa)

6th April 2014, 23:44
Just downloading a hopefully not too 'dodgy' 'cam' copy from an 'online source'! At least I'll get to see it sooner rather than later....LOL What's it like in 3D, is it worth me driving one and a half hours (3 hours total) to see it like that?

Bill Ryan
7th April 2014, 00:13
What's it like in 3D, is it worth me driving one and a half hours (3 hours total) to see it like that?

My personal opinion: the shaky camera style in the action scenes (as in the Bourne movies) may leave you feeling more than a little dizzy. :)

I saw it in 2D and then in 3D a few nights later -- my first experience was the best.


7th April 2014, 00:28
Good movie but 3 d effects are not worth the extra money. I am amazed by how Hollywood can take a comic book and turn it into a money maker and throw in some ideas right here out of the alternate media and people think it proves there point. Maybe this is where they get there ideas for movies by monitoring us.

7th April 2014, 00:41
Good movie but 3 d effects are not worth the extra money. I am amazed by how Hollywood can take a comic book and turn it into a money maker and throw in some ideas right here out of the alternate media and people think it proves there point. Maybe this is where they get there ideas for movies by monitoring us.

Yes. And more.

Many a script idea was lifted from places like Avalon.

But I would not begrudge them that, not even for a second. Let them eat the ideas, and get them into the human lexicon of life.

Bill Ryan
7th April 2014, 00:47
I am amazed by how Hollywood can take a comic book and turn it into a money maker and throw in some ideas right here out of the alternate media and people think it proves there point. Maybe this is where they get there ideas for movies by monitoring us.

I don't think this is about proving anyone's point. What encouraged me is that these strong, important ideas (blanket surveillance, personality profiling, false flags, controlling through fear disguised as freedom and security, AI, mind control, supersoldiers)... are making it to the mainstream.

This is a mainstream movie, not an arts house special playing to a few dozen people. And 9 out of 10 of the equally mainstream critics loved it (89% (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/captain_america_the_winter_soldier_2014/) on the collective movie review site Rotten Tomatoes) -- specifically because of the bold, real-world storyline. Many remarked on how mature it was in concept... not just a silly comic book story at all.

So all this has to be a positive sign. Maybe the controllers don't care (in George Green's 2008 words (http://projectcamelot.org/george_green.html), "They think they've already won") ... but the more people see movies like this, and talk about them, and bring along their mainstream, unquestioning friends and partners (and how about their mainstream children!) -- the more chance we have.

7th April 2014, 01:23
I agree with you on getting out the information to more people but if they put it out there as a movie does't that make it fantasy and then people will say it is not real and discard the ideas. Maybe that is the whole point hide it in plain site and they can even say, well we even told them and gave them a chance. The real question is how to get the ideas into the minds of the mainstream. The movie format is entertainment based and controlled by the PTB. We have to get one step ahead of them and figure a way to get information out to the masses by using there own technology :IE Twitter, Facebook and other media to circumvent there control.IMHO

7th April 2014, 01:24
Does Stan Lee have our best interests in mind or does he work the agenda? Makes one wonder what his true intentions really are, and if he is trying to get the message across to the people as what the Cabal is doing is a good thing (which we know that it sure as Hell isn't), or an eye opener to the bad that they have in-store for their agenda, and how to wake to the soft-disclosure of the movies topics that are portrayed?

7th April 2014, 03:56
All our stories, begin as myths, or stories becoming myths.

Ways of introducing concepts, truths, both openly and subliminally.

Every motion in the right direction is your friend, as the level of help needed is extreme.

Take it for the gift that it is.

The rules of debate come into play in this arena, the arena of being given 'information' to ruminate upon.

The critical point is a direct facing of data, a direct confrontation, only sours and turns more people away - than it charms.

If a debater is angry in their presentation, the data shows that their ideas are outright rejected ,and the mind being asked to look - shuts down. The way is closed.

If one knows and is angry, then re-enforcement is the deal when sharing with other angry people who also know. Thus, things like Bill O'Reilly. He's there, and does what he does... to make sure the charmed stay charmed.

This brings us to the hard part:

Thus, if you 'know' and you are angry, Never Bring It To Your Argument.

