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14th April 2014, 00:26
i wanted to share this
just cuz i liked it :p


14th April 2014, 02:23
The presentation is awesome and the music emotional thus rendering quite a catchy and grabbing awwwwwwww but this is for a future of singularity and thus transhumanism.............robotron, automaton

Not my thing !!!

14th April 2014, 02:56
but I prefer peaceful countryside instead of these highly advanced technologies. Just personal opinion!

14th April 2014, 06:20
Here are some threads that might change your mind on liking this video and give you an outlook on the references made.





14th April 2014, 11:23
The intelligence(s) that are responsible for creating Nature are far superior to the intelligence(s) within Nature that create (via technology, etc).

The collective shared 3D perception of experience (science) is valued by created beings within Nature. But none the less these experiences are Effect oriented and secondary to the Cause of Nature. However, Nature itself could be seen as unconscious units that operate as their function only and NOT Cause.

Singularity is ALL. Creatures within Nature perceive that everything they do must somehow relate with everything that IS. Thus they assume their creations have the end result of merging with Nature, since everything they do derives from Nature.

And yet the answer to life is not to be found in either the creatures or their works within Nature or in Nature itself - but within the Source of ALL, which in truth is accessible always in the NOW (which is Singularity).

14th April 2014, 12:34
I didn't get a pro-technology message from this at all.
I thought it was a pro-creationist and co-creationist message.
In fact, I got a warning against high tech, if anything.
A bit ambiguous, admittedly.
But each and everyone will project with the eye of the beholder.
Multiple futures are always coming together at this NOW moment as well as visions from the past,
with people having ideas that are stuck in traditions,
in a highly diverse earth environment,
and all are striving to have their vision of reality be the one that nails it. (the future of their choice)

P.S.This was written as a response to the other comments that this was an anti-nature video, not the video itself.

15th April 2014, 00:11
I haven't gotten chills like that from a video in a very long time, and I greatly appreciate the exposure to it.

I immediately recognized the voice of Garrett LePorto, founder of the Wayseers movement. In previous discussions (on Avalon if I recall) it was indicated that he is quite proficient at NLP, as well as semi-hypnotic frequencies and sound vibrations. I am not saying there is anything (inherently) malevolent about these activities, nor from this particular video; quite the opposite, I am/was unable to detect nefarity and felt a noticeable benevolent emotional vibration from the intent behind the video, and increasing within myself as I watched.

NLP can be used positively/harmoniously as well as negatively/dissonantly, though one could do worse than be aware of the potential for both.

Having said, I'm sharing the sh*t out of this sh*t.

15th April 2014, 00:40
I wont watch it because the thread title says nothing about what it is.