View Full Version : The Daily Feelgood: Duct Tape Surfing

16th April 2014, 09:40
Sometimes it's good to step back from the brink of worldwide calamities, real and imagined, and to remind ourselves how beautiful we are. All of us. I'm on my fourth viewing. Proud to be an Aussie!

Pascale Honore, who was left paraplegic by a car accident, loves the ocean. Her son's friend, Tyron Swan, came up with a plan to get her closer to the sea: he strapped her to his back with duct tape and took her out with him on his surfboard.


16th April 2014, 10:38
That's wonderful TelosianEmbrace.
You can leave it to a surfer to come up with such a solution :)

This thread is meant as a "feel good" section then?

In India, they make living bridges.


Who says, that society can only be build with artificial constructs?

16th April 2014, 12:33
Wonderful stories to start the day. Thank you, both.

Dennis Leahy
16th April 2014, 15:11
Ahhhhhh. Thanks, I needed that!