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9th April 2014, 05:40

11th April 2014, 19:46

Thank you for this thread....I printed it out and read all of it......fascinating stuff.....so much to take in ....I especially found the term '' spiritual ecosystem" interesting......so many pieces to understand and acknowledge with regards to our place in it.

Freed Fox
12th April 2014, 17:00
Thanks for this Calamus. It is an interesting read. Some portions seem to make a lot of sense, while others seem highly questionable to me.

For example, he cites the Age of Aquarius as having began in 1904, but I was under the impression that it began only recently, as of the early 21st century? Also, he speaks of that time period as being generally positive and working to correct the 'disorder' of our spiritual ecosystem. However, if that were actually true, how is it that we managed to have TWO World Wars in the first half of the 20th century? Mere decades following this allegedly positive shift?

Not that the 'divinities' had anything to do with those conflicts necessarily, but there appears to me to be heavy implications in the OP regarding the macrocosm effecting the microcosm (and perhaps vice-versa), interplay between us and unseen higher dimensions, along with the notion that at least some of the so-called 'out-of-control' divinities derive sustenance/nourishment from human suffering and death. Therefore, it would seem that two World Wars would be symptomatic of greater disturbance/imbalance, or (alternatively) the human casualties of those conflicts were some sort of offering (blood sacrifice) or payment as part of a larger 'reciprocal' exchange?

On a more general note, I personally dislike theories/beliefs which over inflate human importance. As vast as our current, visible universe is (not to mention taking into account other universes and dimensions/unseen realms), it seems extremely arrogant to assume any sort of human-centricity to the underlying, broader/deeper reality of existence. This piece seems to bounce back and forth between such a stance, and a more balanced/realistic view in which we are only a part of a much, much larger picture. On one hand, he describes humans as somewhat of an 'intermediate' being, unable to perceive more advanced and complex realities surrounding us. Then he later goes on to seemingly imply that everything (or at least, a very great deal outside and above human perceptual experience) sort of revolves around human evolution and that it is somehow the most important objective/consideration. It is a very important consideration TO US, but again I think it is arrogant to assign objective importance therein. I may have read into those portions incorrectly, but the parts about Horus and the Age of Aquarius also sounded as if the progress (or what-have-you) thereof was somehow due to human mystic/magic endeavors(?) He also alludes to a 'human-divine cosmic empire'.... Huh?

Anyway, it's highly possible that I misunderstood portions of this (perhaps large portions at that), but it was interesting to peruse and consider nonetheless. Thanks again.

12th April 2014, 23:43