The part you don't like, I suspect... is that the data is presented, the hero engages, and a given problem is solved, or resolved in some fashion. And the fear, is, of course, that the people will give up on their quest as they have had some sort of 'release' due to viewing this film. some form of tension downturn or withdrawal. A satisfaction of sorts. Itch scratched. The end.

Not so fast.

IMO, their awareness and their integration of the data is the key component and it will strip away the other contentedness issue, pretty darned easily, in the long run.

7th April 2014, 05:35
Another angle to take into account is 'Predictive Programming'

From Alan Watt's website: (http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com/movies.html)

Suggested Movies to Watch

That Which is Programmed in Fiction, Programs Your Acceptance of a Planned Future

Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda.


Predictive Programming - The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome.

The Experiment
(Germany) Good fictional account of actual psychological experiments in identity modification and adaptation. How people adapt to new roles under scientific guidance.

The Trial
Surrealistic portrayal of a totalitarian system where an individual is charged with ? and goes through the logical processes without understanding that logic, albeit predictable, was never intended to win.

2001 and 2010
Written by a high free mason, Arthur C. Clarke, shows a Masonic belief system semi-obscured in allegory. Really tells a new world order beginning in 2001, ending with Part 2 - 2010. For follow up on final story, see Arthur C. Clarke's book 3001.

Revelation 2001
Knights Templar story in modern times. Descendent of Martel, going into genetic manipulation and recreation of famous holy people using DNA.

Brotherhood of the Bell
Glenn Ford
True to life story of how Masonic societies and fraternities run the business world with ruthless efficiency.

James Stewart
About the corruption, reality of war and the human fall out.

The Name of the Rose
Sean Connery
Written by Umberto Echo
Medieval time piece using an actual meeting of the Catholic church held in the mountain monastery. Hints strongly at how ancient knowledge was hidden and stored within it's library and locked from the public's eyes.

The Man Who Would Be King
Sean Connery and Michael Caine
Written by Rudyard Kipling
Two ex-soldiers in nineteen century India, both free masons, join in search of Alexander the Great's treasure. (Ticked-off mason's by using Masonic greetings openly.)

Eric the Viking - Comedy
Eric and his crew go off on a quest and it shows how cultural perception can blind personal progress in specific situations.

The Lawn Mower Man
Predictive programming movie aimed at the young, encouraging excitement at the possibility of achieving amazing powers by mentally entering the actual Internet.

Jacob's Ladder
Movie based on actual experiments used in the Vietnam era on American troupes by the military scientific elite.

Storm of the Century
The mirror of human nature is reflected on a town when a Melchisedek type figure comes looking for a sorcerer's apprentice.

They Live
Science fiction movie portraying the system from a special VIEWpoint by the use of scientifically designed spectacles to show the subliminal behind common symbolism.

THX 1138
George Lucas first film into a terrifying drugged worker society in a near future setting based loosely of Huxley's Brave New World.

Dark City
Sci-fi with a DNA-program memory twist.

Life of Brian
A Monty Python movie depicting Jerusalem 2000 years ago where different factions, communist, socialist, and zealots all fight with each other as well as the Romans. Brian is mistaken for a messiah and followed by the mob (representing the general population) who persistently look for magical meanings behind the simple sayings such as "Why don't we all just get along with each other?"

Things to Come by H. G. Wells (1937)
H.G. Wells, British Frontman and RIIA (CFR in America) shows the elite's plan of creating a scientific dictatorship to rule the entire world using advanced sciences including gassing whole populations from a world squadron of aircraft which he calls the freemasonry of airmen.

The Ogre
Insight into the world of a pedophile with an affinity for managing wild animals recruited for collecting young boys for the Nazi eugenics "supermen" program.

Soylent Green
A future where everyone has been crowded into cities which are polluted. The world corporation runs all legal food business system, etc. Euthanasia clinics are set up to dispense with those who have no will to go on in this miserable existence. The public are told no countryside exists outside the cities worth inhabiting and bodies are recycled as food for profit.

Eyes Wide Shut
Insight into higher cult activities of the wealthy movers and shakers showing rites of sexual magic for regeneration. Shows how a game is played with a young doctor who has no idea he is being led along a path laid out by this group for their own entertainment. Listen to the names of the people, look at the street signs back and forth, numbers, etc. Stanley Kubrick's last movie (director 2001).

