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13th April 2014, 14:33

Hello Brothers and sisters, the old system is slowly slowly dissapearing, and believe it or not we are history in the making. And Once this change finally occurs we will defInItely need to cleanse the television programs at all cost, this is all illuminti controlled! From Nickelodeon, Cartoonnerwork, Adultswim, general cable! It simply makes the general public ignorant and has been a effective mind control technique that has been in place to brainwash countless and countless generations. We will also need an ENTIRE new way to educate our children, espicially how corruption occurs, you don't really have to explain about the entities that exist outside and actually within hollow earth if there not ready yet. We will need new history books! Out with the old bizarre science theories and in with the true knowledge of science and the true knowledge of space. We will also need to try and change these kids and teenagers attitude, I am friends with many many people from teens, to adults and I observe them with out them even really knowing, they see me as just "quite normal" "cool" sometimes I even get "weird" for the people who tend to judge first without getting to know ones actual character. I tend to sometimes notice the general ignorance and the lack of care that the people have for each other for really anyone and how much negativity they all project, I can easily read people and I see this and I always think "This needs to come to an end, they need to relearn basic happiness, I'm always on facebook reading peoples statuses and 96% of the time it is never good, we need to change there attitudes , not only for the kids and teens but the adults as well. My existence here Is not only to benefit me, I am here to do good, helping working towards a better earth, to see peace on earth at last.