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8th April 2014, 14:15





8th April 2014, 14:53
A citizen is just a slave with privileges, a system which was championed by ancient Rome, which became the feudal system which still exists today.

A Passport is still asking for permission to travel freely in this world. Why is this needed? After all the terrorist are the ones running the system, should we not just remove their right to travel?

This stinks of NWO agenda - to create a haven to entice people towards when the nation states model inevitably fails, or is made to fail. The control system under a new re-branded name, the 'ministry of marketing' has been busy again. New flavour, same crappy old system, eat up guys there's plenty more!

They have people trapped in a mindset where they constantly need to seek safety, even when that is part of an abusive relationship - the lesser of two evils. TPTB must be laughing at humanity - "We keep beating them and still the idiots keep coming back for more".

Nanny state has gone global - all nations consolidated in to one easy to enslave system for ease of nutterage. Why should the psychopaths have to waste time with red tape when they can have you all under one government? And you chose to be there!

8th April 2014, 15:16
Understood GK76, as do most members here understand.

Garry was simply doing what he could in a courageous way because of the atrocities of war and his personal experience.

I simply put this thread here as an honor to all also, many here on this site, that are personally doing what they may to change things to a higher rhythm in front of them daily.