The Matrix and Matrix 2 and 3
Matrix (all of them) self-evident to the few, a good fast entertainment for the general population, and the real meaning of who's who for a very, very, small minority.

The Conversation and the follow-up Enemy of the State
Gene Hackman made years apart shows the intense surveillance of the 70's and increasing up to total surveillance in the second movie. A form of predictive programming and a high occultic legal showing to those not knowing who cannot say they didn't know.

The Village
A wealthy group of scientists design their utopia isolated from the profane using a religion for that is made for the younger village members.

Logan's Run
A pre-planned utopia where the religion makes everyone believe they move on into another world at the age of 25. This is actually a population control program in a science fiction scenario.

The Ninth Gate
Mystical journey of elite wealthy cult members seeking occult knowledge in rare old expensive books. Good fun for the new agers and a good mystery for the Adepts.

The Final Cut
Soon to be in a head near you story of a brain microchipped society where memories are recorded for the entire life of each individual, predictive programming at its best.

Running Man
Reality show of the near future where the state uses convicts to entertain the public as the prisoners run a gauntlet of death, live on TV. Reminiscent of Huxley's 1962 Berkeley speech where he comments at the reason Rome fell was that they couldn't supply enough bread and circuses for the public and he saw no reason why a carefully constructed scientific dictatorship could not last forever.

Wag the Dog
The hollywood version of the US involvement in Bosnia-Albania which was followed to the letter a year later with no changes to the script by the real US.

Code 46
A special ability exists to eradicate memories and alter identity for people who had mated without authorization.

7th April 2014, 10:01
Some good movie suggestions there!

7th April 2014, 14:22
Regarding predictive programming films:

Having met some of these people personally, and peripherally, and the entire industry in general, I can tell you, with some assurance... that the film industry is in it as they find good stories to tell, that they want to tell, that they feel will make money, and they convince people to back it financially...and then it happens. The film gets made, and you watch it.

It is true, yes, that some groups (military, etc) do go out of their way to get involved and add into films. But that is actually the exception, not the rule.

There is no less of a understanding of moral and ethical outrage of what is going on around this planet in the film industry as there is in any other circle of people.

This is the principle reason you end up seeing it in films, but subdued, sort of 'laying low' so to speak. It's not about control, it's about the ability to make the next film one may be attempting to put together.

In the same way a CEO or executive officer for a major corporation or given large company does not speak on politics, or religion, or alternative news topics, in public arenas. A person's stability in the business that they are working in is one of their tools in their tool chest of skills and general acclaim..that allows them to get to and through their next job.

Films are 'jobs', individual 'contracts' for a given time period, where crews are selected to get together and do a thing, to construct a film. People get their jobs based on skill, acclaim, recognition. Ie, known quantities of how they work on-site, how well they can get things done.

Sticking out in a fanatical or fringe way is a good method of never getting another job. The next job being obtained, requires that one has a zero failure reputation. Many times, one bad film, and that person or given group, never really ever works in the film industry again. It is that level of dog-eat-dog in the film industry.

Let me clarify, so you get the point. In modern times, each film is a hired group. EACH FILM is different, different groups. Look at the end credits of a film. The companies mentioned, are real. A film is an independent financial entity. That's how they are done, as separate entities, contractually speaking, in order to keep the legalities and the taxation under stable control. Lets say you run a special effects company that specializes in certain areas, or types of special effects. You get hired by a given production company for one film, by that film entity. The next job may be for the same people, due to reputation and efficiency, and so on.....but you are hired by a different film entity. You are hired by that individual 'film'.

The actors on the side of the film camera that they are on, are in a totally different world. They are brought in and flourish or wilt according to how the PUBLIC accepts them and how their films make or don't make money. This is done via the studio house, or some component of the film production group having contacted the given actor and asking if they would like to be involved.

They (actors) decide whether they wish to be involved in a given script or not and the wise actors are the ones who pay attention to who is making the film and who is running or involved in being the 'crew' for that given production.

If you look at what I've just written, you can see that predictive programming as a form of direct INTENT in the making of a film is not a direct purposeful act, but a money making technique as a reflection for the given times, the given hooks that are built into the people, in that given relevant time. Nothing more. direct intent in programming, in the creation of a film, is again the exception.

Yootoob and other places are now going to be the area where we watch films, films that are made for literally, $10-20k.

let me show you why:



The basic camera is $3k.

Their 4k resolution camera..is almost the same price. Old camera rigs used to be in the $50k-60k-80k-etc price range.

A 4k resolution camera is good enough capture quality for projection on a 40-50 foot screen (10-15M).

Next year, there will be more contenders in this camera market, and the stories told by average folk will branch out to an even bigger and more widespread level.

'Film', is leaving the control of the studios and is being democratized, as we speak.

Seek out and see the film 'side by side' (narrated by Keanu Reeves), which is a look into film making and the level of change that digital cameras have brought to the concept and the reality of the film business. The business is being torn to pieces and it will not be the same as it is now, in even just 5 years from now. Even though it is already, right now.. torn and shorn from what is was.

What you think of as being the film industry is probably 4-5 years behind what it actually is today. Heck, maybe even so idealized, that it is decades behind the reality.

People's impressions are behind the times, generally speaking, as they don't have the data required to get a good look behind the curtain, the curtain that is purposely erected and also there, simply due to how the industry is run. General public ideas on the situation, as they are in most things, are usually quite off from the real details.

Thus.... the idea that it is 'predictive programming to create a desired outcome', is farcical - at best. These film people pick up the immediate feel and cast of the world, package it, and sell it back to you. Nothing more. The subliminal part, is them injecting what they think they can get away with, regarding acceptability and norms, and in most cases, the ability to get their next job.

7th April 2014, 14:45
Now what I think of Captain for the World movie:

Lots of action and enough kilings
A beautiful male and a beautiful female
A simple enough backdrop: the bad against the good, the good winning and the slave for the bad waking up

What I liked: pretty much as Bill said:
blanket surveillance, personality profiling, false flags, controlling through fear disguised as freedom and security, AI, mind control, supersoldiers

and I would add mind erasing techniques, handlers/controlled puppets (here a killer) relationship, the fact that the savior has no sex life (love, sex and pain being the formulae for control following simon parkes), etc.
the message that striked me:


Freedom of choice has to be respected. They cannot control forever if we do not give up our freedom because of our real inner power and the universal laws that have to be respected (otherwise intervention could occur).

And giving up freedom is is very very subtle, just someone asking what you want from my help and you telling for example "security" and you are cooked. And you do not even remember saying it. Now imagine if the saying is in your head, not even said consciously.

All in all

THIS IS A MOVIE FOR GUYS / boys / males - Action, violence, power, and maybe winning demsel at the end.

bruno dante
7th April 2014, 16:16
Last night I heard it broke all kinds of records...which surprised me because the first 'Captain America' was so comedically bad. Trite, corny....you name it. Probably one of the worst superhero movies I've ever seen...

And now all these wonderful reviews here! Well now I'm curious. Not so much about the movie itself, but about what would account for the exponential leap in quality??? Sequels rarely reach the level of originals, and if the original is already quite poor....

Well you Avalonians have convinced me. I'll go and see it tonight. But if it sucks I'm going to set up a PayPal account and demand enough donations to cover the ticket, my gas, and also some of that overly-buttered, synthetic crap posing as popcorn;)

Peace of Mind
7th April 2014, 19:42
Hi All,
I work in the entertainment industry and most of what's seen in movies is very much inspired by places like this (remember 2012 the movies). I've mentioned this numerous times. Hollywood is indeed a very big part of the human conditioning process. It's all about forming certain perspectives for the viewer to consider, mind control. Tel-lie-vision and theater are tools before entertainment. Be mindful and be careful folks. There are forces working overtime to control your thoughts. Think for yourself, or else others will do it for you.


10th April 2014, 03:55
Did anyone catch the 3 ships destroying each other... 3 ships - the 3 self governing sovereign states of the Anglo NWO? i.e. the Vatican, Inner City of London and Washington DC... Corporations create ships, like our Citizen-ship. Anyhow I thought it was cute in a simplistic way... And of course the idea that "America" the bastion of freedom, has lost it's way...

Corporations have to be designed like the robots in iRobot, they have to serve and protect ALL humans, not just the shareholders. the "version" I watched was not bad, I just wanted to see what the story was about... ;o